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One Choice

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My favorite line from Book 5 taken to it's all too logical conclusion. Pity James' ego. ...or not. Edit: Okay, I'm attempting to fix the formatting. Again. Try...what? Five? If it doesn't work t...

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"You sure you don't want backup, mate?"

"Nope, thanks Sirius, but I've got this one covered."

Remus Lupin looked from his friend to the beautiful, red-haired, quick tempered girl talking to one of their classmates about fifteen feet away. "Are you certain, James? You've said that before."

"Hey, come on, Moony!" James snorted lightly, lifting a hand almost unconsciously to ruffle up his own hair. "Give me some credit! This time, I've got it all covered."

"Yes, but..."

"No worries." Ignoring his friend's half formed protest, the black haired boy squared his shoulders and strode, almost swaggered, confidently up to the two girls. His friends followed at a discreet distance, close enough to listen but not close enough to be seen as "with" James. The girls looked up as the four of them drew near. With his best grin plastered on his face, James addressed the object of his affection. "Hey, Evans!"

Almond shaped green eyes appraised him coolly. "Potter."

Undaunted by her lack of enthusiasm, James continued. "Could I talk to you for a moment about this Saturday?"

"What about it?"

"Well, it's a Hogsmeade weekend, and Valentines day, so I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me?"

Without even pausing to consider, Lily Evans turned from him. "No."

A small grimace, then the boy continued, smile once more in place. "Well, that's too bad... 'cause you aren't going to get another date."

"Oh? And why not?" Lily turned her attention back, green eyes sparking.

Her anger was greeted by a look of pure victory. "Because I threatened to beat up anyone who took you out, that's why."

"You...what?!?" After goggling at him a moment, Lily drew herself up to her full height, eyes narrow, lips pressed tight. "I see. Well, it appears I have only one choice."

"Yup, you do. So, what time should we mee...hey!" James blinked. "Hey, where are you going?"

There was no answer, only the sight of Lily's back, half hidden by her loose red hair, as she marched resolutely away from him. At the edge of the lake, she stopped, raised her hands to her mouth and yelled. "OH SQUID! SQUID! How would you like to go out with me on Saturday?"
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