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Extreme sadness and extreme happiness. Aww. Warning: has a swear word. *gasp*

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For the past half an hour Guy had stood in front of the bathroom mirror, washing the sleep from his face, combing and combing his hair, and constantly adjusting his tie and the sleeves of his shirt. He paused for a moment and looked at himself, sighing. There were so many things he wanted to change about himself. He thought back to a time when he and Jack were on a boat trip on the Vans Warped Tour, when he had been in a profound mood…

‘Jack... What do people think of me?’
Jack, however, wasn’t feeling serious. ‘I don’t know,’ he giggled.
Guy sighed in defeat. ‘Yes… suppose I don’t know either.’

He looked back sadly into the mirror. ‘Bloody fool,’ he said aloud to himself. ‘She’ll never go for a man like you.’

Then all of a sudden, he had a change of heart.

‘You can do this,’ he urged his reflection. ‘You’re Guy Ripley! With the BBC World News! Come on!!! YES!!!’

He then realised he was being too loud. Looking around to check no one had seen his pep talk (Guy could be quite private with his emotions) he checked his watch. Oh no! It was 6:50pm! The show would be starting any minute! Grabbing his jacket and VIP pass (and retrieving his shoe from the bin) he slammed the door behind him and raced to the venue.

The Academy Is… were in full swing. The swelling guitar chords and the smooth voice of William Beckett were ringing through the packed venue. Behind the stage the members of Cobra Starship were eagerly awaiting their turn. Ryland poked his head round the door, too excited to wait.

‘It’s real hot in there, guys. Probably from body sweat. Not good,’ he grinned, as Mike Carden winked at him under his sweat-soaked fringe.

Soon the last song was up, and in the closing notes of LAX To O’Hare William ran the back of his hand along his forehead, and drained the last drops from his water bottle. Although it had been a great show he was quite dehydrated and was looking forward to a shower and a glass of wine. Happily announcing the turn of Cobra Starship, he followed his band mates off stage to see the next band take their place, high-fiving Ryland on the way.

No sooner had Cobra Starship gone through the stage doors than Guy had burst through the back doors, gasping for breath. William’s eyes grew wide, and he looked at his water bottle suspiciously, blinking. How on earth did that happen?! he thought to himself.


Guy’s eyes also grew wide.

‘W-William Beckett?! Oh! Oh, i-it’s such a pleasure! I’m…’

He stopped, noticing the look on William’s face, before it vanished and was replaced by a friendly smile. No way could that be Ryland, Bill thought. No, it’s just a look-a-like, just a coincidence. Just something I ate. Or drank, he thought again, tossing the ‘suspicious’ water bottle in the bin.

Guy approached nervously. He was really meeting William Beckett. They were really in the same room. He was REALLY in his presence. Him, Guy Ripley! For years he’d wanted to meet his idol, and now here he was. But was he really? Was it just a mirage? Guy panicked at this thought, and grabbed William’s arm just to make sure.

William recoiled at Guy’s touch. ‘It’s real! YOU’RE real!’ he exclaimed happily.

‘Yeah, how about that...’

There was an awkward silence. William suddenly yawned loudly, like he'd just been on a trek through the Sahara carrying the rest of the band on his back.

'Well, it's getting late, and I'm tired, so... I guess I'll see you around... Guy.'

'...Wait! Just a moment, William!' called Guy, bending down. But when he straightened back up, there was no one to be seen. He clutched his shoe and gave a sad sigh. Boy, had he blown that one. No Victoria around, and now an embarrassing attempt at meeting William.

Too disappointed to do anything else, he took a seat and opened a large bottle of Coca Cola, looking for and failing to find a glass. He shrugged and started to drink it down, as if it were medicine for his weary heart. Before too long the empty bottle fell to the floor, as Guy fell asleep on the threadbare sofa.

'Guy?... Hey, Guy?.... Come on, time to wake up...'

Guy. That was a familiar name. It was also kinda funny though, having a guy called Guy. Perhaps he had a buddy called Buddy. Wait... that voice was familiar too...

Guy opened his eyes some time later to find himself in his hotel room. How did I get here? he wondered groggily. He tried to sit up, but was instantly knocked back by a swimming feeling in his head. He was sure he wasn’t drunk, he hadn’t touched any alcohol… no, it must have been all the sugar in the Coke. Guy’s head fell wearily back on the pillow, and someone came into his line of sight. They had one of his shoes in their hand, and were staring at the sprawled writing. With a start Guy recognised her. It was Victoria.

‘Ah, so Sleeping Beauty’s awake, then?’

She came over and sat on the edge of the bed, smiling. There was a silence. It wasn’t too bad, though. Guy simply couldn’t speak for… well, he wasn’t sure why. He felt amazed, happy, distraught, embarrassed and sleepy all at once. Why me? he thought sadly, sighing. Why can’t SOMETHING go right for once?

Then slowly, Victoria shuffled closer to Guy. She pulled the quilt up and tucked it in around his neck. Her hair fell in his face as she fussed with the sheets, and he could faintly smell her perfume. Suddenly he felt truly, truly relaxed. And as he started to drift off to sleep once more (he’d never slept so much in one day before), he felt something on his face. It was soft, smooth, and slightly moist. Immediately everything felt better; the moon shone brighter, his headache was staring to fade away.

The kiss was interrupted for a moment as he felt Victoria move over for a moment, and the room went black. ‘Goodnight, Guy,’ she mumbled into his ear, wrapping an arm around him as he smiled into his sleep.

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