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17. Death by WIKI WIKI

by GinnyMyLove

Prophecy and Mistress Hermione Revealed.

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Chapter 17: Death by WIKI WIKI

Ginny leaned in and whispered in Hermione's ear. "You can play with my boyfriend all you want, but I get to clean up his messes. I want to give him a bit of a show, do we have a deal?"

Hermione froze and felt the blush begin, but nodded. "Harry you might not want to miss this." Ginny said.

She really did not know what to expect from the younger girl, everything had been an accident up to this point so she was not sure how to react to an overt offer of any sort. Ginny leaned down and Hermione sucked in a breath as she felt the redheads tongue touch her belly. She slowly licked her way upward flicking her tongue quickly over Hermione's nipple eliciting a moan from the older girl. As the other girl repeated the performance on her other side Hermione watched Harry's eyes grow huge along with his re-hardening cock. Ginny flicked her other nipple and then Mmmm'd in acknowledgement to the taste of Hermione's sweat mixed with Harry's cum.

Ginny whispered to her friend, "You have a little something on the corner of your mouth, right here." She finished pointing to the corner of her own mouth. "Do you want me to get that too?" Ginny's question this time was a little more scared than she had acted mere moments ago. Hermione reached up and gathered the goo onto her fingers, and sucked it off savoring every last drop. Why oh Why couldn't Ron taste like this?

"You two are going to kill me one of these days," Harry said with a giggle that reminded her all too much of his mental break days before. "So, how long til dinner?" He asked out of the blue.

"Um, about 10 minutes..." Hermione said looking him with concern. "Are you alright Harry?"

"I just watched my beautiful girlfriend, lick my cum, off of my equally beautiful best friend. Yeah, I don't think I can get any better!" He began giggling again.

Ginny looked between the two and walked over to the bed. She pulled Harry to her and spooned against his back. She looked up and motioned Hermione to join them, and the girl lay in front of him looking into his slightly wild eyes. "Harry, are you repressing again?" Ginny asked him.

Harry had to think about it for a moment, which was getting much harder with a naked Hermione breathing the scent of his spunk into his face. "Um, maybe?" He asked.

"Harry, you know that isn't good for you. Can you center yourself and tell us what is wrong so we can talk you through it?" Hermione asked him. He nodded and closed his eyes. Hermione watched him struggle for a few moments between calm and giggling before his face went slack. A minute later he opened his eyes and looked at Hermione with enough emotion to make her want to run screaming. Tears began dribbling on to his pillow even as he tried to control his breathing.

Ginny hugged him closer. "Harry, please?" He nodded and took a deep breath.

"Hermione, I can't keep doing this. I respect you, and I respect Ron too much to carry on with his girlfriend like this. What he have had was wonderful but even the niggling bit of guilt I am feeling has been building up. Watching you with Ginny just now was the most erotic thing I have ever and probably will ever see. But you belong to him, and I won't be the cause of a breakup between you two." He said, his tears began to taper off now that he got it off his chest.

"Harry I told you not to change for me." Ginny said from behind him and he shook his head.

"I'm not changing anything, I'm just asking Hermione for a little space." He countered before looking into the dark brown eyes of the girl in front of him.

"Harry I just finished my talk with Ron, I told him nearly everything, and after a bit of thinking he told me I could shag you if I wanted and he would still want me." She told him blushing. "Of course he asked me to refrain from doing that." She looked back up at him expecting everything to be OK again but his eyes hadn't changed much.

He took a deep breath. "Ron is an idiot." He said firmly. "Honestly, if I had a choice between losing you or sharing you with Ron I would share you too." He stated. "But, I hope Ron is a better man than that, and would not force someone to choose. Just like I wont." He finished and closed his eyes to think.

Hermione put a hand on his face and kissed him quickly on the lips. "Harry, you are the sweetest guy I know and Ginny is lucky to have you. But like you said the cats out of the bag. So I don't plan on changing the way I act. I will try to give you two your space but I can't guarantee accidents and little incidents wont happen. You are too important to me to drop you like that." She finished.

He nodded before opening his eyes. "Plus there is the whole oath you stupidly gave him. You are practically required to watch us pleasure each other and get none of the benefits." He said, she scooted closer to him and draped an arm over him and Ginny. She felt his hardness press between her legs and brush the top of her pussy. She bit her lip before speaking again.

