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A wistful apprentice is a useless apprentice, and so the sorceress made him a companion.

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Fareryniel – the legend of the sunflower

In a time long past, far to the East, lived an old sorceress and her young apprentice on an island far from the noisy towns and villages. There they practiced how to make potions and spells from the plentiful herbs and listening to the ancient wisdom of the Earth-bound spirits of the island. One day her young apprentice asked a question.

“Mistress, why do we live so far from the other people?”
“Why? Because the herbs here are bountiful and the spirits are generous and kind. We have little use for the other humans for they are nosy and stupid.”
“Could you not take another apprentice?”
“No. I teach one and one only. You should be grateful that I am teaching you at all.”
“I am!”
He shouted, indignant. But then he shook his head and started to say…

“It’s just…”
“Well then? Say it now, child! I am old, and I do not like to be kept waiting.”
“It gets so…lonely here. I’ve never even met anyone younger than you, Mistress.”
“You do not need to.”
He started to protest, but instead he sighed regretfully.

“As you wish, Mistress.”

After their discussion, he started to become listless, always looking out to the horizon. As if waiting. The sorceress grew worried. A dreaming apprentice was little use for her.
So, he was lonely, was he? Her old bones may not let her travel anymore, but she thinks she knows another way to solve his little dilemma.

So thinking, she set out to make a maiden for him to meet, one made from the most beautiful roses, clay and magic spells to keep him company. It took two moon cycles to finish, but when it was the results were a beautiful maiden. Her skin was tawny gold and smooth, her body full and curved enough to be beautiful. A full ebony carpet of hair fell to her knees, flowing gently with her graceful movements. Almond-shaped amber eyes were fringed with white velvet. Sparkling eyes and full lips curved to a gentle smile she says waves an enthusiastic welcome to the sorceress. The little maiden is named Fáreryniel, in old tongue for a bountiful meadow.

Beautiful as she was, she could not speak. But she was a good help to the apprentice, and listened very attentively to what he had to say.

There was something they had not thought of, however. She could only live so long as the full moon was in full. When the new moon came, she had gone as silently as she came. The young apprentice missed her terribly, and so made a flower the colour of her eyes and as bright as her smile.

And that is how the Sunflower came to be.
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