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Cost of Trust, Never too High

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A new Professor has beren hired right off the graduation stage from Oxford Uni. Will this young man crack under the pressure? Will he even survive his first term?

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I found my usual bench and slouched into my usual seat. Here are the notes from that day. What little of them they are.

6:45am: Sit on bench.
7:00am: The kids I am babysitting have not shown up. I wonder if they ever will again.
7:45am: Kids, my assignment whatever, never showed up. Not much to say. Must be as bored as me. They have no books, must be tired of studying.
8:45am: Nothing to talk about they are sitting there. It is getting colder. It reminds me of when I went home in '93' for spring break. At noon it was 80 degrees by 5:00pm it was snowing outside. I was stuck in my house parent's till until my flight back to school. That is a depressing memory.
9:45am: The two boys leave. Ms. Granger is walking over. I am in no mood to argue with her today. Go to Hogwarts or don't go who cares.
End of notes.

Chapter 3: Cost of Trust, Never too High

"What are you writing?" The young witch interrupted my slow note taking.
"Not much wanted to have some information for later to review."
"You wanted to get inside information on us. You want to make us go back to Hogwarts." As I recall it now this would have been a rude conversation but she was speaking in a droll voice.
"You must give me a lot of credit if I have that much control over you." I retorted in the middle of a yawn, "Right now I don't rightfully care if you go or not."
She turned and was about to retort, but her demeanor suddenly change. Her face went white as a ghost. She opened her mouth like she was going to scream but nothing cam out her bottom lip quivering like a leaf.
I could feel a cold shiver run down my spine. The only thing I could focus on was a memory of my cat dieing in my arms. As I turned to look at what had gotten Ms. Granger in this state I noticed the frost that was quickly spreading over the lawn killing the grass around us. There in the tree line some 50' away was something I thought I would never see again Dementors. When I was 12 they had outlawed the use of them in the USA. Luckily I already had my wand in my hand on instinct.
I shouted to Ms. Granger, "Keep your wand trained on them and run!"
I barely heard her quivering voice, "I don't have it."
I could tell she was already standing and about to run without being able to protect herself. I reach to keep her from running at the same time she let out a blood curdling scream. My hand only grasped air as she already bolted. The deathly entities were about 20' from me when I ran to stop her.
You always here about people saying the world around you can slow down to a crawl. I felt my feet were weighted down with cement. I felt the Dementors dart past me and surround the petrified Ms. Granger. She had made it to the middle of the park only to succumb to her fear and fell into the fetal position. There were 10 of those creatures of filth closing in on her. The macabre scene reminded me of sharks in a feeding frenzy.
I quickly dodged between them and grabbed her in my arm. I wanted to make her realize I was there and would keep their rotting hand off her. She immediately buried her face in my chest sobbing. The world was starting to loose focus. I was having flashbacks of things in my past that I still haunt. With my wand held high I concentrated on a memory buried deep in my mind. There is was my memory of my wand choosing me and confirming it was a rare wand. My mind seized the memory and I screamed, "Expecto Patronum!"
First a blinding light erupted from my wand like a beacon in the middle of a hurricane. I watch in awe as a huge bear like creature leapt from my wand. I was a large as a bear and first I thought it was a grizzly until I saw it was equally back and white. It was tearing the putrid creature limb from limb.
Suddenly I remembered I was cradling Ms. Granger to my chest when I made her presence known, "Is that? Is that a Panda?"
I tried to laugh but it came a as raspy almost cough. The panda had forced the Dementors away from us and was giving chase to what I feared was the neighborhood. Luckily my fear was abated when two equally ghostly creature appeared blocking the Dementors retreat, a stag and a Jack Russell terrier.
A wave of relief flooded my mind, as the last Dementor was decimated. Slowly I chewed on the piece of chocolate I had taken from my pocket and shared with Ms. Granger. I mused to myself about the argument I had with my mother. She always insisted I keep a least a small piece of chocolate for this very reason. I would have bet you every Galion in Ft Knox I would never need it. Don't tell my mother I was wrong I would never hear the end of it.
Unfortunately this was not the end of my harrowing day. Well it does end quickly enough for me. It doesn't mean the day was knocked down from number three in my top five all time worst days.
The two young men sprinted toward us. With a thud I was quickly knocked out of the way so Mr. Weasley could smother Ms. Granger in a protective embrace. I rolled my eyes while thinking, 'I wish this young man would not see me as a threat. If anything he should be looking at his best friend. The look of complete relief on his face is priceless.'
