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The surprising conclusion!

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A/N: Just some things to wrap up here...

Chapter 7: Aftermath

While a majority of the people in the courtroom had to be moved to St. Mungo's after witnessing the horrifying events that Harry had forced into their minds, Snape took Neville and Luna back to Hogwarts. From there, the Potions Master returned to his own private quarters and decided to hold his own quiet "celebration" with his personal store of fire whiskey.

Snape was "celebrating" because for the past year, he endured all sorts of taunts and dislike from his fellow members of the Order of the Phoenix. Normally, he could endure dislike and antipathy, since he got it almost daily from most of the students at Hogwarts, except the dislike he received from the other Order members affected him differently; here they were being stupid by trying to imprison their Golden Boy Harry Potter as quickly as possible instead of trying to see if he may have been innocent first. That made them all hypocrites in Snape's eyes.

'About time they saw the errors in their ways,' Snape thought, enjoying his drink.

In the meantime...//

Harry went to Hogwarts and busted open the door to the dungeon where he knew his trunk was being kept (no one saw him because he crept through after casting a Disillusionment Charm on himself). If there was anything to thank Dumbledore for, it was for confiscating all his personal belongings before some idiotic "friends" could burn it all.

From there, he swiftly went up to the Owlery and was happily reunited with Hedwig, who screeched loudly upon seeing him before swooping down onto his shoulder.

Harry took out his Firebolt, and then shrunk his trunk so it could fit in his pocket. After that, he tied Hedwig's cage to the end of his broom in such a way that it wouldn't affect its balance while being used in flight. Once that was done, Hedwig hopped into her cage; she would fly on her own later.

From there, Harry flew out of the tower. He looked back one last time before leaving for good.

'Good-bye, Hogwarts,' he thought vindictively, 'and good riddance, too.'

The next morning...

The Wizarding world was in an uproar. Search parties and such looked high and low for their savior, desperate to apologize to him and find some sort of peace with him, in spite of how furiously Harry laid it out for them the previous night how angry he was with them.

The Hogwarts, the Ministry of Magic and the Order of the Phoenix were all in turmoil as they all bitterly remembered what they did to Harry and how he was angry with them in return. People also tried removing the horrifying images from their memories, except Harry's spell had been so powerful that Memory Charms didn't work.

That morning, Neville and Luna got both thank-you notes from Harry for believing in him, but they also carried the request that they not try to contact him. Furthermore, items had been deposited in their personal vaults; later, they would discover things that had been left for them as thank-you gifts from Harry, based on their own different interests.

Much to his own surprise, Snape got a message from Harry. Making sure no one else could see it and working very hard to make sure his facial emotions didn't give anything away, he returned to his private office to read it there.

Professor Snape,

Thank you for supporting me and helping me. I really appreciate being able to work with you.

Enclosed is something of a "gift," which I think is a better way to thank you than some flimsy 3 by 5 inch thank-you card. Make sure no one else sees it.

I hope your life is more peaceful, now that Riddle is gone for good.

Harry Potter

Snape felt something odd in his heart, something which he hadn't felt in years... but he just as quickly suppressed it.

Back in his private quarters, Snape found it was a map with instructions to Voldemort's private potions stores. The man's eyes went wide: Even he had no idea where it was, since the former Dark Lord gave Snape the correct amounts of potion ingredients when ordering him to make potions for him. Amounts of the rarest (and often most illegal) potions ingredients were among the treasure trove which Potter was revealing to him.

Attached was a note: I know where this is from some of the events I witnessed through Voldemort's eyes while I was in Azkaban. You might want to get to it first, before the Aurors do. Let's just say I'd trust you alone than the whole Ministry put together, since I'm sure they're still trying to weed out any traitors left among their ranks. -HP

Snape looked up, shocked by this act of kindness done for him by someone whom he had been nasty to for five straight years.

Regret was now also finding its way somewhere in his long-barricaded heart.

Snape tried to shake it all aside, but he couldn't.

Looking up and through a window that was letting some light into his otherwise dark domain, he whispered, "Thank you, Harry Potter. Your parents would have been proud."

The next month...

June gave way to July, and people were still looking for Harry Potter. Madame Bones, now Minister of Magic, juggled the reconstruction of the wizarding world, the rounding-up of remaining Death Eaters and other Voldemort supporters, and the searches for Harry Potter. Soon enough, the final priority came to an end with a shocking turn of events.

That day, Harry walked through Diagon Alley in a deceptive disguise (consisting of a hat, cloak with the collar turned up, and his normal glasses now acting as sunglasses), making his way to Gringotts. He allowed himself some amusement at the rumors flooding throughout the alley as he made his way to the big white bank.

For the past week, he had been setting up a home in the United States, and even now had his own bank account there, in a Muggle bank. His love for magic and the community which relied on it had been worn thin, and he knew that if he ever were to live in a magical community in any country, he would never far enough from those he never wanted to see ever again.

