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The Fishie Story

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Basically, Axel and his two bestest friends, and a story of fish drowning. Be forwarned, hints of slash. Not too much that you can't ignore though. Enjoy!!!

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“My friends are the type of people who will spend hours trying to down a fish.”

“Zexion!” Zexion looked up from his desk, finding to no surprise his childish friend Axel.
“Yes Axel?” Axel started jumping up and down with the excitement of Zexion paying attention.
“Will you help me drown Demyx’s fish?” Being highly educated, Zexion realized he would not be able to down the fish. However, being the good friend he is, he decided to hear him out.
“So what’s your plan to murder this fish?”
“Well,” Axel’s face lit up as he continued, “first I’m going to kidnap him from Demyx’s night stand. Then, I’m going to fill up my sink with water, and hold him under till he drowns!”
“When exactly are you planning to do this? Don’t you think Demyx would notice his fish missing?”
“I’m gonna do it when he’s asleep!”
“Don’t you think he might wake up?”
“No! Demyx sleeps with music on!”
“So let me get this straight,” Zexion laid down his pencil to talk with his hands. “You’re going to sneak into Demyx’s room at night and steal his fish from his beside table, and then you’re going to drown it in your sink.
“Okay, I got your master plan but what do I have to do with it?”
“You’re gonna help me!” Axel clapped his hands together with enthusiasm.
“You think it takes two people to drown a fish?”
“You’re backup.”
“Um…okay. When is your master plan going to take place? And don’t say when Demyx is asleep.”
“But…but…when Demyx is asleep. Ha ha!”
Zexion face palmed and sighed. “What have I gotten myself into?”
“So you’ll help?”
“Yeah I’ll help,” Zexion said then softly muttered to himself “This should be interesting.”
“You really need to lay off the happy pills. Come back and get me when you want to start your plan.” Zexion said and turned back at his desk to continue working on what he’d been before the red head disturbed him.
“Okay!” Axel giggled and ran out of the room.
“Pyros,” Zexion chuckled to himself.

