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Waiting to Die

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Post HBP Death; reward or punishment it's all in how you look at it

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Disclaimer: Not mine they belong to Rowling.

He stood at the edge of the forbidden forest just under the canopy, in the shadows. It was almost over. He gazed one last time on the castle, his home for most of his life, gone, he could never return. His dark gaze swept over the lawns, the scattered bodies, his peers, his students, his colleagues. He knew most of these bodies, the price was so high but it was almost over.

Potter had done it. The Dark Lord was dead, the mark already fading but the cost was so high. He'd expected to die, wanted to die and now he was just waiting.

He noticed the aurors had finally arrived now that the battle was over. He turned away his reason for staying alive was gone it was just existing, running until Potter found him. He knew Potter would find him he welcomed it. It was just a matter of time and it would be over.

"Going somewhere, Snape?" came the cold voice.

He turned to icy green eyes and pointed wand finally it was over.

"I was waiting for you Potter." Sneered the older man.

"Ready to die?"

"Yes," hissed out Snape. He sunk to his knees and dropped his wand to the ground. Black eyes riveted on the icy green, "Do it Potter."

Those green eyes widened then narrowed in anger.

"You think I won't? Just because you drop your wand? Because you go on your knees to me?" sneered Potter.

"No Potter, I'm counting on you being you're typical Gryffindor self and killing me." Snape came back.

Snape was unprepared for the snarled word, "Legimens!"

Potters mind slammed into his, he struggled to present his carefully constructed memories but Potter was ungodly strong, he had learned after all, and smashed right through, his shields fell and Potter found the truth, Potter ruthlessly rummaged through his memories, childhood, Hogwarts, the marauders, Lily, Malfoy, Voldemort and Dumbledore all of it and as Potter withdrew and he was left shuddering and shaking on the ground, Snape knew his last hope was gone. Potter would walk away, leave him lying there, call the aurors and Snape would live. It was the worst possible torture for him to be left alive. He knew Potter would show no mercy, would not let him die.

As Snapes senses came back he heard the words, softly almost gently.
"As usual Snape you're wrong about me. Avada Kedavra" and Severus Snape smiled.

A/N on ff net i had two different endings for this but i finally decide on one. :)
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