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Unlikely Allies

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Harry finds some unlikey allies in his stuggle against Voldemort

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There is Only Power

By Loralee

Disclaimer: I own nothing in the Potterverse

Chapter 2: Unlikely Allies

The ride to Privet Drive had been a mostly silent affair with Uncle Vernon huffing occasionally and Aunt Petunia tut-tuting when he did. The warm feelings he'd gotten from the show of people sending him off stayed with Harry for most of the way until he caught sight of Dudley eyeing him speculatively when he though Harry wasn't looking. That look worried Harry slightly the thought of Dudley plotting was not a comfortable one.

Dudley surprised Harry when they arrived at Privet Drive by helping him lift his trunk out of the boot and into the house. When uncle Vernon questioned Dudley about it Dudley mumbled something about maybe those people were watching and he thought he'd be nice to the freak. Then when Vernon turned away he winked at Harry. Dudley helped all the way up to the room Harry used. Dropped his end of the trunk looked around the room snorted and stomped out.

A short time later Petunia called Harry for dinner. Harry wasn't surprised to walk into an argument between Dudley and his mother over food but was shocked by the outcome.

"Mum I told you I'm on a diet. I have to eat certain food while training and these portions are way to big. Do you want me to stay fat?" Dudley was saying as Harry entered the kitchen. Dudley's plate was piled high with three chops, mounds of potatoes with gravy and two rolls dripping with butter. Harry said nothing and looked at his own plate that held one small chop, a couple of lumps of potato and a dry roll. He shook his head slightly and picked up his fork as the argument reached crescendo.

Fine you don't want this food wasted make Harry eat it." Yelled Dudley as he grabbed Harry's plate and slammed his own down in front of Harry. "This is the size portion I should have and look at him, how scrawny his is. The neighbors will talk for sure with him that skinny and puny looking. You should make him eat more so he looks healthy instead like some freaky concentration camp survivor."

Harry sat still in shock waiting to be either told to leave the table or to be forced to eat the huge pile of food. He thought it could go either way. Vernon huffed and turned purple then nodded for Harry to eat. While Petunia wailed about her baby starving himself. Dudley sat there with a smug look and when he caught Harry watching him winked once more.

Aunt Petunia had then given Harry a rather larger piece of pudding for afters though he noticed it was the exact same size at the one she gave Dudley. He was happy when he could retreat to his room after dinner.

Hedwig had arrived by that time. Harry had not wanted her locked in if Uncle Vernon had decided to lock Harry up this year. Harry petted Hedwig for a while and then sat down to write a very important letter.

Dear Madam Hopkirk

I am writing for clarification of the restrictions on under age magic. I realize that I am not allowed to use magic in the summer but I would like to know the exact wording of the restriction.

I have received warning notifications before though the first time was not me doing the magic it was a house-elf named Dobby, who currently works at Hogwarts and was trying to prevent me from returning to school, who did the hover charm.

Last summer I was cleared by the Wizengamot for casting the Patronus against Dementors in the presence of my muggle cousin who, by the way, already knows about magic.

What I would like to know is if I'm attacked can I defend myself and how do I prove that it was self-defense. Also is practicing making potions in the privacy of my home against the under age magic laws.

Is there any way to request a waiver to practice magic during the summer?

Thank you for your time.
Harry Potter

That should do it Harry thought. He hoped that the Hopkirk lady would write back. He'd send it off with Hedwig first thing in the morning.

Harry expanded one of his copied books Occlumency and Legimency: Fortifying Your Mind hoping that he could learn what he needed to before it was to late.

Breakfast the next morning was a repeat of dinner with Dudley slamming his brimming plate in front of Harry and demanding Harry 'eat the greasy stuff I shouldn't have' for him. Harry wasn't about to object to the extra food but was beginning to worry what Dudley might be up to.

Later that morning as Harry weed the back garden he became aware that Dudley was watching him. Harry expected to be tormented or have dirt kicked on him but Dudley did nothing and eventually left him alone. After a more normal sized lunch which Dudley did not show up for. Harry returned to his studies in his room this time with Freespelling: Wandless Magic for Beginners.

In the middle of the afternoon Harry heard Dudley return and tromp up the stairs. However Dudley's footsteps stopped outside Harry's door, Harry put down his book and stared at the door, which slowly opened. Dudley looked in.

"Um, hi Harry can I come in for a minute?" asked Dudley.

"Ok I guess, what do you want Dud?" Harry decided to at least try to be polite since he had gotten a couple of good meal because of Dudley.

