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Chapter 3: Three Funerals, a will, and a Snape!

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After the Final Battle, harry potter, with the help of 2 close friends tries to carry on with his life. But a prank from a now deceased wizard has far reaching consequences for him and those around...

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The Wizard's Triad

Disclaimer: I own nothing of The Harry Potter stories series or events, other than this idea I had. Events directly following the final battle in DH.
AN: Well, It’s been over a year and my muse has been dead since then. But I hope that I can get something out that can inspire not just me but hopefully others. Several reviewers are speculating about time-travel, rape, torture, and such. I do not write sex scenes, nor rape scenes period. Will the characters hint at them, and have to deal with their emotional baggage?
Yes they will.
Well now we know Ron was with Susan, and now we have three characters, which are splintered emotionally will gather closer towards each other. Luna, with her father and what ever she experienced in the war, Hermione with her heart wrenched from her and her retrieval of her memory erased parents and of course her experiences in the war, while Harry will try to bury his issues in favor of helping the two girls. That will come back to bite him in the ass. The rest of the story will focus on all three growing and dealing with their varying issues. Course fate will deal them another blow soon that will speed things up and lay another brick on their emotional wall, while giving them a future to strive for.
I hope that helps you all to see where this story will go. I will try to balance Drama, Romance and some light moments. Finally, I can’t guarantee when this will be updated, but it WILL be finished!

Beta read by dsclocks & spd3432, with consultations from datexan

Chapter 3: Three Funerals, a will, and a Snape!

The sun was yet to rise as a figure made its way toward a small lake, more of a pond next to the dwelling she had come from. As the slow light of the coming dawn was coming the figure was feminine in form finally stopped at the end of the makeshift pier that was due east of the cottage. She looked around twirling her brownish blonde hair and she sat down and dipped her barefoot into the clear and cool water.

Last night they had somehow ended up together in the master bed that Luna insisted Harry have while the girls would be in Luna's room on Bunk beds. Both girls heard the spine tingling screams from a clearly disturbed Harry. Both knew that Harry must be either reliving the memories of the war, or nightmares of seeing those he cared of dying grizzly and horrible deaths. Whichever reason, both girls were at his side in an instant.

It took them a few more minutes to calm him down. Holding him and whispering to him they were there. Though out the ordeal, Harry did not wake up fully. When he calmed down the beleaguered wizard had a firm hold on the girl's waist. With it being three in the morning, the witches had a quiet conversation without waking Harry. After a few minutes they agreed that with Harry's propensities for night terrors it was alright for them to stay at least the night. The both
snuggled into their friend and all fell rapidly asleep.

As she thought of what had transpired, Luna wrapped her arms around her other leg while she rested her chin on her knee, as she softly sung a rhyme or song lyric for the next few minutes, until she heard and felt another person walking on the rickety pier coming closer to her at its end. She sighed quietly and knew her tranquil time alone was now over. "Hermione, what brings you out here? Did the wagspurts bother you out of bed?"

Hermione Granger slowly sat down quietly dipping both her feet into the water joining Luna's and shivered slightly. "No, Harry & I found you missing, so we searched the cottage before Harry saw you out here through the Kitchen window." The Muggle-born witch adjusted herself on the pier then continued. "I suggested he start making breakfast while I came out to see how you were doing."

The silver eyed witched watched her brown haired friend stoically then answered;
"I'm fine, but I wanted to think about everything, so I came out here waiting for the dawn to arrive.
Hermione nodded and added she did much the same back in her hometown. She described a park that was also set to the east of where she lived. So when she wanted to think things through in the mornings she described getting up early and did much the same thing though the parks pond was too small for a pier, so she walked into the water, holding her shoes & socks in her hands, and awaited the mornings light. "Of course I did this in summer rather than winter!" Luna
eyed her and smiled as it's seemed she asked that very same question.

Hermione shook her head and just smiled. "Well in winter I didn't quite do that, now would I." As both girls smiled and then sat back now admiring the sky as blues and purpled gave way to light browns, orange and then a fiery red as the sun was making its way up from the horizon. A Green flash then occurred rarely seem by non-magicals, but clear to both witches. Then, a slow turn to the blue in the sky until the bright yellow of the sun sparked the quiet around the lake
to suddenly erupt with the daily natural noise that surrounds such a place.