"You're my best friend Harry, I love you like a brother, maybe even more. I will do whatever it takes to help you fulfill your destiny. I want you and Ginny to be very happy together, and I really do want things to work out with Ronald." She whispered.

Ginny decided to lighten the mood. "Alright then you two, quit with the sappy stuff, you're only making it harder." She demonstrated her point by sliding her hand down to his cock and squeezing. Noticing how close Hermione was she accidentally brushed her fingertips over the other girl's wet sex.

Hermione tried desperately to pretend Ginny had not just touched her, she was certain it was an accident. "You know, this is really comfy. I could get used to this." Ginny nodded behind him.

"Well if I want to sleep with my boyfriend you don't have much choice unless you sleep on the floor." Harry groaned.

"I feel better knowing that Ron knows, but I really don't know how I am going to handle this." He rolled over toward his girlfriend, feeling his cock push against Hermione's slit before his cock sprung back and slapped his stomach. He groaned again, and then kissed the girl now in his arms.

"No more happy accidents, or at least, only happy accidents. I can't keep up exactly like we were before." He said to her. Over his shoulder he said. "I will still give you those hugs and listen to you complain about the git, but I am going to ask you to at least put knickers on first." He looked back at Ginny. "I would love for you to sleep with me, but I am not forcing Hermione to sleep on the floor. That means we are going to have to put some clothes on before bed. Ginny shook her head furiously.

"Hermione and I have gotten used to sleeping naked, I know I can't stand to wear anything, I feel like I am being strangled even just in knickers." She told him. "You will just have to control yourself." She said poking his nose with a finger.

"You know It's not that simple." He said in defeat.

Both girls pulled him into a three-way hug. Ginny was the first to speak again. "Fine, I don't mind cleaning her up afterward." She said with a grin. Hermione moaned on his other side.

"You really are insatiable aren't you?" Hermione asked the room. They both nodded laughing at each other. She felt a little left out but was happy they had reached a compromise.

"This whole thing would be so much easier if Ron would just come up here and learn Occlumency." Harry said.

He felt Hermione nod into his back but Ginny exclaimed, "Are you nuts? You think I want to run around starkers with my brother? Or watch those two go at it?" She asked seriously, but her eyes betrayed her tone.

Hermione however was completely serious. "He told me his only condition was that I never ask him to join us again. He said pretty much the same thing about you two." She told them.

There was a long silence, which Harry finally broke. "You Gin, are stubborn and Ron is an idiot." He repeated his earlier statement.

There was a knock on the door and they all froze with wide eyes. "Dinner be ready Harry and ladies." They heard Dobby call.

"Thank you Dobby, we will be down shortly!" Harry called and they quickly collapsed into giggles. "No time to wash up though, I just hope Moony isn't here tonight." He said, and both girls looked at him for an explanation. "Werewolf senses." He said tapping his nose.

Hermione was the first one to understand. "Oh my gods Harry! You mean he could smell you on us this morning?"

Harry nodded and gasped between laughs. "He tried to give me the talk today and I told him there was nothing going on between you and I Hermione. How am I doing to explain you smelling like I just came all over you?" He asked. "What he could smell this morning was even after we showered. He broke down into giggles once more.

Hermione blushed all the way down and buried her face in his shoulder. "This would all be so much simpler if we were all shagging. People would believe that more than the truth." She said.

Ginny rolled away from the two and popped out of bed. "Well I guess we can chance it, or we can quickly take separate showers. I call my bathroom. And she darted away through the passage. Harry rolled over and looked at Hermione suddenly very nervous, what with being naked in bed with her and all alone.

"Uh do you want the shower first?" He asked.

"No time." She said breathily, feeling her heart about to beat through her chest.

"Share then?" He asked nervously.

She nodded as she began to get up. "Do you think she planned this on purpose?" She said as she walked toward the bathroom.

"I would bet money on it, the devious little minx." He said following her into the bathroom. "It's bad enough your trying to kill me, but at least with you it would be an accident!" He said. "That woman is going to be the death of me all in the name of a sexually charged prank!"

Hermione blushed but started the water and stepped into the glass enclosure, Harry stared for a moment as the water began to run down her nude form. "Come on Harry I wont bite unless you ask me to."

