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A Stain That Never Comes Off The Sheet

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"I wonder why he takes medication..." FERARD.

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"I wonder why he takes medication...?" Bob asked. I was only paying half attention to their conversation, I was more focused on my sketchbook.

"He probably has some kind of a disease," Adam said. I rolled my eyes at this.

"Frank Iero doesn't have a disease, I'm pretty sure," I said and then continued examining the art work and adding small touches.

"Hell, he is a disease!" Mikey said and everyone started laughing and high fiving Mikey. God, does he evertry too hard to impress these people. The only reason he is sitting at this table is because of me.

"He probably has ADHD," Ray suggested.

"Why would you think that now?" I asked.

"Because he's so hyper and can hardly stay still," Ray pointed out.

"So you take notes on Frank Iero?" I questioned. I glanced over at Frank, the topic of this conversation. He was at the table right next to us and was holding two white pills as if debating if he should take them or not. Eventually he popped them into his mouth and took a drink from his water bottle.

"HEY! Gerard!" Someone yelled at me from our table.I looked over to see everyone staring at me.

"Huh? What?" I asked.

"Truth or Dare?" Ray asked.

"What... oh... no, I don't really want to play today," I said bluntly. The game was so childish and I always had the worse dares or had to answer the worse questions. Plus, there was no way in hell I was going to answer 'dare' with Mr. Peachey on lunch room supervision.

"Oh, come on Gerard, you can check Frank out later in class, right now... Truth or Dare?" Bob asked. It took me a minute to comprehend whatBob just said.

"What the fuck?! I wasn't checking him out!!" I said to my defense. They all rolled their eyes and waited for their answer. Sighing, I answered, "Truth."

"LAAME!" Bob said and then thought for a moment before he decided what question he was going to ask.

"Who do you think is the hottest guy at the table..." Bob said and then added, "The whole entire table." Referring to the fact that Frank was also sitting at the table that was connected to ours, which he said counted.

"I'm honestly not going to answer that, can I switch to dare?" I asked deciding that no matter what I said that it would be embarassing.

"FINE! I dare you to tell us who you think is the hottest guy at this table," Bob said and everyone high fived him as they had me cornered with that stupid question.

"Uh..." I thought and then smiled, "Me."

"WHAT?! You can't answer yourself!" Bob said.

"Yeah that doesn't count! You're not even a guy!" Adam said and everyone bursted into laughter. I rolled my eyes.

"So you're saying that you're the hottest guy at this table?" Ray asked and then raised his voice, "Hotter than Frank?"I didn't understand why he raised his voice or why he was comfirming this, but then I felt his stare. Frank's stare. SHIT. I know what they're doing.

"Yeah... I mean, like, I-uh... I'm not calling him ugly," I stuttered since he hasn't taken his stare off me.

"You think you're better looking that him?" Ray asked loud.

"Uh, no, uhm..." Why the hell was I getting so embarassed why couldn't I just say yes? "Well, uh, we're the same?"

"Okay so you guys are both better looking than all of us?" Ray asked. I was getting really irritated. Fuck, this is why I hate Truth Or Dare.

"You guys are soo childish," I said and went back to my sketchbook ignoring all their comments.

Of course Frank Iero was hotter than anyone else at this table.
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