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welcome to my home

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lets see what happens next

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Gerards pov

We drove maybe 20 minutes to her house. It had such a cozy look to it. I signaled the turn into her driveway so that Ray who had Bob and Mikey in his car would know were she lived. I looked over to her with a smile. She looked so beautiful sitting there.

"Shall we?" I asked leaving her giggling a little.
"Well ofcourse" Shesaid opening the car door and starting to walk towards her house.

Ray Bob and Mikey followed towards the door she got her keys out of her pocket and opened the door to dark entrance. She walked in followed by me and the guys. She flicked on the light and took her shoes off as so did everyone else. I couldnt believe how beautiful this home was.

"Make yourselfs at home!" She said with a smile. " Im not showing you guys around so go for yourselfs and look." she giggled again.

they all went different ways going to explore the house. I stood there looking at Ella. She gave me a little smile and a kiss.

" Come on I'll show you around." she sid taking my hand and leading me to what seemed to be the living room.

The walls were a light gray there was a black sofa with a matching lazy boy. There was a big TV. But what cought my eye was the large photo that hung just above the TV stand. There was a woman and man holding hands on a beach. She was looking at the sun and he was looking at her smiling. The picture looked so beautiful. Then I noticed the girl looked like Ella. Then I clued in that it wasnt just any picture it was a picture of her parents. I turned to ask her about it and she was looking at it also smiling.

"That was taken about four weeks before there accident. They were so happy together. We had went for a day at the beach I took that picture, I always said I wanted a love like they had one day. My mother always looked so beautiful. My dad was the most generus man I have ever met." She looked at me with a little smile. " I love this picture because it shows there personalities. Im the one who took that picture. I thought it was so sweet how my mother wasnt paying attention to the fact that my father was looking at her lovingly. It shows how much he loved my mother."
" Its a very beautiful picture Ella." I said giving her a hug to comfort her.

"HOLY FUCK!!" WE heard Mikey yell

We rushed towards the basement with Bob and Ray following when we all got downstairs there was Mikey sitting infront of a closet with a big smile on his face.

"Gerard look" He pointed in the closet. "Shes got video games. Alot of video games... I believe we found the mega load... Its like heaven!" He continued making us all laugh.
"Yeah I always loved playing video games if you want you can bring some up to the living room." Ella said.
Mikey nodded and started to pick up some games to bring them upstairs.

Ellas pov

It was getting late already it was going on 230 in the morning and the guys were all laying halo. I was looking at Gerard, he looked so peaceful, so happy. He had such an angelic face he was beautiful in my eyes. I didnt know how he could lkike anyone like me. It was so different. My thoughts were distracted by a knock on my door. I got up slowly not to disturbe anyone but Gerard looked at me with a smile.

"Want me to come with you?" He asked.
"I think I can answer the door by myself" I smiled and continued my way to the front door.
To my surprise there stood Frank and Chrissy.
"Ok first how the hell did you find out were I live?" I looked at them with odvious anger in my voice.
"Gerard left your adress on the floor in his room." Frank replied.
"Ok what do you want?" I asked anoyed.
"We came to apologize." He stated.
"Ok your forgiven but not this cunt." I pointed to Chrissy.

Withought a warning I felt a sharp pain in my face. Chrissy had punched me in the face. I steadied myself from the punch and I felt two pears of hands on me when I opened my eyes there was Gerard and Mikey.

"What was that for?" Mikey asked.
"Mikey you dont even know what she did!" Chrissy started but soon got cut off by Mikey.
"Whats your problem do you have to be the center of attetion of everything?"
"What the- Mikey Im your best friend whats wrong with you? Your gonna let some tramp replace me?" Chrissy whined.
"Shes not replacing you and if she was then good since your nothing but a dumb bitch who gets jelous if we have another friend whos a girl."
"Thats not true Mikey!" She yelled at him with that Bob came in behind Gerard gettin him to let go of me and he stepped towrds Frank and Chrissy with me close becide him.
"No Chrissy your just mad that you've been trying for years to get Gerard and Ella here was only here for two days now and Gerard fell for her that quick." Bob said with anger in his eyes I looked up at him hoping he would calm down. Bob looked at me and his eyes softened. Then soon looked at them.
"Leave now dont come back or I will have the cops called."
"Fuck you! Your a fucking dick Bob! all of you guys are! Asif your letting her fucking come between our friendship! Gerard..." She looked at him with evil eyes. "Gerard you cant hate me... Remember our night together... "
I looked at Gerard in disbelief.
"I was drunk Chrissy now leave!" With that Frank grabbed chrissy and left. Bob closed the door and looked at me.
"YOu might want to go clean yourself up." Then we kept walking back to the living room with Ray, Mikey and Gerard.

I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror to look at the damage. My lip was split open with a little trail of blood. I quickly cleaned up and walked to the living room.

"I think its time we head out." Mikey said Bob and Ray agreed with him.
"Alright drivee safe guys see you when ever." I told them and they each gave me a hug and left.

Gerard staid in place.
"Can I spent the night?" He asked.
"Sure." I said with a smile.
"Ill sleep in the coutch-" He started but I cut him off.
"You will be sleeping with me in my bed." And with that I grabbed his hand and led him upstairs.
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