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Goblin's Trust

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AU post OotP, possible HBP elements but not HBP compliant. Independant Harry summer after 5th year. No Pairing

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There is Only Power
By Loralee

Chapter 5
Goblin's Trust

Disclaimer: Don't own the Potterverse
Warning: language

Much to Harry's surprise the portkey didn't deposit them at the Leaky Cauldron or in front of Gringotts but in a stone walled room with a single teller desk and four goblin guards. The goblin look up and raised one bushy eyebrow.

"May I help you Auror?" inquired the goblin.

"I'm escorting Mr. Potter and his party. He will need to see his account manager." Replied Blackthorne somewhat pompously. Dudley snickered.

The goblin turned to Harry. "Key please?"

Harry blushed slightly, "I don't have my key, and someone else bought my supplies and didn't return my key last year. Is there a way to replace it? I also have been told that I may have a family vault that I didn't know anything about, I'll probably need a key for that too."

The goblin blinked once and then turned his head slightly, and lifted one finger to beckon a guard.

Please take Mr. Potter and his party to the waiting room near Ironfist's office." Then the goblin reached for a parchment and began to write.

The guard led Harry and the others down several stone halls to a waiting area containing two couches and several arm chairs, pointed to the seats and then took up a position just outside the doorway.

Harry sat down feeling tired, Dudley was talking quietly with Auror Blackthorne and Snape was scowling and absently rubbing his left arm.

"Sir, is he calling?" Ask Harry very quietly.

Snape shrugged and didn't say anything.

Another goblin came through the door and Harry rose to greet him.

"Good morning Griphook it's good to see you again." Griphook looked surprised at Harry's greeting.

"I didn't think you would remember me Mr. Potter. I have a few questions for you before I can take you to your account manager. You mentioned you'd lost your key?"

"Not lost Griphook, I was told to let Mrs. Weasley have it so that she could buy my school things as it was supposedly not safe for my to do it myself after Voldemort was re-embodied. She never returned it to me. I really didn't think much of it at the time because she did give me the left over galleons so that I had spending money for the school year. She may have given it to Dumbledore since he seems to think he has control over me."

"I see, Mr. Potter, you were never informed of your familial holdings? Never received an account statement?" Ask Griphook.

Harry shook his head. "It never occurred to me that there might be another account or that I should have been receiving a statement."

Griphook sighed, "We will need to check a few things and verify some others before someone is available to speak with you. Would you care to wait or is there other business that I can help you with?"

"I'd like the use of a shielded room if possible Griphook. I have some spell casting that I need to take care of in a secure location." Said Harry carefully. Griphook eyed him for a moment.

"There will of course be a small fee but I can arrange that. Do you require full ritual set up or a simple room for one?"

"Simple room for two please." Replied Harry with a glance at Snape.

"I will return in a few moments." And he turned and left the room.

Harry turned to Snape and noticed he was cradling his left arm to his body and beginning to sweat.

"Not long now Professor." Harry said.

Then Griphook was back.

"I you'd care to follow me Mr. Potter, I'll take you to a shielded room."

"You wait here with Auror Blackthorne Dud. I won't be long." Then he gestured at Snape. "This way sir."

Snape snarled wordlessly at Harry and wobbled to his feet to follow Griphook.

Several unmarked halls later, Griphook let them in to a small room. There were two chairs facing each other and nothing else in the room. Harry gestured Snape to one chair and took the other, he pulled out the book and glanced through the passage once more. Seeing Griphook hovering near the door he asked, "Sorry, is there a knife I could use?"

Griphook startled for a moment and then pulled a thick dirk from his boot and handed it to Harry. Harry inspected the edge and nodded.

"May I see your mark sir?" Asked Harry politely. Snape frowned and Harry thought he might refuse. The spell work might prevent Snape from allowing Harry access. Then the professor slowly rolled up his left sleeve and held his shaking arm towards Harry.

"I'm sorry sir this may hurt some."