"Alright I take it back, it's a conspiracy and you are trying to off me before Voldie can." He said but slid into the shower with her anyway and began trying to rinse away all traces of the girls.

Hermione turned her back to him and pulled her hair over her shoulder revealing the entirety of her naked back and bum to him. "Harry, do you think I can get one of those happy accidents?" She asked him seductively. In a very manly response he opened the door and ran into the closet shouting over his shoulder. "Bleeding Bloody Hell, I would rather die by sexy witches than an AK, but not today!


Feeling much refreshed from their showers they were quickly dressed and standing at the secret panel which led to the servants stairs. Hermione leaned over to Ginny and sniffed lightly. "I don't smell anything, you?" She said raising her hair off her shoulders. Ginny leaned in and took a deep breath.

"Only vanilla as far as I can tell." She said.

They both turned to Harry and lifted the hair from their shoulders, exposing their jugular veins and making him long to mark them as his. "That's quite alright, I trust your noses just fine." He gulped.

They headed down one flight and looked to see if Ron was in his room. They found him sitting at his desk with a color wheel and a book on room design he had picked up at Harrods. "Hey Mate, I'm surprised you aren't already downstairs." Harry said as Hermione leaned in and kissed him hard on the lips. He deepened the kiss for a brief second and she joined him before pulling back.

Ron noted that they all had wet hair and his face got dark. "Needed a shower before dinner?" He asked trying not to show his true emotions.

Harry thought quickly, "It was a long day, and you didn't have to try on every piece of clothing in the store." He said.

"Right," Ron said getting up. "Well the food is going to get cold if we don't get there." He walked out of the room without looking back. Harry looked over at Hermione with guilt in his eyes. She closed the distance and kissed him on the cheek.

"Ron has always been a prat, but he was sincere in what he told me earlier. Did you feel guilty fourth year when he was mad at you for months?" She asked him. To her surprise he nodded.

"I was mad at him, but I still felt guilty." He shrugged.

"Oi, if you guys are gonna start meditating go back to your own room." Ron called from the hallway.

"We are going to talk about this later Harry. You had no reason to feel guilty at the time and you should not allow other people to make you feel guilty." She said and walked out of the room. He shared a look with Ginny but she shrugged and walked to the door. Stopping and holding her hand out to him. He sighed and took it and they headed down to the kitchen.

Winky gave them the evil eye and pointed to the dining room, giggling they complied and soon dinner was served. Thankfully Remus was absent from dinner this evening. The conversation stayed light and Harry forgot his troubles for the time being. Thanking Molly and Winky profusely they all parted ways in a great mood. Hermione whispered something to Ginny who practically dragged him up the stairs, the made it all the way to the top floor before he caught that Hermione was going to spend some time with Ron leaving them alone to explore each other. They quickly divested each other of their clothing and made their way over to the bed giggling.


Hermione got up casually from the table and leaned into whisper in Ginny's ear. "I think Ron needs some one on one time, I can only guarantee you two half an hour or so." The redhead nodded and quickly dragged a confused Harry up the stairs. Ron looked at her strangely before she licked her lips. Comprehension dawned in his eyes, which quickly narrowed as he closed the distance between them. "My room then?" He asked her.

She nodded, partially enjoying his take-charge attitude, but the slight annoyance was beating it out by a large margin. She forced him to walk calmly through the kitchen past Molly who was arguing that the elves should let her help clean up. They waved to her as they headed up the stairs.

Once in Ron's room with the door securely locked Hermione threw her clothes off and stood in front of him in only her knickers. "Ronald, what have I told you about letting me take the lead?" She asked him with narrowed eyes.

His eyes widened at the sudden change in his girlfriend, but his cock responded. "Uh.. to let you do it?" He asked, and she smiled and nodded.

"You are wearing too many clothes." She stated and crossed her arms over her breasts.

He quickly divested himself of everything but his boxers and stood before her looking a bit scared at the sudden acceleration of their relationship. "You," She spoke to him like he was a bad little boy. "Are giving Harry a guilt trip, and I am not going to let it happen." She said as she turned him and pushed him onto the bed. "Harry is going crazy with the guilt over his relationship with me," She uncrossed her arms and ran her hands up her sides seductively and pinned him with a glare. "Harry means the world to me Ronald, I do not want my relationship with him to change, but I want my relationship with you to work. So you are going to compromise. Harry called you an idiot, and I agree but for different reasons."