As the girls were enjoying the new sounds a clear masculine voice called them to a hearty breakfast prepared by a very cute black haired wizard that could cook well. They both silently thanked the gods that Harry was their friend, and could give most competent chefs a run for their money. They both waved and smiled at him as he awaited his girls `Wait? Where did that come from?" He thought, as the girls helped each other up and walked barefoot back to the cottage, they joined arms as close girl friends do. As they made it to the back door of the cottage
there stood their friend Harry Potter, smiling and holding the door open to his two closest friends.

20 minutes later finishing a filling breakfast, the three adjourned to the curved living room adjacent to the kitchen. As they got comfortable in the single comfy chair and small sofa they discussed the probable events of the coming week, being a few funerals one a ministry run affair they were all expected to attend. Plus the smaller funerals like the Weasley's and Lupin &

They all three agree that they'll attend those three. Then a sudden brown blur comes in from the open window of the living room, and lands in the table in front of the three friends. After Hermione takes the envelope from the delivery owl's leg, Luna offers an owl treat and it flies off leaving the three to open the parchment style envelope with a very familiar seal. "Well let's see what
Gringotts wants of us" Harry states as Hermione opens it and she reads aloud its contents.

To Lord Potter-Black, the Lady Granger and the Lady Lovegood;

You all are hereby invited to the Will Reading of Severus Tobias Snape at 3 in
the afternoon this coming Friday. Please do not discard this announcement as it
is a port-key to the conference room where the event will take place. If
Gringotts can help you with your current accounts and future investments, do not
hesitate to ask us in person, or owl us for any questions you might have.
Thank you for your time and may you have profit and wealth in your future.

Griphook, Assistant Accounts clerk,
Gringotts London Branch,
Diagon Alley

The three mentally digested the idea of Snape wanting them, of all people at his will reading. They also tried to fathom how the heck did Gringotts know they were all together?
As they pondered this, several more owls made their way into the small cottage's living room. After a few more minutes of gathering the messages and feeding the departing owls the three friends got the confirmation of the Ministry Memorial, as well as the two private funerals they knew they would attend. They sent Thank you missives for the others they weren't attending.
They all agreed that sending flowers and condolence letters would be done. Harry suggested a quick trip to Diagon Alley to get supplies for the week, mourning attire for all three, as well as a quick walk to St. Mungo's to visit Luna's father to inform him of their plans, and give Luna more family time with him.

The rest of the day was filled with preparations for the week and making appointments at Madame Malkins for work, and dress robes, as the dress robes would be used for the funerals. They also sent an owl out to set up their travel plans as they wanted to leave the following Monday for Australia and Japan.

The enjoyed a time of quiet contemplation and conversation as the three friends all talked about those who died fondly starting the mourning process for themselves. One final owl came from Andromeda Tonks to meet with them Wednesday to talk about how Harry would integrate himself into little Teddy Tonks life as
his Godfather. He replied that he and his best friends Hermione & Luna would be there, and sent that last owl out on its way.

Then they finally got to talk about Ron and Susan! "Well, whether Ron meant to or not, he will have to grow up now." Hermione said as she sadly looked at her two friends. "Susan will be good for him, and…" Harry put his arm around Hermione as she silently cried as Luna was on her other side, hugged her from behind and squeezed to let her know she cared as well. The brightest witch of her age broke down, while inside the warmest cocoon of her friends' embrace, seeking the comfort they gave freely.

Then she remembered her parents did the same when she was younger and needed their comfort after a rough day at school. In her mind this gave her more reason to find her parents and bring their memories back. Luna then spoke breaking her line of thought.

"You remembered what I told Ronald before I broke his nose Hermione?" Luna asked as Hermione nodded sniffling as Harry conjured a handkerchief for her to use. "Well, I have had a crush on him since I was ten years old." This was a surprise to them. Though thinking a bit Luna's house being nearby the Borrow, it made things clear to them.

Luna sighed and sat back heavily on the sofa. "Ronald came by with Ginny all the time as we grew up and we played many games with each other right up to my mother's death. Then he seemed to stop coming as Ginny did a few month later." Luna sighed and Hermione squeezed her hand back smiling at her. "Then I saw him my first year as Ginny & I were sitting together on the Express." Then her face seemed to dim, the smile gone from her face. "Then one day I went up to him while we passed in the hall, and I tried to talk to him… Ron then started to call me Loony and that there are bats in my belfry…" Single tears tracked down her right cheek as Harry and Hermione sadly listened. "When I tried several more times he rebuffed me each and every time." Slowly Hermione returned the embrace Luna had given her. "And of course when in your fourth year he seemed to have feelings for you, so I stopped myself from trying to become closer to him as it was clear that he had feeling for you." Luna sadly smiled, silent tears now on both cheeks, as Hermione nodded.