"Get on with your feeble attempt Potter I haven't got all day to waste on you." Snarled Snape. Harry nodded and ran the edge of the blade down the palm of his left hand. As the blood began to pool and Snape look alarmed, Harry grabbed Snape's wrist with his right hand and slapped the blood covered left down on top of the Dark Mark.

Snape's eyes rolled up into the back of his head, his mouth opened in a soundless scream and his back arched in pain. Harry's senses reach out into the mark and he began to hiss the incantation to break the mark. Harry's scar burst into searing pain and as the incantation ended and his hand flared with magic Harry saw not Snape and the room in Gringotts but Voldemort and the Auror who he'd seen at his house earlier that morning.

"My Lord, Potter proclaimed Snape a spy to Bones. She let him leave with Potter but I do not know where they were going. The muggle loving fool Dumbledore was there also but left before Potter and Snape. Potter was upset that Dumbledore was not there earlier to stop the attack. They had words but I did not hear what was said. Two of your servants are in the holding cells at the ministry along with Stevens who Bones caught ignoring the alert at Potters the rest were killed, my lord, by Potter and his muggle cousin."

"I have been attempting to summon Snape but he is ignoring the summons. Bella your mark." Lestrange began to writhe on the floor as Voldemort used her mark to call Snape. After a moment he released her in surprise. "Snape's mark no longer responds. I did not believe that Dumbledore had the balls to dispatch a worthless spy. Hmm I shall have to think on this." Turning to the Auror he said, "Go now and release my servants."

The unknown Auror backed out of the room and Harry found himself looking into the concerned eyes of Severus Snape.

"You all right there, Sir? Harry was able to gasp out.

Yes Potter I believe I am." Snape said in surprise.

Harry grinned and shook his head. His scar was throbbing, as was his hand. He raised his hand only to discover that that it was already healed with a thin white scar running down the palm.

"One of the auror's who was at my house this morning is a Death Eater and Voldemort thinks you're dead. The Mark is broken. What about Dumbledore's tinkering?" Harry said in rush.

Snape sat back considering Harry's words.

"You, Mr. Potter, are an adequate potions student. You are neither feeble minded or arrogant though if you tell anyone I said that I will use your internal organs for potions ingredients. Dumbledore is a manipulative old bastard son of goat fucker and should strangled with his own beard. I will never again serve him or that imbecilic megalomaniac snake face bastard Voldemort." Said Snape a broad grin on his face.

Harry laughed at the descriptions.

"What will you do sir?"

"I'm not sure Mr. Potter I must think about it." Then he sank back into his chair in an exhausted manner.

A noise by the door caught Harry's attention. Griphook stood there trying to appear calm.

"Oh we should go back to the waiting room. I need to tell Auror Blackthorne about that Death Eater, he's suppose to break out the two from the house and the one who ignored the alert." Harry rose to his feet and looked at Snape who just sat there. Hesitantly he held out his hand to the Potions Master to help him to his feet.

Snape looked at Harry's hand and cautiously took it rising shakily to his feet to begin the long walk back to the waiting room. Harry handed back the dirk to Griphook.

"Thank you for the loan Griphook." Said Harry smiling at the pale goblin.

"You're quite welcome Mr. Potter. This way please."

When they arrived back in the waiting room Harry explained to Auror Blackthorne that he'd had a vision of Voldemort when he broke the Mark and that one of the aurors that was at the house that morning was a Death Eater and intended to break the prisoners out of the holding cells. Blackthorne didn't want to believe Harry and finally had to be forced to go to Madam Bones with Harry's message. Harry had to promise not to leave Gringotts before he got back because Blackthorne was supposed to be guarding Harry and would be in trouble for leaving him.

Snape had stretched out on one of the couches and was apparently sleeping when Blackthorne left and Griphook indicated that Harry's account manager was ready to see him. Harry didn't want to leave Dudley alone with the sleeping potions master so left a message with the guard that if Snape woke to tell him they'd be back as soon as their meeting was finished.