Ron opened his mouth to argue when he heard that they were talking about him behind his back. "Hush." She said and placed a finger on his lips. Her other hand drifted down her stomach and into her knickers. She slowly began working her fingers beneath the material as he watched breathless and begging to touch her. But when he raised his hands she pulled her hand away from his lips and shook it in his face.

"Ron, I really want this to work. I want to fall in love with you, and make love with you one day. But Harry is, I don't know what he is but he will always come first." She said trying not to giggle at the mental image. She closed her eyes and her hand began it's dance in her knickers again as her other hand went to twist and pick her nipples. " to understand.." She began breathlessly. "He comes first, but I want to.. Mmmm.. I don't want to lose you...along the way." She said and bit her lip to keep from screaming as a minor orgasm rocked through her. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

He was nearly drooling and his eyes were glued to her now damp knickers and she withdrew her fingers. She sucked one of them then placed the other in his mouth. He moaned and didn't want to let her finger go. "Can you live with that?" She asked him. He only nodded in response.

"So you are going to tell Harry to stop feeling guilty. That you understand we have a complex relationship, and that you are just happy that I am happy?" She asked him as her hand fell onto his erection. He squeaked but nodded. "Trust is an interesting thing Ron. The more you give me, the more I am likely to give you. Maybe it isn't fair, but anyone that I date is just going to have to live with the fact that I love Harry bloody Potter." She stopped suddenly her eyes wide.

He looked down at her hand where it had stopped caressing him through his boxers and then back up to her face with still held a hint of shock at what she had just said. He had to think quickly to remember her words. "Wait, your in love with him?" He asked. He was half afraid to lose her, and half afraid she would stop in the middle of whatever they were about to do.

"I.. I love him Ron, but I'm not in love with him. That requires both parties to agree." She stammered out. He bucked his hips to remind her where her hand was. She looked down and a lusty gleam came back into her eyes as she licked her lips. "Does that excite you or something?" She asked him curiously.

"I think it's more like jealousy but I am channeling it." He said. "Does it bother you that I don't care if you fuck him as long as you're fucking me?" He asked.

His rude language ruined the mood for her. "Ron language please, no it doesn't bother me but it does make me question where our relationship is going." She responded.

His answer to her question was to buck his hips again. "Alright loverboy. Just so you know I have not touched him like this on purpose. There have been a lot of accidents but for the most part all he does is frustrate me." She said as she slowly pulled the band of his boxers over his erection. As it sprung free he let out a moan.

"Bloody fantastic, as long as I benefit from your frustration I don't give a damn." He said as she licked the tip of his cock.

He was uncircumcised, so she had to pull the foreskin back to reveal the head of his cock. She licked it tentatively and again wondered why he tasted off. "For the record, if you expect me to do anything but handle you, you are going to keep this clean." She said to him as she began pumping. "And I am putting you on a special diet which will improve the taste of your semen." She added as an afterthought. Hoping that less meat and more fruit would sweeten him just a little.

He just nodded and groaned. He watched in fascination as the skin stretched and retracted over the head of his member. And enjoyed the sounds he was making. Before long she was treated to a long stream of his spunk arching into the air. Thankfully she had directed his cock and the angle landed all of it on his chest. She didn't want to taste him again, but wanted to feel his cum on her chest like Harry had done to Ginny. She quickly straddled his cock and placed it against her slit through the material of her knickers.

She ran her nipples over his bare chest, savoring the feeling of the warm sticky substance clinging to her and his chest hair tickling her. She then pressed herself against him and slid up toward his face and kissed him as she rocked her self against him. He kissed her back still stunned at the sudden turn of events and felt the wet material sliding across his hard-on. She ground her hips into his and panted into his ear as she came again atop him. Then she lay there slowly regaining her composure.

He was afraid to say anything that might break the mood, so he just lay there with a naked witch on top of him. And he stared up at the ceiling. He would try to make her love him, and she would forget about Harry one day. She said she hadn't done any of this with him and he took her at her word. His mind began to wander as he wondered if that meant she had seen Harry do that to his sister. He frowned.

