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Chapter 02

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A dormant hero must be thawed to aide a world in peril.

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Final Fantasy VIII
Sleeping Saviour
Warning: Mention of past character deaths.

-Chapter 02-

"Dana is getting stronger every day," Alameda Loire argued. "We
cannot let this get out of hand. We have to awaken my father."

"Dana is no threat," General Alston told her. "We can handle her."

Alameda took a deep breath. "Why do you have a problem awakening
my father?" she asked. She had the feeling it had something to do
with the fact that Laguna was a sorceror.

"I don't," General Alston replied. "I just don't want to disturb
him if I don't have to."

Alameda threw up her arms in exasperation. "Why can't you just admit
that you're afraid of him?" she wanted to know. "Surely you don't
think he's suddenly going to turn on us. Do you?"

"Laguna is loyalty incarnate," General Alston told her. His eyes
brightened as he said this, as if remembering this one detail brought
him comfort. "We'll awaken the President tomorrow. His orders will count
as the new candidates' exam."


Instructor Topplewaite stood behind the desk at the front of the
classroom at waited for the murmuring to stop. Her olive complexion
contrasted with her soft orange curls, the two somehow complementing
each other.

"There is a SeeD exam today for those who have passed the neccessary
prerequisites," she told them. "Those of you who did not pass should
study for the standard written test that will be given after the
weekend. Those of you who have passed their tests may have until noon
to practice in the training center. At noon we will meet in the front
hall for the exam."

Jere and Sidney high-fived each other and excused themselves from the

Junctioning Shiva to himself, Jere linked a few sleep spells to his
attack and went in search of a T-Rexaur. The beast was pretty strong,
but could be dealt with quickly if Shiva were summoned. Especially if
one put it in sleep mode first. Estharian T-Rexaurs were stronger than
their counterparts, but not unbeatable.

Just to be safe, Sidney called up Cerebus, intending to use the
abilities he gave her to cast healing spells on both herself and Jere
if she had to. She cast a triple Blizzaga on the T-Rexaur, seriously
wounding the beast.

Jere summoned Shiva who finished off the T-Rexaur and then vanished.

"We'd better get to the meeting place," he told Sidney. "We don't want
to miss the exam."

They brought their health up to par and made sure neither of them were
suffering from any status ailments. Then they headed to the front hall
to meet up with Instructor Topplewaite.

"So, what are our orders?" Jere asked as the car left Esthar City.

"We won't know until we reach our destination." Instructor Topplewaite
told them. "And I'm not sure where that will be."

The driver pulled up to the Launch Base. "Okay, everyone. This is it."

Jere and Sidney looked at it in awe.

"Good luck," the driver told them as Instructor Topplewaite led Jere
and Sidney inside.

"Good morning, Instructor," the base commander told them.

"Good morning, Commander," Instructor Topplewaite replied. "This is
Jere Seagill and Sidney Almasy."

"Good morning to both of you," he told them. "Come with me."

"What are our orders?" Instructor Topplewaite inquired.

"I'm not giving them out," the base commander told them. "I'm
just making sure you get into the launchers safely. Your mission
orders are being handled by a much higher authority." He cast his
eyes toward the Lunar Base, so reverently that there could be no
mistaking what that look implied.
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