Griphook led Harry and Dudley down yet another stone hallway this time to an impressive wooden door with the words Senior Director inscribed in gold lettering. Griphook pushed open the door and led them across a room with a goblin sitting behind a desk on one side and several chairs on the other. The goblin nodded to them as the passed and then they were ushered through a second equally impressive door this time reading Ragnok.

The door closed behind them and Harry realized that Griphook had left. He looked at the massive goblin behind and equally large desk who motioned for them to take seats in front of the desk.

"I am Ragnok, Mr. Potter." He cast a glance at Dudley and Harry could almost see the question in his eyes.

"Pleased to meet you sir, this is my cousin Dudley Dursley. We've had a rough morning and I didn't want to leave him on his own." Said Harry pushing Dud into a seat and taking one himself. Dudley just stared all around the office but didn't say anything.

"Yes, I have been informed of the attack on you this morning. You both have my condolences on your loss." Said Ragnok. Dudley's eyes fell to the floor and Harry managed a nod of acceptance.

Ragnok opened a file folder on his desk. "I believe you told Griphook that you were not aware of your familial accounts?" at Harry's nod Ragnok continued. "My investigation confirmed that Gringotts has been unable to make contact with you personally at anytime. You were eligible to begin receiving statements on your eleventh birthday, Mr. Potter however we were requested at that time not to send them to you a your muggle residence. Not an uncommon request given that you did not claim your heir ring at the time of your first visit to Gringotts." Ragnok looked up at Harry. "I further understand that since you were unaware of your status in the Wizarding world that you would not have known to do so. There are heirs of the great families who choose not to exorcise their rights at that age. So your actions at that time did not raise any red flags on your account."

Harry nodded once again in understanding but Ragnok explanations were beginning to raise more questions. Ragnok however continued to speak while flipping through the papers in the folder.

"On your acceptance to Hogwarts we release the key to your trust vault to Headmaster Albus Dumbledore for delivery to you during your initial meeting with a representative of said school. Further investigation shows that an accredited first contact representative did not in fact handle your in taking nor were you and your muggle guardians visited by a Ministry representative of the Magical Child Protection Services. I am unable to comprehend why or how you fell though the cracks Mr. Potter but I have taken steps to help you file a complaint if you desire." Ragnok stopped talking and looked at Harry expectantly.

"Uh, thank you. How would, uh I mean." Harry stopped flustered.

Ragnok chuckled slightly, "Do forgive me Mr. Potter, for overwhelming you. I appear to have made the same error as others and assumed that you would know what I was talking about. I have made contact with the Solicitor who represented your father's interests before his death and have arranged a meeting for you with him for this afternoon. My suggestion is to take the file I have compiled to this meeting, tell him of any concerns you have and he will be able to explain Wizarding ways and help you through any official complaints. Mr. Stone is also well versed in muggle law and will be able to help Mr. Dursley settle his parent's estate. You of course are under no obligation to retain Mr. Stone if you are uncomfortable with him or have another solicitor in mind."

"I see," Harry took a glance at Dudley who nodded, "We'll meet with him. Merlin knows we'll need all the help we can get and I truly don't want Dumbledore or someone he recommends helping me."

Ragnok raised one eyebrow at the implications of Harry's statement but didn't comment.

"Mr. Potter. Now that you are aware of the Potter legacy, do you with to claim your heir ring?" Asked Ragnok.

"Yes sir, I would." Harry said in a firm voice. Ragnok smiled slightly and pushed a small box toward Harry. Harry opened it to find a gold signet ring bearing a crest with the name Potter below it. Harry looked a Ragnok and then pulled the ring from the box and slid it on to his right ring finger. Dudley was leaning over his should looking at the ring in awe.

"This mean you're titled Harry?" asked Dudley.

Harry shrugged and looked at Ragnok, "What exactly does this ring mean sir?"

