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uhm hey guys just read

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ALRIGHT!!!!! for one: i'm so so so soooooo sorry i havn't updated in a while. i'm grounded from my laptop and now i'm on the family computer, which AKA dosn't have my story on it, i'm jsut making this stupid thing up as i go. FOR TWO: i am currently wearing a sparkily(sp) top hat that is awesome as SHIITE! for three: the next chapter is going to be a good one in my eyes, but i havnt read it in a week, for being grounded. and for FOUR(wow i'm really ranting here) i need an idea for a valentines day chapter. so yeah if you read this IDC who the hell you are just leave a damn comment saying what you want the idea to be and I will TRY my freggin best to try to add all of the ideas into one package...


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