He tried to squash the feeling, he knew he was being a hypocrite. But she was his little sister damn it! Maybe he should write a letter to Bill. Hermione stirred and sat up. Ron rather enjoyed the view of his girlfriend covered in his juices. He would accept damn near anything as long as she did that to him. "Uhg, I think I better shower before I head off to bed." She said to the room.

He watched as she got up and headed for his bathroom, and he made to get up to join her, after all he was covered as well. "Where do you think your going?" She asked him.

"Uh, to take a shower with you?" He said. She shook her head sadly and looked at him.

"That isn't a good idea Ron. I know what's running through your head right now and I am not ready for half of it. I really enjoyed that, and I plan to do it again if you're good. But you need to let me set the pace or I get uncomfortable." She walked back toward him and wrapped her arms around his neck and spoke into his chest. "I don't mean to be a tease Ron, you just have to be patient with me." He nodded into her hair and returned the hug, enjoying the feeling of having her pressed against him again. "I'll be quick, I just need to rinse." She said as she disappeared through the door, and he heard the lock slide into place.

He staggered back to the bed and tried to seriously consider what the hell he was doing. It was obvious to him that his girlfriend was crushing bad on his best mate. His best mate who she spent half the day naked with. His best mate who spent half the day naked with his baby sister. Yeah, he needed to call in the Weasley boys on this one. If they beat Harry to a bloody pulp then he couldn't be blamed and Hermione would see how pathetic he was.

Not to get him wrong. He loved the guy like one of his brothers, but he would beat the rest of his brothers to a pulp if they touched Ginny as well. He told Harry he would be there for him to fight the Head Snake and he would keep that promise. But family came first. He didn't want the guy dead, just away from his bloody girlfriend and his baby sister.

He glared up at the ceiling. The hardest part was he had promised her he would tell Harry it was all-good. That he wanted Hermione happy, which was true, but he wanted her to himself. He had to look his mate in the eye, No! Hadn't he heard them say he was studying Legilimency now? Right then, he would need to look at his left ear, from across the room, and tell him everything was fine.

He thought back to a joke Seamus had told one night in fourth year when Ron was avoiding Harry.

"Hey, what's the diff 'tween a Bitch and a Slut?" Seamus asked him. Ron just looked at him wondering if he should be offended.

"I dunno mate, what's the difference?" Ron asked.

"A Slut'll sleep with everyone, a Bitch sleeps with everyone 'ceptin you!" Seamus finished with a laugh.

He was interrupted from his memory when Hermione walked back in to the room. She put her shirt back on and tucked her bra into her pocket. She leaned over him where he lay on the bed and kissed him. It was a long sensual kiss that was full of promise. "Ron you really are an amazing guy. Thank you for being so understanding and patient with me." She whispered. "I'll see you at breakfast alright?" She asked him. He nodded and tried to wipe the silly smile she put on his face with that kiss.

Hermione unlocked the door and quickly exited the room. He got up and headed into the shower thinking to himself. "I could care less if she is a Slut, as long as she is My Slut!" Grinning he pulled the shower curtain and washed the evidence of their activities down the drain.


Harry and Ginny lay in his bed basking in the afterglow of a quick session of pleasuring each other. They had done most of their talking before and during and were enjoying a comfortable silence now. Ginny did not bring up his lingering guilt over Hermione knowing the other girl was already planning on it. No they had spoken again about feelings and reaffirmed that they were just enjoying each others company for the time being. It had occurred to Ginny that this was her OWL year and she doubted she would have time to devote to him as a full time girlfriend. But reminded him she might still find him to relieve stress. He quickly agreed to that and remembering the craziness of last year, Umbridge aside, readily agreed that they would probably break off their relationship when the school year began. Even if they were still Special Friends.

He got up and dragged her into the shower with him where she enjoyed him washing her hair. He also had washed the rest of her rather thoroughly. Leaving her breathless more than once as she nearly fainted from pleasure. She had then taken him in her mouth and was quickly getting better at fitting more of his member into her mouth, and catching more of his seed as he exploded into her eager orifice.

