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If Only...

by Rous 3 reviews

Double drabble written for OSA "Long Story Short" challenge.

Category: Lord of the Rings - Rating: G - Genres: Parody - Characters: Elrond, Other - Published: 2006-03-21 - Updated: 2006-03-21 - 100 words

Armies gathered on the field, waiting. Rushing at the signal, they commenced the battle.

All was lost, until one man picked up the king's sword. Swinging mightily at the charging Sauron, Isildur swung, removing the evil one's fingers.

Picking up the ring, he ran to the pit, urged on by Elrond.

"Throw it in, Isildur!" Elrond shouted.

"I can use this for the betterment of Arda!" he replied.

Moving suddenly, Elrond tackled Isildur, knocking him into the pit.

The sun came out and birds sang. Thus was all of Arda saved. And, there was no need for two more books.
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