"Mr. Potter there is a title which you can claim when you come of age. This ring proclaims to the world at large that you are the heir to the Potter family, it states your intention to take up the mantle of Lord Potter of Gryffindor upon your majority with all it's rights and responsibilities."

Harry frowned and slumped in his chair thinking bloody hell I'm the heir of Gryffindor bloody Dumbledore and his 'only a true Gryffindor' could pull that stupid sword out the hat.

Ragnok looked surprised at this reaction, "Is there a problem Mr. Potter?"

Harry straightened slightly, "No I was thinking about cryptic headmasters."

Ragnok nodded. "Very well I also have the Potter ledger for you. Although you have a year before you can manage your family finances you can begin to familiarize yourself with them. This book, "and here he pushed forward a slim leather bound ledger book, "is magically linked to your account. It will automatically reflect changes in the account. If you open it you will see that there is a section for liquid assets per vault, stocks, bonds, properties both rental and personal, business investments and ownership, and other investments. You should look it over carefully then have a thorough discussion with your account manager about how you'd like to manage your estate."

"I though you were my account manager, sir?" Harry asked now confused.

Ragnok's teeth bared in a growl as he replied, "No Mr. Potter, Griphook brought your irregularities to my attention. I began to investigate and certain items made it apparent that your previous account manager should be replaced. As you are already acquainted with Griphook he will be replacing Ironfist."

Ragnok was interrupted by a knock on the door. He glared at the door and growled, "Come". Griphook entered carrying another folder.

Sorry to interrupt Senior Director but we have just received this notice and as it affects this client I thought you would want to see the paperwork now." Said Griphook who handed the file to Ragnok and then stood waiting.

Ragnok glanced at the top page in the folder and then sat up even straighter glanced at Harry and spoke to Griphook in rapid goobledegook while turning to the next page. Griphook answered in the same language and then turn to leave. Ragnok called after him this time in English.

"Have Rocnose bring some tea in also." Then he turned to Harry, "Mr. Potter it will take me a few minutes to go through these papers and for Griphook to return. Rocnose will being in some tea for refreshment while I sort these things out if that is acceptable."

Harry nodded a laid his head back in his chair, he felt he had a lot to think about. He heard a choked gasp from beside him and looked to see Dudley thumbing through the ledger book. Dudley gave Harry a sickly grin and whispered, "If dad had known." And then shook his head. Harry closed his eyes again until the goblin from the outer office brought in tea with a tray of sandwiches and scones.

Harry wolfed down several sandwiches in rapid order finding himself very hungry. They were just finishing when Griphook came back into the office carrying another sheaf of papers and a small box. Ragnok took the papers and motioned Griphook to a seat at the side of the desk.

"Well Mr. Potter I have good new for you. The ministry has just released the estate of Sirius Black and as you are the sole beneficiary you have a few more decisions to make."

Harry's stomach clenched and he wondered if he'd made a mistake by eating. Harry had managed to not think about Sirius too much this summer. He constant studying had helped but now he was face to face with the fact that Sirius was gone.

Ragnok noted Harry's distress and backpedaled some.

"My apologies Mr. Potter. You were aware of Mr. Black's recent death weren't you?" At Harry's nod he continued. "Our records show that on August 1 1980 Mr. Black filed a will making you the sole beneficiary to his estate. As Mr. Black at that time had only a few thousand gallons, motorcycle and his person possessions a simple will was all that was required. However Mr. Black was subsequently imprisoned and although he was never convicted of any crime the ministry ordered his accounts frozen. In 1987 Mr. Black's mother passed away and he was then entitled to the Black Estate. At that time a move was made by Lucius Malfoy on behalf of his minor son Draco Malfoy to claim the estate citing that Mr. Black's inheritance was forfeit due to his crimes. Those claims were denied due to the lack of a conviction in the case. However the estate was also ordered frozen." Harry was still looking shell-shocked but listening closely.

