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An Unexpected Guest

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Kristin shows up to spend time with Kevin, so Casey finds solace in talking with her friend Sasha.

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Casey waited for Kevin to finish telling her why she shouldn’t have switched buses like that and why he was only trying to protect her by limiting her time with Nick. Once he finished, he waited for her to respond. She took a breath, wanting to remain calm rather than get into another argument with him.

“I can understand what you think, and why you’re doing this. I know you love me and are just doing what you think is best for me. But I disagree. I’m an adult, and should be able to make my own decisions, at least concerning who I hang out. Nick is the youngest one, besides me, on this tour. I connect with him the best. Please, just let me spend time with him. And don’t force me to stay in the bus during your concerts. I go crazy just waiting in there. It sometimes feels like I’m spending all my time between the buses and hotels. I promise to leave well before the concert ends.” Casey waited, having nothing more to say without repeating herself. Kevin took a few minutes before answering.

“I’ll think about letting you watch the concerts, but I’m not changing my decision just yet. As for Nick, if you really want to spend time with him, you can do that during the days off; but not during the bus rides. Okay?”

Casey nodded and gave him a big hug. After thanking him, she hurried down to Nick’s room to let him know. She’d told him on the bus the previous night about her plans to speak with her father. He made her promise to let him know what happened. She knocked on the door and waited for him to open it, trying to hide the huge smile on her face. Unable to, when Nick opened his door he immediately knew the outcome had been good. Casey quickly told him what Kevin said.

“I want to spend the day with him today though,” she told Nick. “I haven’t spent much time with him in the last week, so I want to remedy that.”

When she returned to her father’s room, Kristin was inside kissing him. Kevin noticed her walk in and separated from Kristin long enough to explain.

“Kristin flew up to spend the next week or two with me on tour. I must have forgotten to mention it. She only told me a few days ago.”

“Oh. It’s nice to see you again, Kristin.”

“You too, Casey. Your dad’s told me how much you’re enjoying being on tour with the group.”

“Yeah. It’s a lot more fun than college, that’s for sure.” Noticing her father’s look, she quickly added, “but I plan on finishing college after this tour ends.”

Excusing herself, Casey went down to get breakfast. With Kristin around, she knew her father would be preoccupied with her and spend most of his time with her. She understood, of course, that he’d been away from his wife for some time now and missed her. But now she wondered what she’d do with her day. Nick had already gone off with the other guys to play basketball.

Not wanting to be around her father and step-mother, she decided to wander around the city. She had no money for a cab, so she walked from the hotel into the city. Several stores enticed her inside to try on different outfits. She bought nothing, though, and continued on. After two hours, she came upon a nice looking park. Once inside the grounds, she noticed the four group members playing basketball on one of the several courts. She didn’t feel like watching them play basketball, and definitely didn’t want to join the game, so she sat down on the grass and called a friend from college.

“Hey Sasha, how’s it going?”

“Casey! Oh my god, how are you? How’s your vacation going? Where are you right now? I want to know everything!”

“Slow down and let me answer your questions. Right now I’m in Paris with my dad. We’ve already visited the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Palace of Versailles, and the Louvre. Tomorrow we’re going to Notre Dame de Paris. Then the day after that we leave for Italy.” Casey smiled as she heard her friend sigh in jealously.

“You are so lucky. You’re father must be a millionaire or something to afford this trip. What did you say he did again?” With well-practiced ease, Casey reminded her that her father was the CEO of a major corporation. “I wish I could come visit you, but some of us have to finish college and keep our scholarships. When will you come back?”

“I should be back by Thanksgiving. Family is very important to my father. What classes are you signed up for this semester?”

They continued talking about school, professors, jobs, and traveling. Sasha was making plans with a few friends to go on a road trip to New York the next summer, traveling up the entire east coast. Casey wondered if she could go with the group, and they talked about different places to stop along the way. When the sun started setting, Casey ended the call, promising to call again within the next few weeks and tell Sasha about the places she visited. Then she stood up and returned to the hotel. Kevin called her just as she entered the lobby.

“Hi Dad, I just got into the hotel. I’ll meet you in your room in a minute.” She took the elevator up and wondered how her father would act with Kristin around.

“What have you been doing all day? I asked the other guys where you were and none of them knew.” He didn’t sound angry. With Kristin around, he wanted to keep his temper under control.

“I went to the park and called one of my friends from school. I just sat there all day in the park, enjoying some time alone.”

“Okay, but next time let someone know where you are. With the sun setting I was starting to worry about you.”


Casey excused herself, having nothing more to say and wanting to give her father as much time with Kristin as possible before she left.
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