She really wondered what it was that made him taste so good when all she heard from the girls in the dorm was that it was an interesting, and even erotic flavor, but definitely not good. She had heard something from them about diet affecting taste and even heard a rumor that there were books in the Library on the subject if you knew where to look. She bet Hermione knew, she wondered if she had already memorized them.

She dragged her summer boyfriend back to bed and just cuddled with him. They didn't say anything just enjoyed each other's company. The urge to have hours and hours of mind-blowing orgasms was beginning to fade a bit to be replaced by contentment at just being together. As they lay there Hermione came into the room and quickly stripping out of her clothing, joined them in the bed.

"Sorry to interrupt guys, but the oath is still in effect. She said as Ginny rolled Harry onto his back, Hermione quickly claimed his other shoulder and sighed in contentment as the three lay together. "I talked to Ron again, I think he knows absolutely everything now, and told me he could care less as long as he benefits from my frustration." She said quickly before she could lose her nerve.

"What do you men your frustration?" Harry asked the ceiling in the dark.

"I mean, besides touching myself, and watching the two of you go at it, I do not give nor get any direct stimulation from you two. So I sort of take it out on him." She said and he felt her blush. Understanding dawned on him, but Ginny voiced what he was thinking.

"No bloody wonder he can tell you with a straight face it's ok. Honestly Mione, if we didn't have the weird three way thing going on do you think you would have done half of what you have done with him?" She asked. Harry tried not to listen, not wanting to think of Ron doing the things to Hermione that he was doing to Ginny.

"No, I suppose not." Hermione said. "But now that my inhibitions have been breached, I could really give a damn. I am the one setting the pace in our relationship and he is fine with it. I actually wonder if he has a bit of a submissive side the way he looks at me when I order him around." She giggled.

"Wait! My meek little bookwork is Mistress Hermione after all?" Harry asked.

"I am going to kill Tonks!" Hermione stated and made to get up, just in case the Metamorph was still downstairs.

"No no no, Mione I got a flash from her at Dinner, I explained to Ginny earlier I am pretty sure I am a Natural Legilimens." He said as he wrapped his arm around her and kept her from getting up. "Her shields are Auror level but her surface thoughts were screaming at me as she eyed you and Ron at the table." He finished explaining.

Ginny nodded and looked across Harry's chest at the older girl. "He doesn't need eye contact either Mione, He played me like a fiddle earlier, he knew what I wanted before I knew!" She exclaimed and began giggling.

"You lucky Bitch!" Hermione said and then covered her mouth with her hand.

"Language Hermione!" Harry and Ginny said in unison with no emotion at all. She blushed prettily.

Harry was enjoying the banter, but he quickly examined both of the girls Occlumency Shields and decided it was time. He sobered quickly.

"I think it's time to tell you." He said to the crack in the ceiling. Afraid he was about to lose both of them when they found out what he had to do. And what his life would consist of.

"You mean the Prophecy?" Hermione asked quietly. He nodded and felt Ginny take a sharp breath.

"There is no easy way to say it, so I will just tell you and let Hermione pick it apart." They both nodded.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies..."

He waited in silence as they took it in. Ginny was the first to speak.

"Alright, piece by piece. Born to those who have thrice defied him?" She said. Hermione nodded in agreement, she didn't have enough information to understand that bit yet.

"My parents fought Voldemort on three separate occasions and escaped with their lives. Only one other couple did that" He said.

"Who's that?" Hermione asked.

"Frank and Alice Longbottom." Ginny gasped.

"When is Neville's Birthday?" She said hoping they could avoid the prophecy, but dreading poor Neville dealing with it.

Hermione spoke up, leave it to her to have the birthdays for all of Gryffindor memorized. "July 30th." She said into the darkness.

Harry nodded, "And I was born on the 31st, Dumbledore thinks the prophecy could have applied to either of us except for one problem." He said waiting for them to make the connection. He found it really sexy to watch a smart woman think.

Hermione caught it. "Your scar!" She said in both awe and fear. "He marked you as his equal." Harry nodded and Ginny began crying knowing there was no way it didn't apply to him.

"Shhhh If's okay Gin, I have plenty of reasons to live, two of them are laying here with me." He said. She sniffed and tried to refocus her mind clinically rather than thinking of her boyfriend fighting that madman.