"And then the git goes and sucks face with of all people Lavender `The Snog Queen' Brown." Hermione adds with a huff. "I think that boy only had food, quiddich, and then snogging as his lifelong goals." She laughed sadly, "And now he has to grow up for Susan and their baby's sakes!" she sighs and leans her head to Harry's shoulder as she cries quietly held on both sides by her close friends. Somehow during Luna's speech Harry found himself between both girls, now silently crying while he held them and squeezed them to convey his caring and support.

They talked a bit more and agreed that they would stay as far away from Ron as possible but would be polite, with Hermione saying she'll have first hexing dibs if he says or does something else stupid. Luna quickly added she'd be next in line, all three laughed and felt much better. ‘Woe it is to be Ron Weasley when they see them again!’ Harry thought.

That night it was first Hermione, then Luna who had a bad nightmare. At the end they all three ended up in Luna's bed. They silently agreed to keep this bit to themselves and said nothing as the pattern of all three sleeping together became
normal for the rest of the week.

Monday; they went to Madame Malkin's, they ordered and were fitted for their robes, then while waiting for the robes to be done and they visited a Wizarding Travel agency, where they reserved three International Port keys to Gold coast, Queensland Australia for the following Monday. Harry & Luna unfamiliar with the area asked Hermione where Gold coast was.

She answered, "The Gold Coast is south Brisbane to the north and Sydney and Newcastle to the south on the eastern coast of the country." With confused looks, Hermione crossed her arms under her chest, added," I wanted my parents away from those cities while able to make a decent living and accessible enough to be found later on."

"Ooooh!" Both Luna and Harry replied. They both privately didn't understand where the exact place was, but trusted Hermione to know how to get there as retrieving her parent's memory was the main reason to go there. With that accomplished they went through the Leaky Caldron and shopped in Muggle London till Dinner time. Upon returning to their Cottage a surprise awaited them, the smell of freshly cooked food wafted out the windows and a small yet recognizable being awaiting them at the cottages front entrance.

"Winky? What are you doing here?" Harry asked surprised as he thought Winky had stayed with the Hogwarts elves. As the girls were also wondering Winky replied.

"Ise ams here to do what Dobby asks me to do's.", said the quiet female elf.

"And what would that be Winky" Luna asked as Hermione nodded

"To serve ancient house of Potters, and its master and its misses!", Said the now proud looking house elf.

"But, Winky, aren't you a Hogwarts elf, tied to the castle and the school?",
Asked a confused Hermione.

"Ise don't likes it there. I wants to serve a family and use needs an elf!" said Winky and that's when they saw the bulge on her midriff. Then they knew why she was there. ‘Dobby’, all three thought!

"Are you Pregnant Winky?" Luna asked now as all three magicals were concerned about the diminutive being.

As it turned out rightly, Winky was having Dobby's offspring and he had asked her to be Harry Potter's elf in case he couldn't. With his death a year before, Winky used her magic to delay her child's development. As the conversation continued they knew she would fulfill that request even though Hermione was opposed to it. It took almost a half hour, but with a grudging respect they negotiated an agreement with the pregnant house elf. Winky would be Harry's elf and would fulfill those duties associated with house elves, Hermione insisted a fairness clause added, and Luna asked Winky to keep an eye out for nargles. After a few more additions, Winky agreed, and they would pay for the new elf offspring's future. Winky did concede that Dobby would have wanted that. After a fantastic dinner provided by a very happy elf they retired for the night knowing they would have a busy yet somber week. And like clockwork, they all ended up in Hermione bed by morning.

The Ministry Memorial was Tuesday Morning just outside of Hogwarts on a flat meadow between the school and the small magical village. After their ablations, and breakfast now prepared by Winky, the Trio made their way by floo to the Three Broomsticks and then to Hogsmeade. 15 minutes before the Memorial was to begin they all flooed there.

The ceremony was done right in front of an Obelisk which was a huge wand for the top two-thirds while a score of Witches & Wizards had their hands on the large handle of the granite wand. Below that were four large shields with the names of those who died on both sides. It was obvious that the point of the memorial was that with the conflict over, all Witches & Wizards need to work together to have a chance at future in peace and prosperity, as at the top of the stone shields was chiseled the famous saying, "We stand together, or die separately".

As the trio made their way to the ceremony, they passed many witches and wizards. Some classmates who mostly thanked them by either shaking hands hugging (Mostly girls), or simply nodded and smiled.