"In May of 1994 Mr. Black made contact with Gringotts and filed paperwork for the adoption of Harry James Potter." Ragnok glanced up at Harry whose brows were furrowed. "Mr. Black was aware of the Black legacy and though he could not claim his House at that time wished to secure it for his chosen heir."

"Sirius adopted me?" Harry sputtered.

"No Mr. Potter he merely placed the papers with us so in the event that his name was cleared and the Estate made available to be claimed that you could choose to accept his adoption and claim the Black Estate. Mr. Black was very clear that he did not wish to see the Black estate and the power behind it in the hands of the Malfoy family." Ragnok looked expectantly at Harry.

"Will I still be Harry Potter?" Ask Harry.

Ragnok nodded, "Yes you may wish to add Black to your name and be know as Harry James Black Potter. Or you could just use Black when conducting business as the Head of the Black Family. The choice is yours."

"Alright what do I have to do?"

"Sign here Mr. Potter" Ragnok pointed to a portion of a parchment and Griphook provided a quill. Harry looked over the document and signed at the bottom right under the signature of Sirius Black. As he lifted his hand off the document the parchment jumped rolled itself up, reproduced itself and vanished in a flash of light leaving the copy behind on the desk."

Dudley jumped and muttered a low, "Wow"

"Very good Mr. Black Potter now," began Ragnok.

Harry interrupted, "Just Harry, please sir." Ragnok eyed Griphook who smirked at him for a moment and then nodded.

Yes of course Harry and you must call me Ragnok. Now that you have signed do you with to claim the Black heir ring?" At Harry's nod he continued, "Mr. Black ordered a redesign of the Black ring as he did not wish to wear the traditional ring."

Ragnok pushed the small box toward Harry who opened it to find a second gold signet ring this one sporting a grim's head and the name Black beneath it. Harry smiled as he slid the Black ring on the first finger of his right hand and it sized itself just as the Potter ring had done.

"Now Harry, in an addendum to Mr. Black's will also made in 1994, Mr. Black ordered that in the event of his death you be allowed to chose your own guardian. As you are already sixteen you would be allowed that option anyway. Would you like to choose a guardian now? We can make arrangements to contact your choice to see if they are willing. Mr. Black suggested a Mr. Remus Lupin but specified the choice be yours."

"Remus is a werewolf will that make a difference?" Asked Harry.

"If you were not yet sixteen I might have but not now."

Harry hesitated, "Well anyone I pick is going to be in danger. Death Eaters just killed my..." he broke off looking at Dudley, "I don't want anyone in danger. I also don't want anyone that Dumbledore can control. Remus can take care of himself but I'd put him in more danger and I'm not sure how much influence Dumbledore has over him." Harry was speaking mostly to himself but the goblins and Dudley were listening.

"Can't you ask for emancipation Harry? That's what I'm going to try for I don't want Aunt Marge as a guardian." Said Dudley interrupting Harry's chain of thought.

Ragnok spoke up, "If you were any other young wizard, Harry it might be possible to apply for emancipation and receive it but you have implied that Albus Dumbledore has taken a keen interest in your well-being and I am sure he would never allow an emancipation to occur."

"I'll be at school in another month what do I actually need a guardian for. What would a guardian actually do?" Harry asked in frustration.

Ragnok looked thoughtful for a moment. "A guardian would be tasked with your care. Insuring that you have adequate housing, food, clothing, medical care, providing counsel for your legal and financial affairs, insuring that your schooling is adequate, tuition paid and serving as an interface between you, as a student, and authority figures such as the headmaster, teachers or the board of governors in the case of major infractions. A guardian should be some one to support you and advise you when you are faced with things outside of you realm of experience."

"Someone who'll stand up for you and take your side when everyone else is against you but will slap you down when you're wrong." Snorted Dudley.

Harry grinned at Dud and nodded. Knowing that's what Sirius would have done.

"I have almost all of that covered though. I have my own money, you've said I have property that I assume I can use to live in." Ragnok nodded in affirmation and Harry continued, "If I retain this Mr. Stone then the legal parts covered and Griphook here as account manager covers the financial part. So what I really need is some one I can trust to stand up to Dumbledore and protect my interests."