Hermione spoke again. "Working backwards, the power to vanquish, couldn't that mean you already fulfilled the prophecy as a baby?" She asked him. But he shook his head.

"I thought of that too, but the line doesn't say defeat it says vanquish, as in defeat for good. That means its not over yet." He said.

She sighed in defeat. "Alright moving on, neither can live while the other survives." She shuttered.

This was the point he had feared. "I have to kill him, or die trying." He said in defeat. Waiting for them to leave him.

"Harry we aren't going anywhere so you can relax your shoulders. I don't want you building up all that tension I just got rid of." Ginny said trying to lighten the mood.

"She's right Harry, I plan on following you in to hell if I have to. That man is a rabid dog and needs to be put down, I'm sorry it has to be you but it makes sense really." She said thinking aloud. "He killed your parents, you were planning to become and Auror to catch dark wizards before you knew about the prophecy. Can you honestly say you wouldn't have hunted him down eventually, and you know he would never consent to be sent to Azkaban." She finished her thought and he nodded.

Clinging to her one last hope Ginny focused on the last part. "What is the power he knows not?" She asked.

Hermione nodded in agreement and waited. "Dumbledore says its love, my mothers love protected me from his AK when I was a baby, and helped me kill Quirrelmort at the end of first year. My love for the Weasleys drove me into the Chamber of secrets to save Ginny from Tom and that ruddy great snake. And in the Department of Mysteries when Voldemort..." he began to cry as he relived the moment and the pain. "When he possessed me. I just wanted to die, He begged Dumbledore to kill me with him inside. I think he knew he might die then, but wanted to watch Dumbledore fall to his level and sacrifice me." The tears continued to fall and both girls squeezed him in a hug and Hermione kissed his tear stained cheek.

He thanked them by hugging them back, there wasn't much else he could do with his shoulder pinned to the mattress by the two witches. "As I was thinking of reasons not to just give in to him, I thought of my friends, I finally flashed on you Gin, and then Ron, and then Hermione. Dumbledore says my ability to love saved me. He said Voldemort is so steeped in anger and hatred that Love actually hurts him." He sniffed and wished he could wipe the tears off his cheeks. But if he couldn't be this open with these two then who could he show emotion around?

Hermione looked up at him. "So all you need is Love?" She asked.

He shrugged. "I have no idea what Love is. Dumbledore stuck me with the Dursley's who don't even know how to love each other. They spoil my cousin rotten and give him absolutely no discipline. I never learned what love was like until I met the Weasleys. I can see that you guys love each other, but I still have no idea what it feels like. I feel nice and warm inside when your mum hugs me, and I know when you and I are just laying here I feel content with the world. But is that love?" he asked facing the redhead wrapped around him.

"That's close Harry, but I don't know how to describe it to you. It's just a feeling of belonging, when I am with my family, even when I hate every last one of them sometimes, I still know that home is where I belong and I would still do anything for them." She said. "I wish I could help more." She began to sob into his chest, feeling helpless in the face of this revelation.

Hermione was livid. "That man has known the prophecy this entire time, he knows you have to face Voldemort again and has given you no extra training. He put you in a place where you could never learn how to love and then tells you that it's your greatest weapon?" She nearly shrieked into the darkness. "That man deserves to be sent to Azkaban for child abuse and accessory to attempted murder!" She finished in a huff.

Suddenly inspiration hit her. "But Ginny you love him right? You're going to teach him?" She asked grabbing the last thread that was keeping her from falling into depression.

Ginny sobbed even harder and Harry tightened his arm around her. He spoke for her when she shook her head and buried her head into his shoulder. "Hermione Gin and I have had this conversation more than once. We really like being with one another, but I have no clue about love, and she knows she has feelings for me but won't lie and tell me she is in love with me." Harry explained then turned and shushed the redhead. "Gin it's alright, you know we have had this talk already, I knew the prophecy when we were talking about it and I didn't break down just because you don't love me like that. Your still my special friend." He smiled down at her and heard her sobs turn into giggles.

"You better believe it mister, don't forget what I said about OWLs." She said and reached up to wipe the tears from her eyes. Then wiped his cheeks for him.

"Oh point of fact I plan to hold you to it." He said smiling. Hermione was a bit lost but figured she would get it out of the other girl eventually.

