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"Hey Jen, what's up?" Kari said interupting me from my day dream, er more than a night dream, sence I was sitting on a swing and it was midnight.

"Just thinking... about why my friends are friends with me." I said looking at my feet.

"Yeah, I senced you were feeling a little down." She said sitting in the swing next to me.

"So, did your 'feeling' wake you up, cuz if it did I'm sending you home right now." I said looking at her, my eyes shining purple in the moon light.

"No, I couldn't sleep, I was just having a Family Guy marathon." She chuckled softly.

"Were you wearing my Stewie pajama pants that I want back?" I asked looking at my lap.

"...yeah..." She laughed.

"Yeah, I miss my Stewie pants." I giggled swinging slightly.

"I'll bring them back when I wash them!" She exclamed punching my arm.

"Ohhhh, I are sad now." I said dropping my head, letting my hair fall into my face.

"Why, sweety what's wrong? I can't help you if I don't know what's wrong with you!" She said jumping out of the swing and wrapping her arms around my shoulders.

"I'm worried that I won't do anything with my life." I said looking up at her, tears clouding my vision.

"Well didn't you want to start a band last year?" She asked wiping a stray tear from my cheek.

"I did, but no one wanted to join because I wanted to go for a punk technoish thing." I said cracking up a bit, then Kari got up and walked infront of me getting down on her knees and placing her hands on my shoulders.

"Your idea was great, Sweetie, it's just, me and everyone else don't know how to play the things you wanted us to play, and the guys are starting their own band. So it wasn't you, okay?" She said kissing my forehead.

"Well, I know that, and I'm sorry for even asking you guys, I put a lot of pressure on you.... Well you better go home now, it's almost 3, and I don't want your mom getting mad at you again." I said looking at my cell phone for the time.

"Yeah, I'll see you later, just don't be depressed okay Honey, we all love you, don't forget that." She said walking down the sidewalk to her house.

"She's so nice to me, why do I not hang out with her anymore? Cuz I'm dating William. I think it's time for me to tell him that I need, me time.... But he might take it the wrong way. Hmmm, I'll hang out with him weekdays and hang out with everyone else on weekends. Sounds like a plan!" I said to myself just to be suprised by arms wraping around my waist, which at 3 AM will freak out any sane person.

"Hey Sweetie, what are you doing this early?" I mysterious voice whispered in my eat causing me to flip the hell out.

"Who are you? How do you know me? I'm calling the cops!" I practically shouted thrashing my arms around.

"Jen, Jen! It's me William! I heard you talking to yourself!" He said grabbing my wrists and, overpowering me, put my arms by my sides. Then I chose the time to throw my head back, hitting William in the crotch, remember I'm sitting in the swing and he's standing up. When I heard an 'Omph' and a thump on the ground I turned around to see William in the fetal possion holding his crotch, and groaning.

"HOLY COWS ON ICE!!!! I'm sorry William! Are you okay? Oh my Gerard I'm soo sorry!" I said helping up and making him sit down on the swing that Kari was sitting on.

"Not the first time it's happened. Frank's kicked me in the crotch, just because he felt like it. I'm fine I promise!" He sqeaked.

"I'm sorry! Do you want me to drive you home?" I asked wanting to hug him, but I'm pretty sure that's the last thing he wanted.

"No no no, I'm fine...hey got any ice packs in your freezer?" He asked looking at me, tears forming in his eyes.

"I'll be right back!" I said running into the basement and getting an ice pack out of the mini freezer, then running back outside,

"Here you go, I am so sorry! Why did you sneak up on me a 3 AM William, you knew that would freak me out!" I said handing him the ice pack, to which he immediantly put on his crotch.

"I just wanted to tell you I love you." Then he got out of the swing set and kneeled down on his knee. "And, to ask you something."He got a small velvet box out of his jacket, opened it, it was a white gold band with a medium sized blue diamond, "Jennifer Elizabeth Poe, will you do me the honor of marrying me?" He asked, I just had to stand there dumbfounded.

"I-I-I-I" I stuttered, "I would love to!!!!" I shreiked hugging him, forgetting about his sore crotch.

"Ow ow ow ow ow, Baby, remember what happened 3 minutes ago? Yeah it hurts!" He said trying to get me off, when that successfully happened he slid the ring onto my finger, perfect fit!

"I love you William!" I said kissing his lips.

"I love you too. Do you want to go to sleep, or something? Cuz I need to go home and ice my crotch." He said getting up slowly and walking towards my car. I opened the passengers side door and got into the drivers side. I drove him the whole mile to his house, before he got out we said our goodnights and gave eachother a goodnight kiss.

"Night cuddle muffin." I said.

"Night baby cakes." He replied.

"Ew, babycakes sound gross!" I laughed.

"Good night!" He smirked shutting the car door.

I Am SOOOOOOO UBER sorry it took me so long to make this chapter, ive been stressed with school, and I failed english due to two moms of really close friends dying, 4 best friends moving away and my bf breaking up with me. But i love you guys soooo much I wrote the chapter through the pain! ^_^,
Love ya,
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