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I can't speak

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Paul Thomas is in love with Melody Johnson. But he's barley said ten words to her.

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I watch my feet as I walk through the hallways of La Plata Highschool. I'm walking to my Second block. It's my first class of the day with Her. But, I'm also with Benji and Billy, who make kissy faces at me. Friends can be such pains in the ass. I walk in the door and sit in the back.
Benji and Billy sit on my left.
I watch the door, nervously, awaiting her arrival.
I look up at the clock and frown, the bells about to ring.

I wonder if she's here today...

Then She walks in, smiling as usual.
The only seat left is the one on my right.
She sits down and rummages through her purse.
I bite my lip.
She sighs and looks over at me.

Oh no! She caught me staring!

"Paul...right?", she asks in her beautiful voice.
I nod slowly.
"Do you have a pen or a pencil I can borrow?"
I nod and pull my favorite pen out of my bag.
"Y-you can have it if you like..."
She smiles, "Thanks..."
"No problem..."

I smiles back nervously.
She pushes her beautiful brown hair out of her green, almond shaped eyes.
Mr. Norman annonces that we have a free-reading day.
So I pull out A Midsummer's Night Dream.
I'm obsessed with Shakespear.
She look over and gasps, "It that A Midsummer's Night Dream?"
I blush and nod.
"Oh, I so envy you! I haven't even read that book, I can't find it anywhere!"
"Really? Have you tried Hastings?"
"No, thanks for the tip though!"
"A-actually, until you can find one, you can borrow mine, I mean...I've already read it a million times."
"I love Shakespear."
"Me too.", I smile.
I hand her my book and she smiles again, making her lipgloss shine.
I grab my Harry Potter 3 book and read that instead.

I sit under the oak tree with Benji, Billy, Joel, and Dean.
Billy smiles, "So, when did your girlfriend say she would finish that book?"
I roll my eyes, "Yeah, cause it's such an insult for you to cal her my girlfriend."
He playfully punches my shoulder, "I'm just kidding dude..."
I shrug, "Ok."
I could honstly care less what they think, or say.
It's really her opinion I'm concerned about.
And there she is.
She's walking over to a boy.
He pulls her into his arms and plants a kiss on her perfect lips.
I look down.
Billy frowns, "Looks like someone beat you to her, again..."
I glare at Billy and pick up my stuff.
Screw this I'm just going home for the rest of the day to wallow in my stupid misery.
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