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This is the Best Day Ever

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Another gushy, pointless Frerard from yours truly.

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Hey, guys.

I'd first like to apologize for my unforgivable lack of Angel updates. Candyy is the narrator for part of the next chapter of Angel, so, accordingly, I asked her [[[the real one, that is]]] to write it. Little did I know that she'd take forever and a week. So that's the first thing.

Secondly, I'd like to apologize for the obscene and intolerable lapse in Redemption updates. Since I unfortunately have no way to blame that one on my best friends, that one's all on me. The reason is...I'm just entirely uninspired. If only my life weren't so fucking boring, maybe I could actually write something once in a bloody blue moon...

And finally, I'd like to tell you that as proof of my severe apology and guilt, I am offering you a nice little Frerard oneshot in repenence in the hopes that you all will eventually forgive me for taking so damned long. I'm sitting here on my computer with nothing better to do than cry and be depressed, so why not? Who knows- maybe I'll feel better.

[Wishful thinking.]

The best moment of my life?

That's an easy question.

About two years ago, I wouldn't have been able to decide. Maybe it would have been the day I taught Mikey how to ride a bike. He was just so proud of himself, a huge smile on his skinny little face despite the fact that he'd smashed his face into a pole the first time and snapped his glasses.

Or maybe it would've been the day I graduated from high school. My mum was just so proud of me [mainly, I think, because she probably hadn't thought I could do it on my first go]. She used about sixty thousand boxes of tissues because she was crying like hell.

Or maybe even the first time I showed a drawing to my family. I'd been really embarassed and shy at only eight years old, but as soon as I saw their expressions- pride and excitement tinged with slight surprise-, I knew I'd done something right.

Then I met Frank Iero.

Suddenly, everything made sense to me. I had pain just like everybody else, but it wasn't till I met him that I understood it. We're all handed shit so that we can balance out the beautiful things. When we're unhappy, it's just because we're headed for something amazing we just haven't yet found. But as soon as I looked into those compassionate, understanding, beautiful eyes, I realized that I'd found that one fantastic, life-changing thing we all deserve. I suddenly understood that, eventually, everything falls into place. It finally occured to me that no life is perfect, but when you find that one person who changes you forever and gives you a reason to live and grow and be, your life may as well be flawless. It took me all of two seconds to realize these things.

And now, staring into his eyes again, both of us in front of our smiling families in the flowered altar of the church we grew up in, exchanging vows and grins and rings, I know that the best day of my life is this one, right here. Because today, Frank Iero becomes my husband, and I become his. That beautiful, wonderful man I fell in love with those years ago is now mine.

I, Gerard Way, have decided that this truly is the best day ever.

I HATE THIS FUCKING WEBSITE. If there's any severe screw-ups, like the story's posted twice here, tell me. Thanks. =]
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