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The two sat in the diner, Sonny watching Raja sucking away on a plate of fries and a large milkshake. Sometimes, he wonder if being hanging out with her was worth it.

It sure did pay well sometimes; the jocks had become a lot nicer to him, but when she wasn't around, oh how they hurt him physically.

Sonny only knew why the boys liked her. She was female, petite, and flawless, but then again she was undenyingly beautiful. Her skin was the color of corkwood and her eyes a stunning grey. She had a mysterious air about her too.

But Sonny knew everything about Raja. She wasn't as flawless and mysterious as everyone thought she was. No matter how hard she tried, Raja was always in the middle of heaven and hell. After all, she wasn't even normal.

"Are you really trying to break the bank?" he teased, giving her a lazy grin.

She took her cotton sleeve and wiped her mouth, "Yup."

"I thought you were craving blood?"

"Ketchup and sugar is a good substitute," she replied, then downed the rest of her strawberry milkshake. "Speaking of the bank, are you going to the formal on Friday?"

"Not really," Sonny answered, playing with a strand of his long hair. He had wanted to, but he'd overheard Raja talking about how boring such an event would be and thought it wouldn't be right to force her to the suaree. Too much blood would be involved and he knew she'd been marked down for too many sins as it is. "I might just--"

"Shhh." Both grew silent as Raja listened for a distant tapping sound and caught a whiff of melted silver. Raja turned back to Sonny, her eyes wide. "We need to get out of here now."

"Wha--why?" The lights flickered off.
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