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Tale of the Paopu

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This tale is told to all of the Children of Destiny Island when they are young. The story of romance, and adventure was passed down to each decedent and continues on to this day.

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Little Sora settled into his bed with his cup of warm hot chocolate steaming on the bedside table. His mother hummed as she tucked him in and kissed his forehead with a comforting smile that made the boy giggle.

"Good night my little Prince," she told him like she did every night when it turned dark.

"Tell me a story!" Sora exclaimed, bouncing with excitement in his star-patterned bed.

"Alright," the woman chortled at her over-zealous child, "The one of the Paopu, am I right?" Of course the woman was right, she knew her son well. She was pleased by the exuberant nod that she received before sitting beside him on the bed and pulling him onto her lap, holding his head to her bosom.

And so the story went....

A long time ago, before fighting, before war, before death and hatred, Destiny Island was a small, isolated community that cared for themselves. With the oversight of their Goddess, Pao, they always were at peace.

Never had an outsider seen the liked of this society until one day, a foreign sailor was washed onto the tiny islet that rested not even a mile off the shore of the main island. When he awoke, he knew not his name or where he came from. The only clue that he had ever been at sea was the plank of wood that he had floated to the isle upon.

The islet was a forbidden place for mortal to set foot on for it was the home of the Guardian and Goddess, Pau. The woman had discovered him and took pity on his state of body and mind, for the young man could not walk, even a step. Taking him into her liar, she kindly restored his body to a healthy state over a period of three days; but his mind was far from her reach.

Thinking of a name for the man, she called him Star, for she would see him watching the dark heavens through the opening in her roof.

When Star's body was in perfect health, the Goddess decided to take a visit to her town and bring the man with her to introduce him to the mortals like him. He took great pleasure in the idea and agreed. As soon as they reached town square, the two were flocked by the loving people in the community and they questioned who the man was.

Pao told the tale of how she found and nurtured the young man. One of the people grew suspicious and asked the Guardian if she was absolutely sure the man was who he said he was. Pao took no mind in the question, for she believed in all people and their truths.

The thriving town accepted the man with open arms. Pao took the young man all throughout the town with children following her, for they loved her like a mother. She assigned a job for him in the working fields and the farmers allowed it. She told Star that he would return to her dorm and they would spend the nights together as he spent the days in the fields.

This was unheard of by the people of Destiny Island. They wondered why the Goddess would allow a mortal into her realm. Pao did not respond to this question, but instead smiled fondly at her people.

Days turned to weeks; weeks turned to months; months turned to years; and the young man's memory never returned to him. During the day, he would be among his kind, during the night, the Goddess would watch over him as he slept.

Although the Goddess never aged, she watched as the man matured. He was once clumsy and forgetful, but soon, he was able to stand on two feet and use precision with everything he did. He was skillful with his hands and his mind. Intelligence far beyond his years had caught up with him.

Soon, the Goddess found herself in love with the young man she had rescued from death.

It was forbidden. There should be no contact with a mortal and a god, but she found herself unable to focus on anything but him.

And Star had found he, too, had fallen for the beautiful goddess.

The two shared their relationship in secret, in the den of the Goddess, unseen and unknown by the humans that dwelled on the main land. But they could not keep their relationship a secret for long, for the Goddess had become with child. This enraged the people of Destiny Island. They turned against their Goddess and shunned Star.

On the night the child of mortal and god was born, the people did what they were forbidden to do: They crossed the water to the shores of the islet and set foot with murder in their hearts. The strange man they once thought to be one of them had become their enemy. He had stolen their god from them and sentenced him to death.

Star was collecting more fresh water for his wife when the townsmen found him. The killed him and dragged his body to the den of their goddess to show her her sin but that they found shocked them.

Pao laid in a bed, holding a babe in her arms, singing a lullaby. Her happiness faded as soon as the men entered her chamber with the body of her husband.

When the folk saw her tears, they instantly regretted everything they did. They begged for the mercy of the Goddess, only to receive a banishment from her presence. They left with their boats and mourned their deed for the rest of their lives.

Pao set her newborn son down on the bed and crossed over to her husband. She weeped freely over his body. After a long time, she heard the child cry out and she took to care for him.

The child was the most beautiful one in the world. But, his fate was cursed. He belonged to neither humans nor gods but she trusted the good people of Destiny Island.

Taking to the shore, the bright morning sun shone on them. The town was silent and had an unfamiliar atmosphere of sorrow. Standing in her place in town square, Pao addressed the people who once adored her as they gathered

"Good people of Destiny Island. I am no longer fit to take care of you," she announced. "I can no longer rule this once sinless place. In my stead, I hand over my only child. He shall be your Prince for as long as he lives and you will treat him as such. He will be a much better ruler then I. He will be kind and fair and he will become one of you. In time, I hope you love him more then you ever have loved me."

With that said, she placed the babe in the arms of a couple who could not bare children and dispersed back to her liar. Taking the shell of her husband, she climbed onto the beach and went to an even smaller island that rose out of the shallow waters. There, the land was bare and fruitless. Her home was covered with trees that carried bananas and coconuts and other tropical fruits, but this little piece of land held nothing.

Using all of the magic she could muster, she turned the body of her husband into a fruit--the most delicious fruit in the world. A yellow fruit in the shape of a star lay were the man once had. And with what was left of her magic and strength, she placed all of her love into the fruit. Love for her people, love for her baby, and, the strongest love that she carried, love for Star.

With her magic and strength dissipated, she left the realm of the living forever.


As the woman finished the story, telling it to her only son, he gave a wide yawn.

"What happened to the Prince?" Sora asked.

"Some say he was a ruler that acted just like his mother. He was merciful and caring and loved the people like she did. Another tale says that when a war began, he lead it with a magical weapon that was shaped like a key."

"Wow, that's so cool," Sora mused as he began to nod off. "I want a sword like that... then maybe I can finally beat Riku."

His mother couldn't help but laugh as she laid him down and tucked him into his bed. "Perhaps one day, dear."

"Then, maybe," he yawned again before continuing, "I can be Prince of this island and that new girl, Kairi, could be my Princess and we'd live happily ever after."

"Yes, Happily Ever After," the woman agreed before bidding her son goodnight, taking the empty mug of hot chocolate, and turning off the light.
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