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Ch. 7: You Take One Down, Kill it, It Drowns, 6 Black Plagues in the World

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The Black Parade searches for one of the 7 Black Plagues.

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Common question in the Black Parade: “What do we do now?”
Already asked. Still unanswered.
“Well, we need to find the Black Plagues.” Answered.
“Ok, where have we seen a Plague before?” Mikey said logically.
“Hospital,” Frank and Cassidy said together.
“Out by the old building.” Ray said.
“There might be one or two at the old Black Parade camp.” I said.
“That’s a good idea,” Cassidy smiled, “We should just wander, then?”
“Yeah, no point in keeping our shit here.” Frank agreed.
And with that, we began the quest for Plagues.
Old Building
BP Camp
I noticed Cassidy sitting on the floor when we were finishing packing. Her eyes were wide.
“You okay?” I asked. She looked up at me.
“The magic incident…on the mountain…” she trailed off.
“I thought you were over that.”
“No, I am… but… what if…”
“What if what? Spit it out, Cass.”
“What if one was there and that’s why my magic went screwy?”
“That’s…” My mind was numb.
“And what if it’s still there? With Mother War?” Her voice was slightly shaking.
“We’ll check.” I promised, “But it’s the furthest away, so it’ll be last.”
She nodded and I pulled her onto her feet and into a hug. She needed one with all the shit in her life-and afterlife.
We got going, to the hospital first.
“We were just on our way here two days ago,” Frank mentioned.
“Yeah,” Cass replied, “Death day certificates?” She whispered the last part.
“No,” Frank said, “That was a trap.”
Cass nodded solemnly.
“I have no fucking clue what you’re talking about.” I said.
“Same.” Ray and Mikey echoed.
“It’s nothing,” Cass sighed, “Just that Death Day certificates are utter crap.”
”Ohhkay…” I said warily.
We got to the hospital. I had remembered the pitiful state of the hospital, but this was disastrous. An inch of blood made the floor damp and red. Our boots sloshed, I looked at Frank and Cass quizzically.
“It wasn’t like this when we were here.” Cass shook her head.
“Looks like someone’s been killin’ some people.” Frank said cheerfully.
“Or the blood bank leaked.” Ray muttered.
“Blood banks don’t leak.” Mikey said.
“Whatever.” Cass said, bending over, sticking a finger in the red liquid and then putting that very finger in her mouth. “It’s definitely blood, though. Let’s hope our blood won’t mix with it.”
We walked down the dark halls, where one of two lights flickered like from some horror flick. We stopped at a room titled “Death Day Certificates.” I wondered why we’d stopped. We were following Frank and Cass because they’d been here recently. Hadn’t Frank said this was a trap?
”We want to fall into the trap.” Cass had said when I asked out loud. “How else are we going to get it to come out.”
”And Game.”
Frank turned the door handle, and we walked in. In the corner of the room was a nurse. I opened my mouth to say something to her, but Cass planted a hand over my mouth, making a “shh” motion. She took her hand off my mouth, looking around to make sure everyone saw they couldn’t say anything. She stepped forward, softly, and raised her hands. A little motion and yellow strings waved out. They were translucent, thinner than normal string. Each strand burst once the rest of the strand coiled on the nurse’s skin and dress. The result bursts were like golden fireworks. After each strand ended their performances, the woman turned to us, with a pale face. Well, a pale skull. Like that of a Black Plague. Blood dripped from it’s slit of a mouth.
The black pits that were eyes tensed into a glare. The bloody mouth turned up into a little mischievous smile. I turned to everyone else. Cass’s hands were brimming with magic. Frank looked determined. The rest of us were confused. ‘What the fuck?’ was a good summary of our expressions.
Our confusion was soon dissolved. The nurse’s body blew up. The only thing left was the white, bloody skull, and the smoke that resulted from the explosion. A Black Plague.
“This is how it happened before.” Cass hissed.
“Well, without the magic,” Frank corrected, “Before she just turned around and attacked.”
”Very true.”
But that was our last chance to speak. The Plague was sick of our chatting. It sent a black venomous lightning bolt straight as Cassidy. She lunged out of the way just in time. Another bolt came towards Mikey. I shoved him away.
“Goddammit!” I yelled, “You have the worst luck with this shit!”
“Hey!” he retorted, “I could’ve moved in time!”
Cassidy sent out a neon green stream of magic to the cloud of smoke. It made contact, and the skull contorted in pain as a shriek escaped its cold, hard mouth.
Before it could recover or react more, Cassidy’s arm was out forward, two fingers pointing out. Using her other arm to steady the pointed one, she turned to us.
“I hope this works.” She said.
Her arm pulsed like a gun, and a beautiful clear white ribbon of light flowed sharply from her pointed fingers.
The light flew around the Plague, wrapping around it compactly. It tightened around the Plague, its feathery ribbons still floating outward. The deadly magic still squeezed the Plague, pulling as much as it could.
Then, when it seemed like the light couldn’t pull anymore, it engulfed the Plague and exploded. The white disappeared and we saw the skull for the last time. Its shriek was that of a dying animal. The skull fell into a ton of pieces.
The pieces became translucent and shiny and showed a strong resemblance to human figures. Cassidy stepped closer to them, her eyes wide. I stood up with her, looking at the figures closer. Once I made out the features, my eyes widened, too. They were the souls that this Plague had killed. Members of the Black Parade, patients from the hospital. I looked at the dead members, and realized the rest of us had joined Cass and me were we stood. We all looked for Bob, but I suppose he wasn’t killed by this one. We looked that the other souls, speechless.
Then a little sound was heard, and it grew. It was Cassidy, singing the chorus of the Black Parade’s little anthem. Another soul, a girl with a tiny voice, who had been so quiet it became a running joke. But now she was speaking out. Better late than never. We all joined in, happy for victory, sad for the death of our friends. But, this was a happy time, so we were smiling as we sang.

We'll carry on,
And though you're dead and gone believe me
Your memory will carry on
We'll carry on
And though your broken and defeated
Your weary widow marches on

The souls left, one by one during the song. After the song, we stood there silently. Then Frank jumped onto Mikey’s back and yelled, “We did it!” We all laughed and cheered.
The count: 1 down, 6 to go.

I'm sorry. Typing my stories into the computer is a pain. I'll try to type them in more often. It's been like, what, 4 months? I'm sorry.
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