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On the other side

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Leon and Ada find a massive beast wandering around, and all it wanted was a pee :( Poor Dark Nation

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“Are we actually going to take time out now?” Leon smirked as he looked over at Ada.

“I guess so.” She stretched her arms above her head and looked over to him. “What were you thinking?”

Leon looked around the area. Up on the hill there was an encampment, it was half exploded. The figures in the background that occasionally moved and twitched were dead and the last of their spasms were dying off. Ada yawned and looked over to the handsome man at her side. She slid to her feet and got ready to go.

“You know the annoying part about all of this?” Leon smirked as they headed towards their car. Ada simply cocked her head in response. “I was actually hoping for a trip around Europe and this was not what I was expecting. I should tell their tourism board that if they want more people to visit these costal villages they should keep the zombie population to a minimum.”

“I suppose it’s worth a try.” She chuckled and opened the door. “Before we do that however can we just get to a nice hotel, shower and relax?”

“Of course.” Leon opened the door and they headed towards the road back out of the hellish place they had been assigned and off towards the main city.

Leon had been working, well sort of, with Ada for sometime and they took the jeep out in silence. He let her drive, he was already thinking about the report that was going back. It was a smaller outbreak, something they had been able to control but at some point it could get nasty again. He hoped to gods they had the firepower in supply for it and grumbled internally that there was no such thing as a normal day at the office.

Heading down the dirt trail towards an old tunnel they were hitting the place at some speed and suddenly Ada slammed on the breaks spotting a large black monster of a dog or cat with a tendril that was happily wagging around. The beast was the size of maybe a panther or something and in the distance two people were talking seemingly unaware of the thing that was sniffing around. Leon leant over the side of the jeep seeing it as Ada stopped and then levelled his pistol to it and fired.

Dark Nation was about to pee up the side of the overgrown hedges when some ignorant bastard shot at him and he looked around annoyed. He hated being interrupted at the best of times but aside from that he also knew better than to leave Rufus’ side. The strange beast snarled at Leon and ran back to Rufus.

“Ada stop it!”

“How?” She looked at the thing as it crackled with electricity and ran towards the blond haired man in a white suit.

“DOWN!” Rufus yelled at the beast seeing it running his way and hearing the gun shot. His own gun was brought to his hand; Tifa brought her fists up ready to fight. Dark Nation slid to his belly with a whimper. He hated angry Rufus. “Who the HELL do you think you are shooting at my pet?” He yelled at Leon and Ada.

“Pet!” Leon yelled back and looked at the thing. “What the hell is it?”

“He’s called Dark Nation.” Rufus folded his arms somewhat indignant and Tifa brought her fists down with a giggle. Rufus looked so child-like that she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Grow up.” Tifa chided him. Rufus gave her a look at she couldn’t quite make out if it meant he was angry or sulking.

“Either way you are sporting that thing in public and it’s a monster.” Leon looked at Dark Nation who was harmlessly resting at his feet. “Well he looked it.”

“Poor DN.” Tifa leant down and fussed him a bit. “You actually did the right thing and came to daddy and now you’re still the big bad.” She actually liked the animal more than she thought she would.

“Well either way what on earth are you doing out here?” Ada looked up and down at Rufus, kind of rich looking…

“We got lost in that accursed tunnel.” Rufus pointed back at it. “I have ruined a thoroughly good car and in the process got lost which by the way I am not admitting to when I get home or the newspapers will have a field day.” He tried to ignore Tifa’s snickering.

“Why would they do that?” Leon looked at him. “I’ve never even heard of your sorry ass.” Tifa put her finger to Rufus’ lips sensing he was about to explode.

“This is President Rufus Shinra of the Shinra Electric Power Company…” She looked at their blank faces. “Midgar? Edge? Sister Ray? Jenova…” More blank stares. “We’re not on our world Rufus that’s why.”

“Oh…” The three looked at each other as Tifa sighed.

“Look maybe we can find somewhere to compare notes. This isn’t a place to leave the President in the open.”

“Agreed.” Leon said assessing that it might be a bad idea to argue with Rufus until he knew more about him.

“Come on.” Ada pointed to the jeep.

“My car…” Rufus whined like the spoilt brat he was. He saw the look from Tifa. “Okay, Okay… I’ll buy another when I get home.” Tifa smirked and took his hand to get in and the four, plus DN, headed off to the hotel.
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