Ragnok nodded again and Dudley chimed in. "What about that Professor guy out there?"

Harry shuddered Snape as a guardian sounded like something from a bad nightmare. Sure he'd done Snape a favor but that didn't mean Snape was suddenly going to be a good guy that would just be way to strange.

"No not Snape," is what Harry said looking at Ragnok. "I can ask anyone and they have to right to say no?"

"That is correct Harry. They may have obligations that would prevent it. Mr. Stone may be a possible choice if you find that you like him. When a large estate is involved a solicitor can be appointed to safe guard the estate while the minor then resided with relatives or paid caregivers."

That statement helped crystallize Harry's decision.

"Sir, I mean Ragnok I hope you won't take this the wrong way or that I offend you but would you consider becoming my guardian?" Harry said in rush.

The two goblin's stared at Harry in shock While Dudley said, "Oh good idea."

Ragnok mouth had dropped open and he blinked several times then turned to Griphook.

"You were right Griphook a most unusual wizard indeed." He then turned back to Harry and took a deep breath.

"Mr. Po, Harry do you realize that I am a goblin? That a goblin has never before been a guardian to a Wizard child? That with the political power that you hold as the heir to two of the oldest Wizarding Families this would have far reaching consequences for both of our races?" Asked Ragnok.

"Uh well yes I know you're a goblin. I don't really know anything about politics but if you think it's a bad idea then just say so. It's just you said Griphook told you that there was a problem with my account. You've gone out of your way to investigate, to explain things, you've spent a lot of time with me today and time is money. I know that the goblins are trusted to take care of money. You have wards and stuff so no one can break in so you yourself should be safe from Voldemort and his death eaters. I think you won't care about what Dumbledore wants over what I want. And if my Families are important and if I can actually win against Voldemort then maybe I can make the wizards treat goblins and elves and centaurs and werewolves like people instead of second class citizens." Said Harry.

"You believe that you must fight the Dark Lord? How do you know that the goblins won't side with him and turn you over to him?" Ask Ragnok.

"Yes I have to fight Voldemort, there is a prophecy. If you were going to turn me over you'd already done it and not helped me. Besides Voldemort might try to get you to side with him, make you promises but I think you are to smart to believe him. He believes in pureblood idealism. I bet purebloods don't think much of goblins, no matter what he promises eventually he'll turn on you. Goblins really only have two choices fight Voldemort with me, err wizards or fight him later by yourselves. So what do you think, be my guardian and make a statement or pass."

"I think Mr. Black Potter that you are not a child and I don't believe that you know 'nothing about politics'. Yes I would be honored to become your guardian and we will certainly be making a statement. Draw up the papers Griphook. Oh and issue Harry a full muggle kit, an executive goblin kit, A Muggleborns Guide to Wizard Banking, and Goblin Etiquette for Wizards."

Griphook fled the office leaving a grinning Harry, smirking Dudley and oddly satisfied Ragnok.

"While we wait for Griphook do you have any questions Harry?"

"Yes sir, why did the Ministry release Sirius's estate?"

"Oh you didn't realize that you captured Peter Petigrew this morning. Mr. Black has been cleared of all charges." Said Ragnok

Harry's heart swelled, his throat closed and he began to cry. Ragnok looked alarmed but Dudley threw an arm over Harry's shoulder and awkwardly patted him on the back. Something broke loose in Harry's chest and he jumped from his chair nearly knocking Dudley over and whooped while doing a little victory dance and then dropped back into his chair laughing while tears continued to drip down his face. Dudley shook his head and looked at Ragnok.

"Don't worry he's just strange. Do you know who else was there? Uh most of them was dead. It's strange but I kind of just want to know the names of the people that killed my parents and that I killed." Dudley's voice broke at the end.

