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Mother Dearest

by Emo_musik_chick 2 reviews

A terribly mean poem I wrote about my mother. I wish it didn't have to be like this, but it is.

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A poem a wrote about my mother. And DO NOT get the wrong idea- she isn't an alcoholic, she isn't abusive and she isn't a bad parent [well, she isn't to my little sister, anyway]. She just truly doesn't care about me.

You told me that you'd always care
You promised you'd always be there.
You begged for me to tell you why
Whenever you look you see me cry.
But then I tried to pour it out
And instead you chose to yell and shout.
You told me it was just a phase
You were like this too in your teenaged days
But if that story is really true
I'd rather die than be like you.
Cold and hard and never caring
Controlling, demanding and overbearing
You've never loved me is how it seems
And you're the reason I doubt in my dreams.
Full of discouragement and words so cruel,
"You'll work in an office when you get out of school"
Well thanks, [note the sarcasm], for believing in me
But I'll never be who you want me to be.
So now I'm sitting all alone
Tearful and pained and all on my own
But if I tried to talk to you,
Make it about yourself is all you'd do.
You blame me and make me feel it's my fault
That from my eyes flow tears of salt.
So someday I hope you look back and say,
"It's because of me that she went away".
But even then you won't regret
You'll drink and laugh and just forget
The sad little kid you left behind
What a wonderful mother of mine.
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