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Chapter Two

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chapter two

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I swallowed really hard, and possibly winced. I was quite thankful that I didn't actually shriek in terror because that would have been a little hard to explain.

"I, uh--- Sorry. I... err--- My bad." I stumbled over the words mortifyingly. I thouhg I was gona have to run off like a scared girl because of my nerves.

Iero! You listen, and you listen well: this is you fucking chance and if you blow it... So help me GOD I'll murder my own damn self just to teach you a lesson!

Got it. Okay. Lesson learned. Say something! "SorrymynameisFrank." If that statement go any more jumbled I don't know if the world would continue. Seriously, that was horrid.

She smiled lightly; he lip ring glinted in the over head light. "Frank." I think she said it to confirm that's actually what I said seeing as how I said about 47329 miles an hour. I half-nodded not wanting to look stupid if she wasn't saying my name to make sure that's what I said my name was to begin with. I need to lay off the coffee.

"I'm Krisan." Now that's a name. 'I'm Frank' LAME. Now, Krisan, Krisan's a name. I should have expected as much with the way she acts and stuff.

I, being the stalker I am, am at this point quite desperate for any from of conversation with this girl no matter what the topic... including weather. "So, uh, you from around.... here?" I asked with obvious hesitation. I don't know why I was nervous. I wasn't hitting on her or anything, but I sure as hell wanted to leave a good first and maybe last impression.

"Sort of," she said vaguely in that dreamy mixed-accented voice. It sounded as if she was guarding something or reminiscing. Maybe both.

"Care to elaborate?" I asked smugly, suddenly gaining my confidence again. Glad too because he smile widened and when she opened her mouth to speak I was yet another glint of a tongue ring.

"Ok then, but you asked," Krisan said warningly. "I was born and raised for the most part in Alabama, but I.... uh..... left at fourteen and moved to PA." Pennsylvania, I knew that. See I could keep up, I'm not completely retarded. "Then when I turned eighteen I moved to the lovely area of Belleville, New Jersey," she said with false enthusiasm.

"You should right a book about that seriously," I laughed. Who knew you could get a basic biography with one simple question? Though, the fact she was at least eighteen didn't go unnoticed by me either.

She rolled her eyes. "And you? You from Jersey or just play here a helluva lot?" she asked with a giggle.

"Jersey born and Jersey bread, cara mia," I said without taking notice to the fact that I slipped in 'my darling' at the end. Thankfully it was in Italian but still.

"Lei parla italiano?" she asked in a heavy Italian accent. Fuck. The one girl in the whole damn state who actually speaks the language happens to be the one I fuck up in front of. Great.

"Fluentemente, ma io preferisco l'inglese," I said awkwardly. Actually, I prefer Italian, but it is the language of love and I'm not taking any chances.

"Cool." I was glad she reverted back to English because I can barely keep my foot out of my mouth in one language much less another, more romantic one! There was a bit of a long pause.

"Well, I guess I uh, go now," Krisan said awkwardly. I don't blame her I'd want to leave if I was stuck talking to a tongue-tied me too. Then it hit me: she only wanted to leave because no one was saying anything.

"Wait!" I almost shouted. "Erm, you wanna, I dunno, hang back stage with my band?" And I always hated when Gerard said 'my band' (it all of OUR band!) and here I was doing it! I'm loopy.

She nodded her head. That's a yes in any language. We walked back in the direction I had just come from and got quite a few stares.....
........I kinda liked it.

No I don't want c heese on tha---

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