‘I hear music!” Axel thought to himself. As quietly as he could, he pushed open the door to Demyx’s bedroom. “Fish!” he whispered, “Where are you fish?” Finally seeing “Fish” on Demyx’s night stand where he had expected him, Axel grabbed the fish bowl and tip-toed back to the door.
Demyx rolled over in his sleep. “No, Riku…” he mumbled. Axel put a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing but didn’t leave. “Larxene, stop! No…don’t hurt him…” Demyx mumbled again. Barely holding back his laughs, Axel ran from the room.
Skidding to a stop outside Zexion’s room, Axel walked inside. “C’mon Zexy, let’s go drown a fish!” he said, holding the fish bowl in front of him.
Zexion sighed and stood up to follow Axel so that he could “help” drown the fish.
“So,” Axel said, “the plan is to fill my sink with water and hold the fish under till it drowns.” They were almost back to Axel’s bathroom. “Do you think we should use hot or cold water?”
“Cold, you want to drown it. Not burn it.”
“Oh yeah… I do like burning stuff. But not Demyx’s fish. He’d be mad at me.”
“You don’t think he’d be mad at you for trying to drown his fish?”
“Nope! Demyx likes water!”
“If you say so. Now go fill your sink with cold water.”
“Okay!” Axel said, handing him the fish bowl and going into the door Zexion assumed was his bathroom. Zexion heard water running and followed into the room. He saw Axel leaning over the sink with the water in his sink running.
“Um Axel. You have to put the plug down or it won’t hold any water.”
“Oh yeah…” Axel said, and plugged the sink.
“You honestly seem to get stupider the older you get,” Zexion muttered quietly.
“Hey!” I’m younger than you!”
“Not by much and I mean with you.”
“Hey Axel.”
“You might want to turn the sink off now.”
“Oh crap!” Axel yelled, as water poured over, soaking his hoses. He reached over and turned off the water.
“Get a towel and clean the water up,” Zexion said and began, putting the fish in the sink.
“Wait!” Axel yelled again.
“What now?”
“If you put Fish in now he’ll swim over the side.”
“That’s why I’m going to let some water out as I put water in. Have you ever heard of actually using your brain?”
“Yes…” Axel said, grabbing a towel from a closet.
“Have you ever tried using it?”
“Yeah… it hurt.”
“Of course it did.” Zexion finished dumping the water with the fish into the sink. Axel stood up, having finished soaking up the water.
“Is it time to drown Fish?”
“Yes, Axel.”
“Yay!” He yelled pushing up his sleeves to his elbows. “Um… Zexion?”
“What Axel?”
“How do you drown a fish?” Axel whined.
“What? Did you finally find out a flaw in your plan?”
“I don’t know how to drown a fish though… you’re the smart one.”
“Do you want to know the truth?”
“Maybe…” Someone laughed from the doorway. Zexion turned around and smiled seeing a certain blonde standing in the doorway.
“You can’t drown a fish Axel,” Demyx said.
“Why not?”
“Because it can breathe underwater. It does live in water after all.”
“That’s no fun,” Axel sighed.
“Now that you realized you’re a moron, can I have my fish back?”
“Okay…” He handed Zexion the empty fishbowl. “Hey Demyx, did you know you talk in you sleep?”
“Wait…what?!” he asked, glancing towards Zexion. His face paled. Zexion shrugged and looked at Axel curiously.
“Yeah, you were talking about that Riku guy and Larxene.”
“Oh. That’s all,” Demyx sighed. “That’s good.”
“Why were you dreaming about that?” Zexion questioned.
“More of a nightmare. I still can’t believe she did that to him.”
“Why does it matter so much?” Zexion muttered.
“Because it was horrible! I didn’t think even Larxene would stoop that low!”
“Well apparently she had the hots for the kid. It’s in the past. Just let it go.”
“Evidently I still have nightmares.”
“Come on Demyx. If you still have nightmares there’s something else to it. Axel was there and he doesn’t have nightmares.” Zexion told him.
“I was where?” Axel pitched in.
“In the room when Larxene… took advantage of Riku.”
“When Larxene raped Riku, Axel.” Demyx explained.
“I was there?”
“Apparently he was daydreaming or something,” Zexion said.
“Well, at least he wasn’t laughing like Namine.” Demyx pointed out.
“Well we all know that she’s creepy so it’s not a surprise.”
“And there’s a creepy doll…” Demyx sang.
“Who always follows you…” Axel joined in.
“She does have stalker tendencies doesn’t she?” Zexion commented.
“Yep. She kinda scares me.” Demyx muttered.
“So, who’s up for some Sitar Hero?” Axel asked.
“Me! Pick me!” Demyx yelled jumping up and down.
“You two are easy to satisfy, you realize that?”
“Will you come Zexion?” Demyx begged.
“No.” Zexion said quickly.
“Come on Zexion, I’ll let you do vocals.” Axel promised.
“Guys, really… I don’t want to today.”
“Please Zexion?” Demyx pleaded.
“Why do you want me to play so badly?”
“Because we need a drummer,” Axel whined.
“Why don’t you ask Roxas?”
“Cause Roxas has a crush on me and it’s WEIRD!” Axel complained.
“Where did you get that information?”
“Demyx,” Zexion looked to the blonde.
“Well he follows him around all the time, what other explanation is there?” Demyx defended.
“That he’s Axel’s friend. You and Axel both follow me around. I don’t assume you both have a crush on me.”
“Well maybe you should,” Axel pouted.
“Do you realize what you just said?” Zexion questioned. “If not then rethink what just came out of your mouth.”
Axel looked at Demyx. “Oops.”
“You really should think before you speak. Your mouth is going to get you into trouble someday.”
“More like it’ll get me in trouble,” Demyx muttered.
“I honestly don’t want to even know,” Zexion said.
Axel ran out of his bathroom then turned around to look at the two men still standing inside. “I’m going to go get Sitar Hero set up!” he sang. “When you guys are done you should come play!”
Demyx blushed as he watched Axel run down the hallway. “He’s not as daft as he seems, is he?”
“Not nearly,” Zexion answered him.
“I should go after him…” Demyx started.
“Yeah, I’ll take your fish back to your room and be down in a minute.”
“See ya Zex.”
“See you Demy.”
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