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Death Dealers

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My Chemical Romance as vampires. Rawr!

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The Vampire Clan AKA The Clan of Death Dealers has been around for several decades and one man killed almost all but one. Reverend Hell. He was the Master of the Clan. Strong and smart what the Master should be like. He should have these qualities. He should be the brains of the clan and the strongest physically, emotionally, and mentally. That is what makes a master.
The man’s name was Chris Sinner. He was a mortal son of a bitch. He killed all Vampires but one. One night Sinner went out to find Reverend and he did. Reverend was laying in his coffin sleeping and the fucker took a wooden stake and staked him right in his cold heart. Then he dragged him outside and dropped him in the dark night streets of New Jersey at 8:30 pm.
Valary was walking from work and Reverend wanted the clan to go on so he crawled around and found Valerie walking home and attacked her. He bit her on the arm and he ripped open a wound on his cold dying flesh and mixed his blood with his. Then he whispered, “Night Vampire. Make The Clan of Death Dealers and gather those close to you or anyone you can. Kill!” Into her ear. She bled for a while and quickly turned. Her iris grew bigger, her fangs grew sharper, and her unquenched thirst for human blood quickly climbed through the charts. Soon after Reverend died and rotted. And on the way there she ran into her best friend Mikey. And his friends as well. Hold on.

2 hours before: Graveyard 9:30 pm

Valary was taking a stroll in the night streets of New Jersey. She was wondering about taking in the cold night air and absorbing all the beautiful features. She was walking outside of the graveyard gates when she heard a scream. She jumped back in shock. She froze up and scanned the graveyard with her eyes. She heard another scream come about and fill the air around her. She took a step forward and stopped mid-way. She continued to scan her surroundings again more eager to find out where the burning scream came from. And again she heard the scream ring in her ears. She cautiously walked toward the scream. Passing every grave possible until she reached the scream. She found a person in dark clothes covered in a dark liquid. She couldn’t make it out cause it was so dark. And the wretched scream came about again. This time even louder. She cautiously walked up to the thing laying on the floor next to a grave. It was choking out blood. Just laying there dying. “Do you need help?” Valary asked the thing, thinking it was a stupid question she asked cause clearly he needed help. But to her surprise it responded.
“Yes, y-you…can help me.” It’s raspy voice said.
“How?” She questioned.
“Come over here.” He motioned to her. She did as she was told and approached it but very cautiously. And knelt down next to it. When it turned to her she noticed it was a male. He had dry and fresh blood around his mouth. It was nasty. It was a VAMPIRE! Holy shit. She thought. It grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her close to him roughly. Smelling her hair then her neck.
Then out of nowhere the thing bit her. Right in the neck. “AHHHH!!!” She screamed. It just kept sucking, but let her go and mixed his blood with hers. She was weak. She fell to the ground as he died.
She awoke with a big head ache and a hunger for fresh blood.
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