"Oh well I wanted to ask you about those things. The ones from last summer, you know those dementy things." Said Dudley sitting down in the desk chair.

"Dementors, Dudley, what about them?" Asked a surprised Harry.

"Uh well, they uh they won't come back will they?" Dudley stammered slightly.

"I don't think so Dud, this bitch from the ministry sent them after me. I don't think she'll try it again though. They can't get into the house because of the wards, you know."

Dudley squinted slightly and Harry almost laughed at the thought that Dudley might hurt himself trying to think.

"Wards? What are wards? Things mum and dad would want to hear about?" ask Dudley after a moment.

"Uh yeah," said Harry, "Like magical fences that keep out the bad guys. I wouldn't want to mention them to your folks. The wards are supposed to be why I have to keep coming back here every year."

"Don't you know for sure? Don't they have those ward things other place that would be just as safe?" Ask Dudley.

"No these are supposed to be special based on my mum's blood and the fact she died to protect me. Umm Dumbledore said, 'As long as I can call the place where my mother's blood resides as home I will be safe'. Harry told him wondering where this talk was going.

"Well what does that mean your 'mothers blood'? Mum and me? That doesn't sound very good to me Harry we certainly don't treat you like this is your home. Are you sure your safe here?" Dudley's brows knit together in a worried frown.

Harry gaped at him, "Are you feeling alright Dud? You're acting awful funny. You aren't really worried about me are you? What are you up to?"

"Aw Harry I'm sorry, I'm going about this in the wrong way. I just wanted to apologize to you for all the bad things I done to you over the years. I've been seeing the school shrink this year, those dementor things really did a number on me. I've had nightmares and panic attacks and thought I was going out of my mind.
Course the shrink thinks I had an 'epiphany about my living conditions'." Dudley drew quotes in the air at those words and grinned.

"I couldn't really tell him I got scared by invisible evil demon things now could I? Or about why my parent treat you so terrible. He thinks that they were just afraid that you'd overshadow me so they kept you suppressed and spoiled me. The shrink said that both conditions are a form of child abuse and if we were still little he'd have a called child services but as we are both almost of age he said I should try help you and if I can't make my folks see reason, leave home as soon as I'm of age." Dudley smirked at Harry's gob smacked expression then continued to talk.

"Are you surprised that I'd take your side or that I know some big words and can actually complete an entire sentence?"

Harry could only nod for a moment and then managed to find his tongue.

"Who the hell are you and what have you done with my cousin?"

Dudley laughed, "Don't try to tell me you liked me better before, Potter or I'll have to punch your face in you little freak. Is that better /cousin/?" And he cracked his knuckles and smiled evilly.

"Damn, it is you, I was worried someone had polyjuiced you Dud." Laughed a relieved Harry. "So what do you really want?"

Dudley looked down at his feet for a moment and blushed slightly and then looked Harry in the eyes.

"I want us to start over Harry, I know I can't make up for the past, you probably won't ever forgive me for all the bad stuff but I'd like to try to be friends or at least not enemies. There are some cousins who go to my school that are closer than brothers, they're best mates and I'm kind of jealous I wish that could have been us, you know. And part of that is finding out about you and your world and why you are here."

"Wow, um I don't know what to say Dud, I think yeah I think I'd like that. Friends?" And he held out his hand. This time it was Dudley that looked gob smacked.

"I didn't think you'd accept." He said," Great, so tell me about your school and these ward things and those people at the station. Was one of those girls yours? What about that guys eye that was totally freaky oh I mean it was uh..."

Harry's laughter cut off Dudley's stuttering.

"Moody's eye is freaky even in my world. He can like, see out of the back of his head with that thing and I think under peoples clothes and through walls. Neither Ginny the red head nor Hermione the brown haired one, are my girls. More like sisters or something. I have a book on wards that I'll start reading tonight that may give us some answers and those people were just concerned for me. I think they'd rather I went home with them than back here. They were watching the house last year."

"They must not have been doing a very good job if those thing got past them." Said Dudley with a bit of venom.

"Well it was 'Dung who was suppose to be on watch that day and he took off early 'cause he had some shady deal going down and figured nothing had happened so far so what the hey." Said Harry.

"What about that girl with the pink hair Harry she was really good looking?" Said Dudley.

"No she's like seven or eight years older and she's an Auror, a magic constable." Harry shook his head.

"Oh, to bad."

