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Getting back through

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And DN says thank you Tifa for my dinner... stupid humans forgetting to feed me PFFT

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Tifa was already up the next morning and had set everything out for Rufus as she had gone to breakfast and to ask the kitchen manager for the scraps from last night. She had managed to get Dark Nation back to the jeep with the large bowl of random meats and vegetables and he had happily feasted on it waiting for his master. Tifa went and arranged their table with Ada who asked her about why she was with Rufus, she explained about going to see him to say that there was no way her friend/lover Cloud was joining SOLDIER and then said that really she didn't know why she bothered over Cloud anymore.

"Men... I will never get them." Ada chuckled and sat down as Leon grabbed what he wanted from the breakfast bar and joined them. "Where is your President?"

"He'll join us I am sure. He's had a pretty eventful day and I know he was tossing and turning last night. He's not used to being without his maids and bodyguards."

"Ah." Leon shrugged and looked to Ada. He knew the score but he was of the take-care-of-self club.

Rufus finally made it down and felt rotten that he had not managed to get fresh clothes. He sat down and grabbed the coffee and flipped his phone open pathetically hoping it would connect to home. He sighed and closed it down; he was missing Reno's whining and Tseng bossing people around. Tifa spotted he hadn't even got a clue about getting breakfast and went and pulled out a few bits before putting them in front of him. Rufus looked to her and smiled saying a thank you before drinking his coffee and then starting to work his way through the food. Leon and Ada made their plans with Tifa about getting to the car if they could or searching around the tunnel for clues.

"Okay let's see what clues we can find." Tifa said standing up and stretching. Rufus looked down trying to avoid watching her breasts as they moved. Leon knew that look and suppressed a laugh as he stood up and headed out to the van. Ada jumped when DN's large head poked out over the back of the jeep but she got in. Leon hopped in the back with Tifa so Rufus could see where they were going. The guy seemed to like being in control so he let him.

They got back to the tunnel and turned the headlights on driving through it with care. Rufus was praying his poor car was there but didn't hold out much hope. Leon watched the beams covering the area and then motioned Ada to stop as he spotted movement. A large black shadow moved along the wall and Rufus pulled his gun. He wasn't even sure it would help but he needed to feel useful. From the back seat Tifa readied herself for any attack that might happen. Leon slipped from the van and with a flash light he moved towards the fissure on the wall where the shadow had last been seen. Ada heard the groan around the bridge as it sounded like something above was bringing it down.

"Drive!" Leon shouted. "There's a hole you need to get out!" He readied himself to jump onto the passing jeep as Ada slammed her foot down and spared no thought as she aimed at the growing black hole. The tunnel was collapsing and she heard Rufus take a sharp breath expecting to collide with the tunnel wall. When they surfaced the other side it was a mountain that no one recognised and it was so bloody cold compared to where they had just been that they all shuddered and watched their breath in front of them.

"Where are we?" Ada wrapped her arms around her naked arms and shoulders. She really wasn't dressed for the cold.

"No idea." Rufus said as he removed his long coat and passed it to her without a second thought to himself. Tifa watched, he could be a real gent it seemed and she looked around but heard a familiar beep as Shinra's systems found the President. The phone began to ring and he flipped it open as Dark Nation slid weakly from the jeep. "Yes."

"President thank Holy you are safe. Do you need assistance?" Came the voice of Tseng relieved on the phone.

"I'd say we need someone to collect four of us plus DN. ETA?"

"We need to know your location." Tseng pointed out.

"I can see a town down there!" Tifa said her hand extending towards it in the distance.

"We're going to get into the town then I will find out what the situation is." Rufus told his Turk. "It's good to hear from you."

"You to sir." Tseng hung up.

Rufus moved behind Tifa as she led them down the mountainside. Leon moved behind them watching for signs of trouble as they were now, it would seem, on Rufus Shinra's turf. If he was the President then their job here would be the same as in their own world, to keep him from harm. Tifa pointed to a person in the background who seemed to be struggling to move up towards them. Leon watched the shambling figure and looked to Ada, it moved like something from the virus but neither of the residents they were with had mentioned them at all. Dark Nation bounded around the hillside coming back to his master each time.

"Sir I would like to ask you to get behind us." Ada said softly as she moved up with Tifa. "I think it was a person that was infected with a virus. It's no longer human Tifa." She levelled her gun and aimed. Leon stood in front of Rufus and watched her take her stance admiring her well formed curves as she did so. Tifa moved out of the way so that Ada could take her shot.

Instead of the creature collapsing it stumbled and moved forwards again. Tifa brought her fists up and ran forwards smashing one into the creatures face and jumping back. Leon watched her impressed with her strength as Ada aimed another shot at its head. Tifa took the hint when the bullet whizzed close to the things skull and with one last punch it collapsed.

They moved past the creature and slowly down into the town with appeared to have been left to ruins some years ago. Rufus hardly knew places unless it was Junon, Nibelheim or his own home town. He didn't see a point in personally visiting every where and if he was honest he had no time to do it anyway. Leon and Ada continued to move beside him as Tifa went ahead, she could look after herself well enough.
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