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This One's For Us

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This is a dedication for my love, you know who you are.

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Nestled betweens the covers, it’s just you and me, our minds far from the world outside our doors. We’ve been laying here together for what seems like hours, but has probably only been a half an hour at best. It’s not an unwanted, or unwelcome length of time, or a heavy, uncomfortable silence; it’s peaceful, welcome. We’re not trying to fall asleep, we’re only enjoying the close warmth of one another on this cold, February morning.

No words are needed, and no schedules need to be kept, all that matters is the two of us, enjoying this simple, blissful moment. I wish others could know this moment, that they could have their own version of what I have.

You make it possible for me to see once more what I haven’t seen for a long time in this, “Hallmark Holiday.”

Happy Valentine’s Day, my Cherished One.

[Author's Note: This came to me this morning, and I needed to write it, even though it could only be in our world.]
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