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I'm so sorry [as I'll state about a gazillion times in this note], but FicWad is a bitch and I want everybody to know what's going on.

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I'm so sorry. So, hugely, unbelievably sorry. And yes, I know, you all probably hate me for not updating anything. But here's the thing- it isn't my fault. FicWad has decided that it no longer likes me and therefore has decided that it no longer wants me to be a writer on it, because I can no longer access Genesis Redemption EVER and I can only access Angel like 1/3 of the time. And by that, I mean that it doesn't allow me to add chapters to existing stories- all I can do is add new ones. So it is for this reason that I'm going to need to end Redemption. Sad as this seriously makes me, it's really effing up my computer, and at this rate could end up crashing the entire thing. [Yes, it really is that bad- everytime I even attempt to add a new chapter, I need to restart the entire computer because it makes everything so slow.] I will, however, make every attempt to continue Angel, because that story is my precious baby. However, I'm still waiting on that chapter from Candyy, because she wrote part of it, but of course her sister dropped the laptop and now it's dead >.< But it'll be up AyyEssAyyPee, I promise.
Thank you so much for not completely ditching me, and as soon as everything's resolved I will start updating much more regularly. And again, I'm so, beyond, collossally, amazingly, gigantically, enormously, immensely, insurmountably sorry about all this shit.
Exx-oh-exx-oh, Albi
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