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Confrontations, Letters and Lessons

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AU post OotP, possible HBP elements but not HBP compliant. Independant Harry summer after 5th year. No Pairing

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There is Only Power
By Loralee

Chapter 7

Confrontations, Letters and Lessons

The funeral was horrible. Marge Dursley had cause a drunken scene because of Harry's presence and been locked in a 'retiring room' at the funeral home.

Neighbors and some of Vernon's coworkers had attended.

Harry had been surprised when Hermione and her parents had attended and then had wondered why none of his other friends had come. Amelia Bones had stopped by and Auror Blackthorne had hovered around the outer edges as security.

Harry could not spot any order members however and that provoked further surprise. A tiny man had greeted Harry and introduces himself as Ralph Nock and Harry realized that it was Ragnok under glamour.

Things were winding down and people leaving when Dumbledore came in. Auror Blackthorne noticed him and sent a prearranged signal to Amelia Bones and walked over to where Harry was saying good-bye to Hermione.

Richard Stone was also nearby as Dumbledore strolled up to Harry.

"Ah, Harry almost done? I've come to take you to Headquarters. So you can be with your friends in safety." Said Dumbledore.

"As I said before Headmaster I am not going anywhere with you. I do not need your kind of safety. My cousin needs my support right now and we prefer to stay together. You're manipulations are neither welcome nor wanted."

"Harry everything I've done has been for your own best interest you must understand sometimes..."

Harry interrupted Dumbledore.

"I have a guardian Headmaster and that is not you. I have a safe residence that does not reek of dark magic and remind me of my dead godfather at every turn. A godfather that is dead because of your manipulations, may I remind you." Snarled Harry.

"You are mistaken Harry. Sirius died because Voldemort tricked you." The unspoken words hung in the air between them and enraged Hermione who was still standing nearby.

"How dare you try to blame that on Harry. Snape is the one who should take the blame for that. He is the one who didn't teach Harry Occlumency the right way. Harry came back exhausted after every lesson I could see how much pain he was in his head always hurt and the dreams were always worse." Said Hermione in outrage.

Dumbledore looked at her for a moment.

"Do your parents realize how much danger they are now in because they came here to this funeral, Miss Granger? That death eaters could even now be waiting outside to follow you home and attack you? That because of your friendship with Harry you were almost killed at the Ministry and are very high on Voldemort's to be killed list?"

Harry couldn't believe that Dumbledore would say those things to Hermione in front of her parents. Then the old man turned to Harry.

"If you come with me now I will see to it that the Grangers are place under 24 hour guard and protected. Won't you see reason Harry if not for yourself for you friends?"

"I think that is enough Dumbledore," spoke the small man standing behind Harry, "As I am Mr. Potter's guardian I will tell you now that I will not tolerate any more interference with my ward. We are leaving Harry." Then turning to the Grangers he said, "We have a portkey. You are welcome to come with us and I will see that you get home safely. I can have someone retrieve your vehicle."

Then he turned away from the gaping Dumbledore and motioned Harry into a nearby cloakroom. Harry and Dudley instantly stepped that way with Richard Stone. Hermione pulled her parents after them and once in the cloakroom, out of sight, the group grabbed hold of the rope Stone held and disappeared. Leaving a stunned Dumbledore behind with a glaring Auror.

As they dropped into the entrance hall of Briarwood house Harry had second thoughts about bringing the Grangers here. As he picked himself up from the floor he ask.

"Ragnok won't Dumbledore go after Hermione and her parents to find out where I am? They can't protect their minds. The professor could be at risk if they." Harry stopped here as Snape came into the entrance hall from the living room.

Snape stopped startled at the extra guests, frowned slightly but said, "There is tea this way," then turned and retreated back toward the living room. The group followed with Hermione making some strangled sounds and her parents looking confused.

As everyone got seated Ragnok stood in front and cleared his throat. He tapped a finger on one of his rings and shimmered slightly as he returned to his natural form.

"Let me introduce myself properly, Mr. and Mrs. Granger, I am Ragnok Mr. Potter's new guardian. I believe you met Mr. Stone, Mr. Potter's solicitor and this is Potions Master Snape formally Professor Snape of Hogwarts"

"You've quit sir?" Hermione blurted out and then blushed, "Sorry"

Ragnok nodded and continued, "Unfortunately, though Headmaster Dumbledore's care of Mr. Potter has been somewhat lacking he may be correct that your family is in danger."

Mr. Granger spoke up. "What he said is true? Hermione's friendship with Harry has put her in danger?"

Harry and Hermione spoke at the same time. He said "yes" and she said "no". Hermione glared at Harry and continued to talk.

"No Dad, my friendship with Harry is not what put me in danger. My blood lines or lack there of and my brains are what put me on the hit list of a mad man who wants to rule the world or destroy it." She said with finality.

Mr. Granger nodded. "What do you suggest I do to keep my family safe then, sir?" Mr. Granger asked turning to Ragnok.