The goblins, only concerned in the best interests of their customers, had no problems with letting Harry maintain all the secrecy and confidentiality. Harry completely cleaned out his own personal vault (which now had the money he received from both Sirius' estate and reparations for his time in Azkaban), and gained entry to his family's own vault, which stored roughly 100 million Galleons. From there, he took 40 million and had the grand total of all 43.5 million Galleons transferred into American dollars, which were then transferred to the bank back across the ocean.

With business at Gringotts done, Harry made his way back out and to the Leaky Cauldron. Carefully meandering his way back through all the gossiping occupants, he nearly made it to the front door leading to the Muggle road when it happened.

"Harry!? Is that you?"

There was silence, instantly replaced by whispering. Turning around, he saw Tonks standing up from her seat, looking a little unsteady and disoriented (Harry could see a few empty butterbeer bottles at her table). He figured she must have been drinking away her sorrows or something.

Pretending to be an anonymous person being confused for someone else, he shrugged it off and continued to open the door. Unfortunately, Tonks persisted with, "I know that's you, Harry! I'm an expert on concealment and disguise! I can even see your scar under the hat!"

'Crud,' Harry mentally cursed.

Much to his surprise, Tonks got her wand out and began to utter the Impediment Jinx; she must have really wanted him not to get away.

Quicker than she could complete it, Harry transformed into a griffin and burst out the front door.

Since magical creatures were invisible to Muggles, he had no fear of being seen, and so he soared up through the air and away. He sped over London, and only when he flew beyond city limits did he feel he was safe and thus allow himself to fly at a more leisurely pace.

Sometime later...//

However, it was when he flew over a remote village did he encounter another problem.

With his enhanced hearing, Harry could hear people talking behind him.


Then he realized: People were trailing him on broomsticks!

Banking hard to the right, he could see several Aurors catching up to him on broomsticks.

'Trying to bring me back to Dumb-Old-Dork, huh?' Harry thought. 'I don't think so.'

With that, he dived.

The Aurors fanned out and dove after him. He could even hear their leader calling out, "Don't make this difficult for yourself, Mr. Potter! We have to bring you back, and if you're going to flee, then we have no choice but to go after you!"

'We'll see who makes this difficult for whom,' Harry thought.

He was now two hundred feet above a grassy green field... one hundred feet... fifty feet...

He leveled out at the last minute, his claws barely scuffing the grass. With that, he went up again, constantly going from side to side to avoid spells being thrown at him by his pursuers.

What ensued for the next several minutes was a crazy chase all across the sky as Harry tried to outmaneuver them and still be able to reach his destination before they could catch him. One Auror threw several Net Jinxes at Harry; a couple of them caught him, but Harry merely clawed himself back out. Two Aurors tried to flank him on either side, but by suddenly decreasing his speed, they overshot it and Harry fell behind them.

Finally seeing something he could use to his advantage, Harry dove low and into a forest he was approaching.

"He's out of his mind!" one Auror exclaimed. "I mean, I know he's the Boy Who Lived and everything, but this is /nuts/!"

"He's also getting away!" the leader called back. "Fly over the canopy; see if you can spot him! I doubt even he could get through without making a sound!"

Meanwhile, Harry was weaving through and around trees at breakneck speeds, his reflexes making sure he got through. It seemed to work for a minute or so until...

Harry suddenly flew straight into a net strung between two trees which he could have sworn wasn't there a split second before. The force of knocking into the net caused it to come off the trees and entrap him. As he hit the ground, he could feel that his body was now human again; something within the net itself must have undone any magic he was currently using.

From above, the Aurors cheered and whooped as they could see that they caught their quarry. They stopped, however, when they saw strange purple light shining through the canopy.

A moment later, an explosion occurred, sending purple sparks and flames everywhere. When it cleared, a crater twenty feet in diameter could be seen in the ground below.

As Order members Apparated near the site, they all noticed what looked like blood all over the ground and tree branches near the newly formed crater. When Dumbledore came to investigate, he took it all in and went deathly pale.

"Oh no," he whispered.

Across the //Atlantic Ocean//...//

Across the Atlantic Ocean, Harry reappeared in a flash of purple sparks inside his new apartment.

"Whoa," he said a little dizzily as he flopped onto his bed. "That was an interesting experience, to say the least..."

With that, he went back to setting up his new life, remembering his intentions of never returning to the Wizarding world ever again.

(End of Chapter 7.)


...for now.

A/N: So, how was this?


SnowyBlackOwl for beta-reading;

Kateydidnt and Krtshadow for inspiring me with their work; and

TheVelvetGhost for letting me borrow the concept of the genealogy.

Oh, and everything will be wrapped up soon... in the sequel/... /-Quillian
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