Due to this they were a few minutes late, and tried to sit in the back. But a ministry official spotted them and they reluctantly were at the front within a few minutes much to their annoyance. All three now craved anonymity, not being thrust into the spotlight.

They convinced the officials they weren't going to speak, after a few clear statements of hexing certain bits off! They stayed and heard just about anyone who could talk from the ministry just to hear from two people, Minerva McGonagall, and Interim Minister of Magic Kinsley Shackelbot.

The Headmistress talked of various times the senior students fought and died for not only the school and the student body, but for the British Wizarding world. At the end she was standing tall and stoic, but yet all could see the silent tears as she finished and made her way down the ceremonial stage, sitting right next to a crying Hermione Granger as Harry patted her back and
held a weeping Luna Lovegood.

Kinsley's speech was a bit longer but clear in what had caused the war and why we as British Magicals, must make those hard choices so that we can break the cycle of Dark Lords and ladies tying to gain power, and killing off more of the old lines as much as those they profess to say they were trying to keep alive.

"We must stop the prejudice and persecution of not only magical races that aren't human, but of the stupidity of bloodlines. The facts now set in stone is this;
We have lost 50% the male wizards in the last 2 wars, so much so that if we don't do something soon, in 3 to 4 generations there will not BE a British Wizarding community!"

That seemed to get everyone's attention. The rest of his speech talked about the sacrifice of many for the few left to rebuild. He also hinted at coming legislation to do just that! Many of the older magicals shuddered and they seemed angry at the Minister’s words.
That caused many of the younger attendees to be confused, the Trio included. After the dedication of the monument, and a few talks with those they knew, Harry, Hermione and Luna walked back to the Three Broomsticks and flooed back to their cottage.

They had a light lunch and exhausted, the three took an afternoon nap! Harry nodded off within a few minutes. This let both girls have a chance to talk and within that 20 minute talk they agreed to stay with Harry for the summer to help him deal with the Stress and such as any war brings, as much for themselves with the same issues. They then both took their naps until Winky got them up for a very filling dinner.

Wednesday brought their meeting with Andromeda Tonks. She looked like her deceased sister Bellatrix, which still threw Harry and Hermione a bit. But while Bella was a crazed murderess and took glee in torture and mayhem, Andromeda was totally opposite, by defying her Family in marrying Ted Tonks a muggle-born wizard. Though now a caring and loving person, she saw her family die, her husband Ted to Snatchers, during that last year of the war. Her daughter Nymphadora and son-in-law, Remus Lupin died in those final months as well. All she had was Teddy her grandson.

The Trio apparated to the street in front of Harry's Godfathers home. Andromeda was staying at #12Grimmauld Place as their house was in ruins and won't be rebuilt for a few more months. As Kreacher answered the door, they saw some changes already. First was Kreacher was polite clean and not grumbling about half bloods or mud bloods.

It seemed a that a female Black matriarch needed to stay at the old place for not only the gloominess go away but to literally reset Kreacher, for the lack of a better word, to attune to his new mistress. Finally they noticed the lack of the Black matriarch's portrait! “Walburga Black is gone" Andromeda said as the three saw her coming out of a well lit room that was once the oppressive sitting room they remembered.
After they are given tea by a solemn and kind Kreacher, they discussed how Harry would be involved with Teddy now and in the future. They inform her of their trip and she is supportive, but she also got promises of visits and also with Harry being the current Lord Black, she asks permission to start the process for her and Teddy to be readmitted into the Black family. Finally they agreed to joint ownership of Grummauld Place (They own the whole block) until Ted's majority where he will get the deed. As they start to leave an owl with the Hogwarts emblem on a leather covering in its breast with three parchment letters. All three look at one another, knowing what they would be! Andromeda, witnessingthe event asked, ""Well, are you all going back?"

All three looked at each other apprehensively!

**Chapter 4: Snape’s Will

As the door creaked open, Molly Weasley makes her way into the room.The smell within musky and damp fires memories in the Weasley matriarch and with a swing of her wand she clears the smell to a clean crisp aroma. She then looks down at the three in the large canopied bed.
‘Oh my dears, I wish none of you had to go through this’. Molly though as with a few more swings of her wand their sheets were cleaned and they were magically washed into they woke. Mrs. Weasley then looked at the clock and turned to leave swishing her wand one last time leaving a chilled pitcher of water and three tall glasses. She reminded herself to check up on them in the morning as he still had 5 more rooms to check for other victims. As she left she said a small prayer to the gods for the three asleep in the room.
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