"Harry, I think dating is the best way for you to learn about love. Molly and Arthur love you like a son, but if you don't return the feelings completely by now you aren't going to learn that way. What are you two talking about, why did it sound like you were breaking up?" She asked looking horrified.

"It's her OWL year Hermione, would you want to worry about a full time boyfriend last year?" He asked her.

She thought for a moment. If Harry had been her full time boyfriend she might have relented, but she knew that with all the studying and lack of sleep, that adding the pressure of a relationship would have snapped her and landed her in the hospital wing like poor Hannah Abbot. "No I suppose not, but Harry your more important than any bloody tests!" She said giving Ginny a heated glare.

"Mione stop, forcing Ginny to put her life on hold is no way to teach me about love. From what I hear love is supposed to be selfless. I think I learn more by letting her go than holding on to her." He stated. Ginny lifted herself off the bed and pressed her lips to his trying to impress all of her feelings upon him.

"Thank you Harry, its saying things like that that make me want to love you someday." She said and ran her hand down his chest and rested it on his forever-hard cock. "In the meantime I am going to take advantage of you if you don't mind?" She said.

He just nodded and smiled stupidly. "Sounds like a plan then." He said.

"No." Hermione said out loud surprising herself. Harry and Ginny turned to look at her curiously.

"What do you mean No? If Gin wants to drag me into a broom closet for a quick pleasure session I am not going to say No." Harry said in confusion.

"That isn't what I meant. Harry you need to date as many women as possible on the off chance you either fall in love with or learn how to love from one of them." Hermione stated. "If you want to scratch her back in between dates I wont stop you though." She smiled when Ginny's face lit up.

"Oh, okay then." The redhead said from his other side. "We already made that agreement anyway. But just to be clear, Harry you are the only one I want for at least this year at school. But I want you to date other women, hell even shag them rotten. And next year if your available and we pick up where we left off, I plan to take advantage of everything you learned this year." She said and kissed him while squeezing his cock.

"Hey, none of that, Hermione is right here!" He groaned out.

"And?" Ginny looked at him for a good reason to stop. "Ron told her to enjoy herself and take it out on him. My brother may be an idiot, but as long as he is reaping the benefits it sounds like he doesn't care."

Hermione nodded enthusiastically, "That was almost word for word what he told me. Harry he knows I have feelings for you, he knows there is overt sexual activity going on up here, and he knows that I am trying to make my relationship with him work. So he wants me to enjoy myself with you, and then take it out on him. As much as I want my relationship with him to work, I am beginning to have doubts. But I am having almost as much fun with him as I am with you. Does that make you think I a am a slag?" She asked suddenly feeling afraid.

He squeezed her closer and kissed her on the lips surprising her. "You are anything but a slag Hermione. If I can accept that I am a sexual being. And that Gin wants to have a sexual relationship with me with no strings attached. Then I can accept that you like it when we drive you nuts and then take it out on Ron." He said and then smiled. "I still think Ron is an idiot for letting you get away with it. But I am done complaining about the benefits.

Ginny squeezed him again and he turned and kissed her passionately while holding Hermione tightly to his side. She began pumping his erection causing him to buck and making Hermione moan as she could feel the movement but couldn't tear her eyes away from the kiss. Ginny increased her pace and Hermione heard Harry moan into the other girl's mouth and with a final buck of his hips he came all over Hermione.

"Ginny you did that on purpose!" She said realizing that, as she had earlier to Ron, Ginny must have pointed Harry's cock in her direction.

"Maybe." She said mysteriously. "Guess I need to clean up my mess." And she moved over Harry and began licking the cum off of the other girl's belly. Harry groaned and pulled Ginny over to straddle his face and began sucking and licking her sopping cunt. Hermione finally gave up and reached between her legs and worked furiously at her tingling sex. It took her almost no time at all before she came in Harry's arms. Ginny's orgasm followed a few seconds later, and she turned and rolled back to her spot. Snuggling back into Harry's shoulder.

"I think I finally died and I am in Heaven." Harry said. The girls gave him twin kisses on the cheek and Ginny pulled the sheet up over top of them.

"Good night lover." Ginny said. But both Harry and Hermione wondered who exactly she meant. Soon they drifted off into a post orgasm sleep and none of them had ever slept better.

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