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Hoping for the best just hope that nothing happens.

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Gerards starting to dig deeper into the mystery that is Frank, but whats Mikeys veiws on this?

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"Yo Bro'! How are ya?" I kicked the fridge door shut as I used my teeth to crack open the can of energy drink I had in my hand.
"Heya Mikey. I'm great thanks." I spoke into the phone, carefully balancing it on my shoulder so I could pull off my tie as I wandered into the living room. "How you been?" I asked, tossing my tie onto the coffee table, taking the phone back into my hand before collapsing into the armchair.
"I've been awesome! I went on a date with Alicia last night - Did I tell you about that? Well anyways, we went to go see this movie - a chick flick I think, I wasn’t really paying that much attention because I couldn’t stop looking at her, she's so beautiful - don’t you think?"
"I dunno Mikey, I've never met her." I laughed, taking a slurp of my energy drink. Mikey didn’t seem to hear me as he just carried on, launching into a story about a popcorn fight.
" - So then she turned and saw me staring at her, and she giggled and blushed, and she threw a piece of popcorn at me so I threw a piece back. And she laughed and threw another piece at me so I threw two pieces back, and then we both started laughing and we grabbed a handful of pop corn at the same time and our hands brushed, and then she threw her handful at me and it went all in my hair and down my neck and it tickled and a piece got stuck in my collar, so I laughed and threw -"
"Jesus Mikey, does this story have a point or what?" I interrupted. "No offence or anything, it’s just if you go into any more detail you'll start telling me how many times you blinked!" I cried. Mikey laughed on the other line and I couldn’t help but smile a little, my little brother rarely rambled on about things, so I knew this Alicia girl must be pretty special.
"Sorry Gee, it was just... I had a great night. I didn’t mean to get so excited." Mikey said seriously before starting to giggle, I rolled my eyes and took another sip of my drink.
"I'm glad you had fun Mikester, so - when do I get to meet Alicia then? She must be special huh?" I heard Mikeys loving sigh and bit my tongue to stop myself from laughing.
"Yeah... she's adorable.... And you should get to see her in a couple of weeks or so. Depends when your coming back home - Mums dieing to have you over for Sunday lunch. I think she's gonna ring you in a few days to arrange date." I nodded and drank some more from the can.
"Cool. How are mom and dad?" I asked.
"They're fine. They miss their ickle Geward." Mikey put on a sort of voice you might use when talking to a baby, and I laughed.
"I knew they would, I'm just so awesome ya' see." I grinned.
"Whatever you say bro'. So anyway, what’s the school like? Are you having fun?" Mikey asked. I smiled and instantly began telling Mikey about how much of a great time I was having, filling him in about the teachers and the conversations in the teachers lounge, the students and how a lot of the girls seemed to have taken a shine to me, and about how there were all the little cliques we had had at school. Mikey added little comments now and then, but mostly he just listened to me going on. By the time I was done talking we had been on the phone for a considerable amount of time.
"Wow Gee, you sound like your fitting in just fine. Trust you to be a nerd." Mikey laughed. I laughed along with him, but I was wondering whether I should tell him about the Frank kid. I couldn’t stop wondering what was up with him, and I didn’t want to ask the other teachers too much since none of them seemed to be concerned, and I didn’t want them to think I was being an over protective, paranoid new guy.
"Hey, Mikey... I need your... view on something." I mumbled, finally deciding to tell him. Me and Mikey were not only brothers but best friends, and I told him everything. I didn’t want to keep this from him.
"What is it?" He sounded suspicious, and a little worried so I spoke quickly.
"There’s this kid I teach, Frank. And he's... really weird." I stopped, wondering how to continue as I heard Mikey laughing.
"So? You're weird too, what’s the big deal?" I rolled my eyes and shook my head.
"Let me finish okay? I think he's.... Well I think he's scared of me. Actually, not just me but... I dunno. Men maybe?" I considered this for a second, men? That actually seemed quite logical, why hadn’t I thought of that before?
"What?" Asked Mikey, seeming genuinely interested now. I took a deep breath, hesitating for a second as I wondered whether I was just being paranoid before deciding I couldn’t just leave it now, and proceeded to tell Mikey everything.
"Wow... You sure its not just because you smell or anything?" Was his reply once I'd finished. I frowned and huffed down the phone.
"I do not smell! And it wasn’t just me, its Joe too. I don’t know if its just us two he's scared of, or if its other people as well. But there’s definitely something not right going on." I said confidently. I heard Mikey clicking his tongue, something I knew he did when he was thinking. I waited patiently for him to answer, but when he did it wasn’t very helpful.
"Maybe the kids just weird. How old is he?" He asked.
"About seventeen. And I don’t think its just because he's weird - I mean, what about the bruise he lied about?" I questioned.
"Hm... good point... I dunno Gee, maybe he gets bullied or something. Or he gets abused at home - I dunno. I'm not an expert." Mikey said casually, but I suddenly felt fear strike my nerves.
"Abuse? At home? Do you think it could be something that serious?" I gasped.
"I don’t know Gerard. Don’t start panicking, its probably not. I was just throwing some ideas into the air, if he is getting abused I'm sure someone would have picked up on it by now." Mikey said quickly.
"Maybe..." I mumbled, my mind already going into a hundred different directions. If he was getting abused then who by? A parent? I guessed if this was true then it would be his father, as Frank seemed frightened only of older males. And what kind of abuse? Physical? Verbal? Sexual? The bruise suggested physical, and the subtle hints of wanting to avoid confrontation suggested verbal. Maybe it was both. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more it seemed to make sense. Obviously there was no real evidence but there were arrows pointing to this conclusion. But then... wasn’t Mikey right in saying someone would have picked up on it by now? Unless he hadn’t been being abused for a long time, maybe his mother had split up with his dad and recently got a new partner. That could work. Or maybe someone had picked up on it already but just hadn’t told me.
"Gee... what are you thinking?" Mikeys voice wrenched me out of my thoughts and I had to shake my head to clear it.
"Hm? Oh err, nothing. I was just... wondering what was on T.V tonight." I lied quickly, but nothing got past Mikey.
"Okay Gee, but promise me something okay?"
"Sure, what is it?" I asked.
"Don’t go meddling into this Frank thing okay? Its likely to be nothing and you don’t want to go creating trouble when your just a new teacher. Just leave it alone right?" I sighed and Mikey pressed me further. "Promise me Gee." He demanded. I groaned and rubbed my temples.
"Okay, okay I promise. I swear I wont do anything." I said, my fingers crossed behind my back. I heard Mikey sigh with relief.
"Good..." He said, and I could hear the smile in his voice. I felt a little bad knowing I was going to break my promise, but I felt I had to. I said my goodbyes quickly and hung up, leaning back into my chair as I wondered about the abuse theory. I knew Mikey was right, and that I shouldn’t go making trouble and I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t even speak to anyone, I would just have a quick look at Franks file when I went to school on Monday. I was authorized to do so, and I would go extra early so no one need know about it. I wasn’t going to meddle...
I just wanted to be sure.
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