"No Mr. Dursley although I believe that if Harry requests a copy of the report that would provide the facts you want." Ragnok eyed Dudley a moment and then turned his gaze on Harry. "You killed in the heat of battle did you not Mr. Dursley? A warrior should be proud of his feats. You were faced with enemies who would have shown you no mercy; I believe that you took the correct action by killing them. Death Eaters are like scavengers they have no honor; they attack in packs overwhelming their prey with numbers. Never mourn their fate instead mourn the path they took the choices they made that brought them to death at your hands but not the fact that they forced you to kill them. Be proud that you survived Mr. Dursley very few of your kind have."

Harry who had gotten himself under control then said, "I'll owl Madam Bones later Dud, I'm sure she'll tell me who was there. I have another question Ragnok. Do you have a suggestion where we should stay? We can't go back to Privet Drive, Dud doesn't want to go to his Aunt Marge, I don't think I have any other relatives so is there a good place in the estate to stay?"

"Oy Harry there is a place in your book there." Said Dudley before Ragnok could answer.

Dudley flipped through the book and pointed out an entry to Harry. A penthouse in an apartment building that the Potter estate owned that was currently empty.

"I'm not sure I'd be hidden well enough in a muggle place Dud." Said Harry.

"May I see the entry?" asked Ragnok. The boys handed over the book and Ragnok looked over the entry. "It would be possible to put up wards on this property. Gringotts employs excellent ward setters. As you are my ward I could see fit to adding goblin made wards as well for an added level of protection. However this level of warding would take a couple of days to set up. You will also need to employ a housekeeper."

"I can cook and clean, Ragnok."

"I meant an adult witch or wizard who is able to do magic for your protection Harry as you are not."

"Oh I was granted wand rights this morning Ragnok." Said Harry.

"I withdraw the suggestion then."

A knock sounded on the door and the office goblin stuck in his head.

"Mr. Potter's associate, Professor Snape is asking for him with some urgency Senior Director."

"Show him in Rocnose." Said Ragnok after obtaining Harry's nod.

The door opened further and Snape stormed in cloak billowing but before he could begin to rant Harry started to talk.

"Hello Professor have you met my guardian Ragnok? I hope you are feeling better after your nap. Are you having any problems now that the Dark Mark is gone?" Then turning to Ragnok Harry asked "May I conjure a chair for Professor Snape?"

At Ragnok's nod Harry brought out his wand and conjured a chair. Unfortunately all of the legs were of different heights and the chair sat at an angle. Dudley laughed, Harry blushed and Snape's rant was diffused.

"Potter conjuration is covered in sixth year. However for a first attempt I suppose this is adequate but I refuse to sit on it." Suddenly everything Harry had said seemed to hit Snape's brain and his gaze jerked to Ragnok sitting smugly behind his desk.

"Guardian?" Snape choked out. Harry jumped out of his seat and steered Snape into it, vanished his sorry attempt and then took the chair Griphook had been sitting in earlier.

Harry could see the wheels in Snape's head spinning and could tell when he began to consider the possibilities. Harry shuddered slightly when Snape began to smile.

"Was there something that you wanted Professor?" Asked Harry politely.

"What, oh yes Potter, the dark lord will believe that I am dead. The headmaster may also believe that I am dead, as his spells are no longer working. Thank you by the way for my freedom however I am concerned that both Albus and the Dark Lord and possibly the ministry will blame you for my 'demise'. I am considering if I should return to Albus."

"Do you want to go back to Dumbledore? If he makes you teach, Voldemort will find out. I didn't think you liked teaching." Said Harry.

"I don't like teaching brats who don't want to learn, Potter but it doesn't really matter what I want. You don't believe I can just leave the country and forget about the war do you." Snarled Snape.

"It should matter what you want Professor," said Harry softly, "and yes I think that if you want to you can leave the country and go to Australia, the United States or Bolivia. I have enough money to set you up somewhere you can do potions research or lie on a beach. It's really all a matter of what you want to do."

