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Thats Why I Love You TWINCEST

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Bill asked if Tom loves him

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Bill and Tom just walked though the door of there apartment after a long day work at with Gustav and Georg.
Tom close the door behind him seeing as he was the last one in, after closing the door Tom felt a pair of moist lips on top of his. “Mmmm Bill cant wait till he are in the apartment.” tom chuckle as he kissed bill back. “We are in the apartment silly u just closed the door.” Giggled bill as he kissed tom again. They were in a heated kiss when they heard bills stomach growl. “you hungry Billy.” Tom led them to the kitchen where he took out the pizza from the night before from the fridge. Bill jump up on the counter and watch as Tom started to put the rest of the pizza into the microwave. “ Tom to you love me.” bill asked out of no ware. “what? Of curse I do, why do you ask.” tom almost drooped the can of soda he had gotten out. “I don’t know I was just ceruse, sorry if I made you mad.” bill said as he hung his head. Tom walked over to bill and put a finger under his chin so that he would look at him. “I’m not mad, you just surprised me that’s all. I love you so much, you think if I didn’t I would let you sleep in my bed when you get a nightmare, take showers and baths together, let you lay with me on the couch when were watching a movie. OR make you make all thoughts cute little sounds when I’m insi…” “hey were not talking about that you perv.” bill hid his face in toms neck to hide is blush. “ hey you’re the one who asked if I loved you and I was just telling you that I do. More then anything in the world.” hugging bill tighter to himself and planted a little kiss in toms raven hair. When the microwave beep the boys both looked at each other smiled and kissed lightly on the lip and parted. Tom grabbed the plate with the pizza on it and bill grabbed the sodas and headed to the living room to eat and watch TV. “tom can we watch cartoons please I think courage the cowardly doge is on.” (lol I love that show sorry on with the story.) bill asked and looked at tom with puppy dog eyes. “sure” tom said and smiled at how bills face lit up. Grabbing the remote and change it to cartoons bill glued his eyed to the TV as he took little bites of his pizza. About 30 mins later after the show was over tom picked up the plate that was now empty and took them to the kitchen and set them in the sink. When tom turned around bill was sitting on the table with his legs swinging with a big smile on his face. Tom’s heart skipped a beat. Tom walked up to bill and kissed him hard on the lips. Bill kissed back and wrapped is legs around toms waist. When they parted because lack of air, bills smile if possible got bigger. “ Mmmm I love your smile bill.” tom smirked and kissed bills forehead in a loving matter and wrapped his arms around bills torso. “really I love yours to you should do it more often.” bill giggled. Tom smiled and leaned closer to bills ear. “you know what else I love Billy.” tom asked as he blew on bills ear. “Mmmm what?” bill moaned. “this” tom gently pushed bill so that he was laying flat against the table, tom crawled up over bill and straddled him. Tom brought his hands to bills sides and started to tickle him. “h-hey t-that’s not f-fair.” bill stuttered and laughed. “but this is what I also love to do.” tom chuckled and continued to tickle bill. Bill was thrashing around trying to get out of his brother tickling torture. “T-tom p-please s-s-stop I-I c-ant breath.” bill laughed so hard that he couldn’t breath and his stomach was starting to hurt. When tom stopped bill laid there for a minute before throwing his arms around tom’s neck and brought him down for a kiss.
“I love you Tommy.” bills said in between kissed. “I love you to Billy.” trailing kisses down bills neck, tom moved off of bill and stood in front of him and grabbed both legs and wrapped them around his waist. Tom picked up bill and slowly walked them both to there room, not breaking there kiss. Tom laid bill on the bed, breaking there kiss. Tom started to take off both of there cloths. When both naked tom climbed back on top of bill and lifted bills legs to rest on his shoulders. Bill looked at tom and nodded, the nod told tom that he could slide inside of bill. Tom slowly slipped inside bill not wanting to hurt him, when he was all the way inside he made sure not to move un till he new that bill was ready for him to. “t-tom move please.” bill moaned as he moved a little to get use to toms cock inside of him. Tom pulled out and slammed back in hitting bills prostate right on. “Mmmm tom.” bill moan as tom kept pounding into him. “bill your so tight. You feel really good.” moan tom. “ahh ah mmmm harder.” bill dug his nails into toms arms. Tom when harder and harder, with each thrust tom lifted bills body of the bed. Ahhhhhh ah mmmm faster tom f-faster please tom, go harder.” bill nearing his climax screamed. As tom when faster and harder, getting closer to his climax he reached in-between them and took bills cock into his hand and rubbed him in time with each of his thrust. “TOM” bill screamed as he came on his and toms stomach and hand. After a few more thrust tom came inside bill and harshly whispered his name. “bill.” pulling himself out of bill, tom stood up and diapered in to the bathroom and turned on the shower. When tom came out of the bathroom he went over to the bad and picked up bill, who wrapped his arms and legs around tom and hid his face in toms neck while tom walked into the bathroom to cleaned up. After about an hour in the shower both boys were clean and very satisfied. They crawled into bed and bill snuggles closer to tom and tom wrapped his arms around bill. “night, I love you Billy.” tom said as he kissed bills forehead. ”mmmm I love you to Tommy.” bill kissed toms chest and they both slipped in to dream land.

The end
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