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If anyone cares...

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not a story! just some stuff i just found out and thought maybe you guys would want to know.

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Yeah, so I don't know if anyone really cares or not, but thought I'd let ya know. I just heard that Ryan Ross cheated on his girlfriend, Keltie. I kinda...hate him right now. Cheating is not right at all and even though I don't know Ryan, he doesn't seem like a person that would do it. I dunno... it's weird that I even care. Anyway, here's the thing from Keltie's blog:


Today is a day of heartbreak.

This morning as I got up to make my lover some delicious post vday breakie after seeing a great Billy Joel concert last night, I got roses, and rosepetals on the bed and champange and the whole works, a message came across on his phone. Upon opening this phone it seems he is a cheater, liar and has broken my heart.
I threw that ring in his face. Packed my shit. and Got the hell out. I deserve the stars.

I cannot even speak. yet. All I can do is cry.

so...there it is. Here's the link:

guess it happened the day after Valentine's day which sucks. Oh and two questions: Were they engaged? Second question, did Jac Vanek cheat on Ryan when they were going out and is that why they broke up? (I guess that's technically three questions... lol)

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