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All the Works and Days

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Sam Gerard, alone. (U.S. Marshals spoilers.)

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Vacation. He had to admit, it sounded okay. He'd take the kid. Maybe not fishing as Catherine had suggested, but they'd find something. A week at a bed and breakfast in some tiny little town that wasn't Chicago, just him and Newman. Hell, two weeks.

Those were his thoughts before the plane took off.

Instead of a warm and willing hand to tangle with his, he got Noah's funeral. Instead of a secluded trip, he got having to tell Noah's parents that their only son was dead. It nearly made him sick. Sam wanted to comfort them, tell them somehow that Noah hadn't died alone. But he couldn't.

Even when it was just the two of them, Noah'd called him "boss", and he'd always called Noah "kid". That was how they were, and now that no longer existed. And Sam was the last person on Earth to know that what they'd had even existed, once. At all.

Catherine called and suggested he take some time off. He hung up the phone before she had finished talking.
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