"Say Dud, if worst comes to worst and the wards would fail. I need you to try to get your mum and dad out of the house. If dark wizards or Voldemort would come here it's me they'd be after and as much as I don't really want to be here I don't want to see you or your folks dead either. So you need to cut and run if you can or hide it you can't get away." Said Harry seriously.

Dudley nodded his understanding, "And if we can't hide or run how do we fight back? Will a good solid punch in the jaw take one down?"

Harry took a deep breath. "I don't know Dud, they can use magic it's hard to fight that. I'd say if you could get close enough then a punch might work but there are spells that can revive a man that's been knock out. My friend and I were in a fight not long ago and the problem was we'd curse them and their friends would just wake them back up." He shook his head. "They were trying to kill us and we had to fight back with stunners and kiddy jinxes."

"Harry you need your stick to do that stuff right? What happens if your stick gets broken?" Dudley's face was all scrunched up like he was thinking hard but Harry was suddenly wary.

"Well most wizard's do need their wands to do magic but some can do magic without a wand. You know like when I blew up Aunt Marge." Harry said thinking there let him worry about that one.

"So you don't have to have one, but most do? You're better then? That's good then, Harry. If it comes down to a fight I'll give them the old one two and then snap their wand. I won't let them get you if I can help it." Smiled Dudley, cracking his knuckles once again.

Harry was suddenly worried, "Dud, promise me you'll try to escape, that you'll only fight as a last resort."

"Sure Harry I promise."

Petunia called them to dinner shortly there after and both Harry and Dudley were amused to see their plates held an exactly equal amount of food.

Harry started reading Wards and Shields: Protections Made Easy that night. He wasn't done with either of the other books yet but Dudley's questions had made him wonder it he had the answer easily available.

The next morning brought a non descript owl with a thick letter from Malfalda Hopkirk.

Dear Mr. Potter

Thank you for you inquiry. Enclosed please find two booklets entitled Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery and International Confederation of Warlock' Statute of Secrecy.

I have reviewed your record and investigated the first incident you mentioned. As your claims are valid I have expunged this incident from your record.

Further your record indicates that you were cleared of the last incident also.
I have flagged your file to alert The Department of Magical Law Enforcement that assistance is needed in the event that we register defensive spell work at your residence.

If under further investigation by responding Aurors we discover such spell work was not justifiable then we will move to suspend or expel you and order your wand destroyed. You are entitled to request a hearing if you wish to dispute the charge.

Potion making is not covered under the Decree as long as the potion in question contains no active spell work. However providing potions to muggles who are not aware of the magical community is illegal under the Statute of Secrecy.

Your legal guardians can request a waiver for practicing spell work. Enclosed is the form and restrictions.

One last item Mr. Potter although it is not common knowledge the Ministry's acknowledgement of the return of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named allows those students who are at least sixteen years of age, who have completed their OWL with an O in Defense Against the Dark Arts and passed at least three other classes with an E or better to claim wand rights. That is the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery will no longer apply. Enclosed is the form for this claim.

If you have further questions please do not hesitant to write. I wish more students would take responsibility for their actions as you have.
Mafalda Hopkirk
Improper Use of Magic Office
Ministry of Magic

Harry read the letter twice, he knew that the Dursley's would never sign a waiver request but then it sunk in. After his birthday if he got good enough marks he could request wand rights and do magic. Harry reread the last part a third time and realized just what Ms. Hopkirk was telling him. That he should tell his friends about claiming wand rights. Yes writing to her was the best thing to have done.

As he sat down to write Hermione he hesitated. Would Dumbledore have told him this when he received his OWL's he wondered. Would Hermione tell Dumbledore what he was planning? Hermione's birthday was in September she was already sixteen as was Ron. Neville's birthday was the day before his. They all needed to know this so they could protect themselves. It had to be phrased just right to Hermione so she didn't think she had to tell in order to protect Harry. He didn't want her to think he was going to do something stupid after all. She'd already been hurt once because of his stupidity. She might think it best now to snitch on him. Well he had to take the chance. They had to be ready when the OWL's came.

Instead of picking up his quill Harry picked up the little booklet entitled Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery and began to skim it. He reasoned that if he could quote the Decree Hermione would be more open to listening. She would immediately write for her own copy. Harry snickered; he'd quote the book, suggest she check his logic and write the DA with the info because she had the list of members.

Harry's grin widened as he found the section on wand rights in a time of war or under threat of a dark wizard. Now to write the letter and make Hermione think it's her idea. Maybe the hat was right. He'd have made a good Slytherin; he should let his sneaky side out more often.
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