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This is for You

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-Frerard Oneshot- "Don't look back, honey." He said, tired, dying eyes locked with mine. "This is for you."

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Disclaimer: Have I ever owned MCR? No. Will I ever own MCR? No.

Hey, everyone. Right now my creativity has sky rocketed and I couldn't stand writing just one fic. Just a warning to you all, this is a deathfic. It wasn't originally supposed to turn out that way, it just did.
Anyways, read and review.

I hummed quietly to myself as I walked home from work, heading to my apartment that I shared with my best friend. I did this every day, and I would probably continue to until I either got a better job or I got fired.

I soon reached the apartment building, climbed up the stairs to my flat, and unlocked the door. I opened the door, awaiting the warm, cozy air that usually came with arriving home. Despite it being just a small apartment, it had the warm, loving air to it that a family home might have. But something was off tonight. Something felt wrong. The air wasn't warm and welcoming, it was chilling and dead. And not a cold chill. The chill that sends shivers down your spine and you automatically know something isn't quite right.

"Gerard?" I called, stepping inside and closing the door. From my view I could clearly see the small-ish living room and the kitchen, the only thing separating them was the change in flooring, red carpet leading to gray linoleum. I got no answer from Gerard. "Gee?" Still no answer.

I walked into the kitchen, silently searching any surfaces there for any kind of note from Gerard, telling me he'd simply gone out. There was none.

I felt my throat constrict and panic build up in my chest. Where was Gerard? He was always here when I got home, awaiting me with a smile and a hug.

He just went out to get dinner. I tried to convince myself. I knew that it wasn't true.

"Gerard fucking Way! Where the hell are you?!" I screamed, now forcing back tears and a quiet desperation in me. I felt suffocated, like this way some kind of emotional trap and there was no way out, no holes to breathe through, no hope left.

I forced my legs to move. I stumbled to his room, and once again, no one there.

"Damn it!" I cursed as I blindly moved my arm, shattering a vase and getting glass in my hand.

I did my best to ignore my stinging, bleeding hand and stumbled to the bathroom next, only to find the door shut. I knocked with my good hand, but not quietly. I slammed the side of my fist on the door, creating loud booming sounds that echoed through the apartment. "Gerard! If you're in there, open the fucking door!" I was now sobbing violently, tears streaming down my face. "G-Gee!"

I heard a weak cough from the other side of the door. "C-Come in..."

I burst through the door immediately, only to find myself wishing I'd never come in at all.

There was Gerard, laying on the bathroom in a pool of his own blood with a razor blade and an empty pill bottle. His right wrist was slashed open and bleeding profusely, and I had already guessed that he had swallowed the pills.

I slid to my knees, my bleeding hand numb along with everything else in my body. I crawled to his side on my hands and knees, not sure if I was still crying or not. "G-Gee..."

His eyes were barely open, but still gazing at me nonetheless, full of sorrow and regret. "I'm s-sorry." He weakly brushed my hair out of my eyes and smiled slightly. "Please don't be t-too mad..."

I could barely speak, or feel. Like I already said, I was completely and utterly numb. "Why?" I asked, reaching over and grabbing his shirt in my hands, staining it with my blood. My voice picked up greatly in volume as my heart as well as my mind realized what was going on. Gerard was dying. "WHY?!" I screamed, looking into his eyes, not sure what my own looked like.

Gerard just kept smiling weakly. "I couldn't do it, sugar. I couldn't keep lying to you like I had been."

"What are you fucking talking about, Gerard?!" I screamed once more, the only emotion returning was pure and utter agony.

"I told you that you were a friend, did I not?" he said, weak eyes still reflecting his regretful smile.

My voice lowered considerably, now barely a whisper, my emotions out of my control. "Y-Yes... S-So?"

"I've always felt more for you than that. I've been lying about it for so long that you never even considered it possible that I may have, and do, love you." He sighed and his eyes grew dimmer, predicting his soon-coming death.

I nearly choked on my own tears. Gerard loved me? As more than a friend? "H-huh?" I managed to stutter. For some reason my mind couldn't comprehend what he was trying to say. I couldn't understand anything but the fact that Gerard was dying.

"Don't look back, honey." He said, tired, dying eyes locked with mine. "This is for you." He gave me one last, sad smile. "I love you, Frank Iero."

I didn't look back. Not that day, not at the funeral, not now as I sit in the very same apartment. I realized that I loved Gerard back, and he knew that. That's why he did it.

Now I sit with a smile on my face, happy that one day, whenever that may be, Gerard and I can be at peace with each other again. I know I'll have to wait. I'm perfectly fine with waiting. I just know that it will be worth it in the end, when Gerard and I can love each other with nothing in the way, nothing to stop us.

I don't regret not trying to save Gerard. No one should regret. At one point in time you wanted to do it, so why go back on it later? I regret nothing. After all, it was for me.
But now, I sit here waiting, and I realize

This is for him.

Yeah... Slightly depressing, slightly happy. I'm actually proud of this, despite how slightly short it is.
Please give me your thoughts on it in your reviews that I love oh-so much.
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