Snape stared at Harry for a moment.

"I shall have to think about it for a time." Was all he said.

"Do you have some place safe to go, sir? If not, your welcome to come with us?"

"Where are you going?"

Harry laughed, "We haven't quite decided. We have to finish that and then have another meeting this afternoon. Oh and Auror Blackthorne might have something to say. He knows you're alive. I think we'd better talk to Madam Bones too. I'm sure we'll work something out."

Griphook came in then before Snape could respond carrying yet another file folder and several other items.

"Senior Director, here are the guardianship papers and the other items for Mr. Potter."

"Thank you Griphook could you have Rocnose arrange for lunch in the confence room in an hour. We'll be ready for a break then and Mr. Stone will be here after that." Directed Ragnok. Griphook nodded and left the room.

"If you are sure about this Mr. Black Potter we can sign the documents now." Stated Ragnok. Snape's mouth dropped open at Harry's new name.

"I'm sure sir."

"Very well Harry please sign here and then you will need to prick your thumb with this knife and place your thumb print in blood beside your signature."

When both Harry and Ragnok had signed, this document also jumped, duplicated and flashed away.

"So how long before this makes the papers?" Asked Harry.

Ragnok grimaced and said, "Guardianship papers are highly confidential however I would imagine that tomorrow's headline will be quite interesting."

"You may Potter, cause a special afternoon edition with this." Snape added.

"Oh I doubt that sir if there is an afternoon edition it will be on the capture of Pettigrew and Sirius being cleared. Not that you want to hear that."

"I am pleased that you captured Pettigrew. He and I were the only inner circle members on the raid at your house this morning, Potter. The rest were lesser death eaters and new recruits. You will have known several from school. I am saddened that school children are being force to fight this war between two stubborn, power hungry old men." Said Snape with a sigh.

Deciding he didn't really want to know right then Harry settled for nodding and then ask Ragnok about the other things that Griphook had brought in.

"Ah yes, I have for you Harry a muggle kit that is available for wizards who interact with the muggle world a great deal. This is a theft proof wallet, it contains a muggle ID card, National Heath card that is actually a portkey directly to St Mungo's emergency entrance, Gringotts Bank card which can be use to charge purchases and obtain cash at muggle ATM's, also in yours is the standard Hogwarts ID provided to muggleborn students with the muggle contact information for the school." Explained Ragnok laying the items out.

"This is your passport and a copy of your birth certificate." Laying out another couple of papers. I also requested an executive goblin kit. Goblins are sometimes required to mix with muggles. We do this by using goblin made glamour's. These," Ragnot picked up two metal arm bands, "Are goblin crafted and spelled however they will work for you and be quite undetectable by wizard magic. This one is a glamour that when activated will disguise not only your physical features but also your magical signature as well. This one is a permanent portkey to the security entrance you came through this morning. Only you and any one you are touching will be transported. And this device is a magical communications device conjured to resemble a muggle cell phone. I have entered my direct number in it on speed dial one. There is an instruction book here and two other booklets you should read as soon as you have the time."

"Now Harry all that is left is to decide where you and your cousin are going to live and we will be done save for all the questions I'm sure you have." Said Ragnok pushing the whole mess of items toward Harry.

Snape spoke up, "Potter if you can trust me I know a place that is heavily warded where you can safely stay for couple of days. Neither the Dark Lord nor Dumbledore have knowledge of the this place it has been unlived in for twenty years."

Harry regarded Snape for a moment eyes narrowed considering what he knew of and about the professor.

"Yes sir I trust you. Where is this place?"

Snape's eyebrows rose and he almost sneered at the show of confidence.

"My father's home Mr. Potter. My mother raised the wards on the property and it is located in a muggle area."

Harry looked at Dudley who shrugged.

"Thank you Professor, we accept."

Snape nodded and then muttered something about Gryffindor stupidity that Harry didn't quite catch but could guess at.

Ragnok escorted them from his office to the conference room for some lunch
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