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Vampires will never hurt you (I promess)

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We walked over to the van, the door was already opened, I was just about to get in when I felt to arms slink around my waist and pull me back.

"I want you sitting by me," Gerard purred into my ear. Gee by puller much. I could feel his warm breath tickle its way down my neck making my stomach do flip flops. I might have to kill myself for that I thought. I got in next and Gerard fallowed.

"Frankie,” I sight making him turn his attention to me, "Frankie I'm sorry for punching you earlier, I was just really pissed off." He smiled and leaned across the seat and gave me an awkward hug, I felt Gerard tense up beside me.

"Yeah that’s okay! well at least I know you don’t punch like a girl,” he chuckled. "I’m sorry for what me and Gerard did to your family it wasn't right,” he whispered. I let out another small sigh and looked at Gerard and smiled a very weak smile. I slowly moved closer to him and laid my head against his shoulder. I could smell coffee, ciges and something else I couldn't pin point but still he smelled good. I could hear his heart thump, thump, thump and his breathing in, out, in out it was very soothing in away.

"Hey Kayla, Kayla wake up." I opened my eyes and found my head on Gerard lap with his dark brown eyes staring down at me. I noticed the van had stopped, I got up and was surprised there was a stadium in front of us. The door opened and they all got out.

"Kayla come!.” Gerard demanded in a rough voice.

"Where are we Gerard.?"

"Where at a concert." I started to laugh, they all started to stare.

"Who's concert," I giggled again

"Ours we are my chemical romance,"

"Hm... kidnapped by rock stars, aren't you afraid someone will recognize me.?"

"No I have it all worked out." Ray muttered. I was surprised to hear Ray actually say something. Gerard walked over and through me over his shoulder and walked to the building.

"Gerard put me down, I can walk you know," He laughed but kept going.

"I know but you where taking way to long and I wouldn't want you to try anything." I stayed with them in the room helping them put make up on and getting ready.

"Five minutes guy’s"

"Come with me love," I fallowed Gerard to a room and walked in. "You'll stay in here till where done." He walked out of the room and locked the door. I saw a couch, TV, table and chairs. I laid down on the couch and switched the TV on but it didn’t work. I could hear the music, Gerard was singing.

"And if the sun comes up will it tear the skin right off our bones
And then as razor sharp white teeth rip out our necks I saw you there
Someone call the doctor, someone get me to a church
Where they can pump this venom gaping hole
And you must keep your soul like a secret in your throat
And if they come and get me
You put the spike in my heart

And if they get me and the sun goes down
And if they get me take this spike and

Can you take this spike?
Will it fill our hearts with thoughts of endless
Night time sky
Can you take this spike?
Will it wash away this jet black feeling?"

They sounded really good, I slowly drifted off to sleep. I felt my body being picked up, I opened my eyes and saw Mikey.

"Hey Mikey, You guys sounded really good! is it over already," I yawned

"Yeah its over and thanks glad you liked it." He smiled and carried me back to a room full of people and music blasting and a strong smell of alcohol. Mikey put me on the couch and left to do something else.

"Yeah Kayla is back." Frankie slurred out to me. I laughed he was on the table with a beer can and a cooler in his hands.

"Frankie your drunk,"

" Yes I am and so is Gerard." he pointed to him lying on the floor with a beer can around him.

"Hey cutie! What’s your name," I looked to the guy sitting next to me and glared. "Hey Baby don't be like that." he said well his hand moved up and down my thigh. I turned and punched him in the face. He recovered quickly and looked at me, haha I gave him a bloody nose.

"You stupid whore,"

"HEY BODY GET YOU HANDS OFF OF HER BEFORE I KICK YOUR ASS." Gerard growled well getting off of the floor to kick his ass. The guy got up and left quickly. "Hey are you okay love." Gerard slurred.

"Yeah im fine." I smiled a while later I decide to go for a walk but that was the worst mistake I could have mad. I was grabbed from behind, something sharp was injected into my neck. I blacked out.

~Ha-ha cliff hanger loll. so if you have already read this story it has change the last three chapters loll sorry.~ January 26.
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