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The Rebellion

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This is a work in progress and although it takes place in the Codex Alera universe it is set apart from the time to which Jim Butcher refers. The rebellion is in full swing and the loyal lords d...

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As the troops surged toward the monstrous wall it shook at its base, dismantling and sinking into the ground to allow them safe passage. "This is our chance!" thought the general, "Charge!" he yelled, leading a group of horsemen at the line of troops. The troops saw the threat and took off at speed toward the town. The general's wing of cavalry was almost upon them when the earth itself shook and rose in spikes all along the base of what used to be atowering wall. The spikes clawed at the sky, growing in size as they got higher and higher, until the general's cavalry was impaled atop the giant wall.

"That should deter them," said the Rebel Guard's chief strategist as his lord lowered his hands and bent his own stream of light to view the carnage he had invoked.

"Yes, you are sure their leader was in that assault?" he asked, somewhat annoyed.

"Aye, my lord, they shouldn't bother us again for some time, our own Knights Aerisare running interception on any enemy troops they spot. It won't be long before we see word of their rout."

"Good, Dismis-"

"My lord, urgent news from the battlements." Cried a messenger as he landed from his wind stream.

"What is it?" questioned the Rebel Lord.

"The force that just attacked had other troops close by, they have revealed themselves."

"Good, get the men ready, we will give chase."

"That won't be necessary, my lord."

"Oh? And why is that?"

"The force is headed toward us, lord, they will be here soon."

"Did they see the fate of their first wave?"

"We cannot be sure, but they seem careless, it is doubtful they were able to see what transpired."

"Good, I rather like that technique. Dismissed." What that the messenger departed and the Rebel Lord awaited a signal before lowering the wall once more. The sheet scale of the enemy forces set him aback for a moment, but after the initial shock a smile met his face, the thought how many he could take out in one wave was nauseating. He quickly expanded the reach of the wall, thinning it out a bit in order to maximize damage upon its return from the ground.

He led the troops in a silent canter, approaching the former wall and ordering the infantry to fan out, covering as much space from left to right as he could. He then ordered his cavalry to retreat behind the infantry and take their respective positions. When they reached a safe distance from the edge of where the wall once stood he ordered the halt. His strongest Knights Terra sat atop their horses on the front line of each cavalry unit as he led the horsemen in a large series of circles, picking up speed as they went. As they made their last circle the central infantry parted to allow for the cavalry charge toward the town. As they went they formed a wedge with the strongest crafters on the outside, constantly building speed.

The force felt a tremble from beneath and used their momentum to carry them as they crafted through layers of earth beneath, shattering all other furycraft and forging a pathway for the slowly advancing infantry. A wall began to rise all around to either side, at first easy to deal with but growing in difficulty as its sheer size dwarfed the clearing. The wedge's tip grew as the strongest of the crafters were needed on the frontlines, and as they drew immense strength from the earth it began to show on their horses. The stone coursed through the their veins as they became the earth itself, preparing for the final charge.

With a burst of momentum and immense force, the foremost riders shattered through the furthest reaches of the wall, the debris crumbling and crushing a few. As its last trick the stone tried to prove an obstacle, the crafters merely made a ramp of the earth, degrading it as more passed until it was clear for the infantry.

Now with a clear carved path, the force charged through and emerged, with minimal casualties, on the other side. Having broken past the main defenses, the leader ordered a camp be established temporarily to rest up the crafters and prepare them for the next step of the mission.

The Rebel Lord yelled at his strategist, "How could this happen? You said they were leaderless!"

"They were, lord, I don't know what that was."

"It was brilliant,if I had strategists like that I wouldn't be in this situation."

Taking the hint the strategist responded, "Yes, my lord, of course. It will never happen again."

"It better not. Status report!"

"It appears the damage is extensive, lord, it has caused structural instability in most of the wall for many meters around the breach. When we inevitably crush them it could take weeks at maximum capacity to repair it all." Chimed in the senior engineer.

"Very well.Yes, when we inevitably crush will have all you need to exact repairs."
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