Slowly I stood up while studying the trio in front of me. Mr. Potter was crouched behind the two stroking her back soothingly. Ms. Granger was becoming lucent to the world and looked as if Mr. Weasley was still smothering her. I quietly stepped up, "give her some room to breathe Mr. Weasley. She has had a rough morning."
He only glared at me but begrudgingly loosed his grip from around her. She gave me a grateful smile, "I am ok Ron, and you can let go now." He looked hurt for a moment but relented to her command.
The uncomfortable silence was interrupted by a huge thunderclap. My mind was now clear enough that I could realize that we needed to get out of the on coming storm. The lightshow and sound was wondrous. I herded the youth toward the edge of the park and was going to follow them to Mr. Potter's residence when I remembered my belongings on the bench. I wanted to make certain the new adults made it back to their place safe. The frustrating part, I did not want my notes falling into some weirdo's hands and posted on both Internets. Laptops can be replaced but these were private thought that should not be shared.
I turned and sprinted across the park without word to the three. I could just hear Ms. Granger yell what could have been, "wait up." I was almost to the bench when the flood gate opened from the sky. In an instant I was soaked to the bone. I quickly did a water repelling charm on my bag so the laptop would not short out. I could barely hear Ms. Granger over my shoulder, for the pounding rain and thunder around me. I could have sworn she said, "Get out of the rain! YO!"
With out looking up I spun to move toward her. I stopped short in confusion because she was pointing at me. There was a look of fear like she sees another Dementor. I realized she was point over her shoulder and I could hear, I swore, was thunder building behind me. I turned to look over my shoulder just in time to see a large horn burry in my shoulder between my arm and shoulder blade. I was immediately lifted off the off my feet. The thought that flash though my mind was I had been gored by a bull, but there was not another horn in my left shoulder. Even in mortal peril I was trying to figure out what gored me. Those thought were immediately erased when I thought liquid hot metal was being injected by the horn in my shoulder it was wreaking havoc on my shoulder and my arm lost all feeling.
The thing that lifted me off the ground was now on the move with me perched on it head like a macabre hood ornament. It was running though the park the only reason I knew my position was I could hear Ms. Granger screaming as I went by her. My vision was clouded in red with white stars exploding min my eyes with every step the thing made.
I could see my red vision start to fade on the edges. Instinctively I reached for my wand and pointed as best I could over my shoulder. With a loud booming voice I yelled "Stupefy!"
I felt the huge beast lurch and topple forward. My body still skewered on this horn my legs went under the animal's head and body at it slammed onto the ground. The thing fell on my like a ton of bricks I could feel the weight crushing me as the horn was still imbedded in me. It fell still in full run so it's body mass made it slide across the wet lawn for a few feet tearing at my pants and ripping my shoes off.
The behemoth came to rest on the edge of the park. My left arm still hung useless at my side my legs and thigh were trapped under the beast with me on my stomach. The horn kept my chest upright so my back was in excruciating pain from being bent backwards. My odd thoughts came back to me at that moment, 'Why didn't I take yoga?'
Slowly my back started to straighten out I was lying on my stomach the sharp object no longer imbedded in my shoulder. The heavy weight was so much lighter now. I slowly pushed myself up with my right arm, yep left one still lifeless. The grass felt cold to my feet, with all the water, as I turned to look at my attacker. I was starting to shiver, I hoped from the cold. There sprawled on the ground was an unconscious person. They had on a long black cloak. The face was hidden behind a macabre looking skull mask.
I trained my wand on him as the three youths came to my aid. "A Death Eater!' was all that Mr. Weasley could say. Ms. Granger was beside me. I did not realize till I say my left hand move she was examining it. "Can you move you arm?"
I pondered for a moment my mind trying to will the lifeless appendage to move. As I grasped my arm pulling it across my body, "No, I can't seem..."
BOOM! I felt my body shoved off my feet landing with a thud on my left side. My hand still grasped my lifeless arm. My left ear was ringing and I could not hear a thing. I felt hands from the three turn me on my side my right arm straightened outlying at my side. I could not really hear what the trio was saying. I could make out Ms. Granger looking at my face yelling I think, "Harry Ron, get help! Professor Blackwood stay awake we are getting help."
Then I realized I never let go of my arm. I slowly looked across my body and my brain could not interpret the data it was receiving. There in my hand was my left arm. The arm was severed at the shoulder, but there was no blood the end was black and charred like an overcooked piece of meat. I looked at Ms. Granger and said, "Oh! You did not say get out of the rain yo. You said Look out for the Rhino. But that was not a Rhino that was an Erumpent." Then the world went black.
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