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So Sick and Tired of All the Needless Crying

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Gerard wants Frank, Frank wants Gerard, and Albi just wants to laugh at immature jokes. Everybody's happy.

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...Um, sorry 'bout that last chapter being so short and sucky and all. This was supposed to be attached to the end of that chapter [meaning Candyy's letter was supposed to end and then Gee's point of view was supposed to pick up right there], but this part didn't upload so I'm adding it as a separate chapter.
Sitting in the back seat of Albi's mother's purple PT Cruiser- which she must have stolen, because there's no way in HELL her mum willingly let her borrow it- and staring at Frank who was sitting beside me but laughing with Albi, I couldn't help but look back to the last time I'd felt anything like this. I'd been sixteen, and he'd been sitting right behind me when I dropped my pencil in math class like the extraordinarily coordinated person that I am. His name was Bert Mccracken, and we were going out for all of three days before I found out [from Trexx, of course, because she knows like everything] that he had a boyfriend already. But even though we'd only been going out for about half a week, I'd never cared for anybody in a romantic way more than I did Bert. And for about three months, I thought I'd never get over him. But then one day I found Candyy comforting a crying Albi, and, when I asked what was wrong, they, after many "nothing"'s and "just give us some time"'s, told me that it was breaking everybody's heart seeing how miserable I was. From that day on, I decided that friends came first ALWAYS and that never again in my life would I lose myself in a relationship, no matter how much I loved him.
That, of course, was before I saw Frank.
Really, what is it with me and love at first sight? God, I'm like fucking Cinderella. Only, you know, gay.
Seriously, though, it seems like the people I find myself the most deeply in love with are the ones for whom I fall upon first glance. Which really sucks, because most of the time But sitting there with Frank Iero, I wasn't thinking about gay or straight or Bert or heartbreak or how little chance I had that he would like me, even if he did like guys. All I was thinking about was that I was glad I met him, and that I was, strangely, suddenly really, really happy.


Gerard's looking at me.

A lot.

It's really noticeable.

I don't think he realizes that, though.

And in a sick and twisted way...I really like it.

I'm sorry, but really, can you blame me? He's FUCKING HOT, and I've always been prone to love at first sight. And I hate to use the word "love" so openly and liberally, but I've been in love before, and I assure you, I know what I'm feeling.

So sitting in the backseat of Albi's PT Cruiser [which, apparently, actually belongs to her mother, says she] and feeling Gerard staring at me, I can tell you honestly that I can't remember a time when I'd been happier.
"So Frankie," Albi piped, "you are gonna LOVE our friends. Seriously. Trexx is, like, theeee funniest person you'll ever meet, and Mikey is the sweetest thing, and Ray and Candyy are fucking geniuses, and Bob is just insanely cool." She grinned at her rearview mirror. "And of course, there's our amaaaazing Gerard, the most fabulous human being ever to walk the Earth."
Gerard jumped when he heard his name, snapping out of his apparent trance. "Wait, what? Who's walking the Earth?"
Albi's smirk made it apparent that she both knew that he'd been staring at me and was playing upon it. I bit my lip to keep from laughing.
"Well, I don't know what planet you've been on for the past ten minutes, but I was just telling Frankie what a fabulously awesome guy you are." She giggled.
"Oh, um..." Gerard obviously had no idea how to respond to that. "Um, thanks."
After a moment of silence, Albi burst out laughing. I followed immediately, leaving Gerard to look around uncomfortably and murmur, "What'd I do?"
He was really cute when he was confused, and I couldn't help but watch him. As soon as he caught my eye, however, we both looked away quickly.
"Okay, well," Albi said once the cackling had died down, "who's as excited as I am about the camping trip?"
"I am!" Gerard exclaimed, punching the air.
"What?" I asked, probably sounding like a big idiot. Which I am.
"The seniors get to take this huge-ass camping trip next month over Valentine's day weekend," Albi explained.
"It's basically just gonna be us partying and pitching tents," Gerard continued. When it fell silent as Albi and I- very maturely- tried not to laugh, Gerard sighed and clarified, "Pitching tents in the GROUND. Not our PANTS."
Shaking her head, Albi bit her lip to keep from howling with laughter, but she couldn't fight her own wide grin.
"Cool," I told him, trying not to make him feel weird about making a mistake like that. Though, judging by the way he'd said "that's what she said" in the school when Albi asked if he was coming, I would assume that jokes like that were common in their group and not at all embarassing. "How long is it?"
"Friday, Saturday and Sunday," Gerard responded. "It'll be FUCKIN' AWESOME."
I giggled. And it sounded gay.
Gerard, though, smiled an adorable shy grin at me when I did. From the corner of my eye, I could see Albi smiling at us through her rearview mirror. Apparently she had no problem with the fact that I was in love with her best friend.
Suddenly, I felt us stop. Breaking my gaze with Gerard, I looked out the window.
"Um, needless to say, we're here," Albi stated, climbing out. "This is my house. It's not anything special, but it's just this town."
I smiled. "Nah, my place sucks too," I told her and she chuckled.
"Yeah, well, welcome to Belleville," Gerard said grinning. Involuntarily, I smiled too. I can't help it- he's gorgeous. Fucking sue me.
"My mum'll be inside, so you can meet her. You may, unfortunately, also have to meet Lailee."
"Is that your sister?" I questioned.
Gerard nodded. "She may try to hurt you, so be warned."
This freaked me out slightly.
"Shut up, Gee," Albi said, rolling her eyes and smiling. "Don't worry, I'm the only person she ever tries to hurt except occasionally Candyy. Come on- let's go in and I'll introduce you."

Hope that didn't suck too badly. And sorry if it was boring, but I needed to give some information on where everybody stands in life right now before I can get into any serious plot- you know, crushes and parties and exams and whatever. [It is high school, after all.] So yeah. Thanks for reading, and again, I'm BE-YOND sorry for the delay. It won't happen again. Peace.
Exx-oh, Albi
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