The conversation faded out as Harry realized that Hermione was staring and just what it was or rather wasn't that had attracted her attention. He nudged her and then caught Snape's eye. Snape inclined his head toward the library and Harry drug Hermione to her feet and followed Snape out of the room leaving Ragnok and Stone to talk to the Grangers.

In the library Hermione didn't even look around still just staring at Snape. Then she turned on Harry. "Explain!"

"Miss Granger," the silky tones of the professor's voice startled Hermione's attention back to him, "Mr. Potter removed the Dark Mark from my arm after I led the attack on his home. He revealed that I was a spy for Dumbledore to the head of the DMLE while there was a secret Death Eater in the room. The Dark Lord believes me to be dead. Dumbledore may or may not also believe that. I, Miss Granger, am free of both my masters and would like to stay that way. It is imperative that you learn Occlumency for both Mr. Potter's secrets and my own." He raised an eyebrow at her waiting for her reaction.

"I've been reading the theory sir, I ordered a book as soon I got home this summer, so that I could help Harry. I don't think what you did taught him anything, he was always worse after your sessions." Her tone wasn't quite accusatory but it was defiantly frosty.

"I'm well aware of that Miss Granger I was under very firm instruction not to teach Harry but to make him more open to intrusion. Dumbledore is of the belief that Mr. Potter's defeat of the Dark Lord will be instinctual, that something in his magic will destroy the Dark Lord during an attack. He wanted Mr. Potter to come to him for help. The Dark Lord is aware of the link to Mr. Potter now.

The Dark Lord wanted in. Albus wanted control. Mr. Potter was too much of a Gryffindor to complain to the headmaster that I was hurting him. That is why I had to force him into prying in to the pensive so that I could stop the lessons myself."

"Pensive?" Hermione questioned.

"You didn't tell your friends what you saw?" Said Snape surprised.

"Why would I want to talk about something so hurtful sir, my dad being just what you said he was is nothing to brag about." Said Harry shaking his head.

Snape nodded and then noticed Hermione still looking at his arm. He sighed and held it out so that she could get a better look at his bare arm.

"I assure you Miss Granger there is no illusion on my arm."

"How did you do that Harry? I thought well, that once you had the mark it was permanent."

"It is, if there isn't anyone who can speak Parseltongue, to remove it. It really wasn't that hard to break though I think it was painful for the professor." Said Harry.

"Painful but worth it." Added Snape.

"But if you're in hiding sir? What is Harry doing here?"

"Hiding" smirked Snape. He glanced through the doorway and stood. "I expect we should be getting back it looks as if your parents have come to a decision Miss Granger."

They had. Hermione discovered she would be staying there with Harry and her parents would leave the country in a few days for an extended vacation. Ragnok would supply goblin guards while they packed and made their arrangements and they would spend the nights at Briarwood house.

Harry was concerned what Dumbledore might have told the Weasley's and if they might tell the old man where he was. So he sent a letter to the twins with a Gringotts owl.

Dear Fred and George

I wanted to let you know that I'm safe and secure and not in need of rescue. Please give the enclosed letter to your mother. If you think she might tell Dumbledore that you heard from me then just leave it where it will be found and pretend you don't know about it.

I'm having control issues with Dumbledore and wouldn't want certain information to get back to him. I'm sure you have secrets of your own that you wouldn't want anyone to find out about.

I would like to talk to you if possible I have some ideas that I'd like to see what you could do with. I would like to prank someone and need your expert help think of it as the ultimate target.

Anyway if you have mischief to manage you should see Griphook at Gringotts as I'm sure he could help you find a marauding partner.


Harry enclosed a letter for Mrs. Weasley.

Dear Mum Weasley

I wanted to let you know that I am doing fine. I'm eating well and studying. I thought I might see you at my Aunt and Uncle's funeral but Dumbledore berated Hermione for coming and 'putting her family in danger' so I'm guessing that is why you didn't come. I wanted to let you know that I'm sorry Ron and Ginny were hurt and that because you all befriended me that you are in even more danger. If you tell me to, I will try to stay away from them.

I'm sorry I can't come there and apologize in person but Dumbledore would surely try to lock me away again if he finds me even though he is not my guardian. I want to let you know how much your support and love has meant to me over the years.


Snape had peered over Harry's shoulder at this letter.

"Positively Slytherin of you, Potter."

"Thanks sir I try."

Snape walked away shaking his head and Hermione couldn't believe how much the two of them had grown up in such a short time.

The next morning when Severus Snape walked in to his dining room for breakfast he found the Weasley twins at his table. Snape sighed and sat down, he couldn't quite grasp how his life had come to this point. Gryffindor pranksters, a Potter and muggles in his house at his breakfast table, plotting.

The next week passed rapidly. The Weasley twins took to stopping by for breakfast every morning. Harry had been surprised at the rapidly developing friendship between the twins and Dudley. It had taken off when they saw one of Dudley's techie toy sales catalogs. The twins had even gotten Professor Snape interested in whether or not potions could be placed in the little balls that were fired from a paint gun. They had ordered several sets to Dudley's muggle post box that Richard Stone was monitoring.

They'd also ordered several remote control vehicles and miniature cameras and had talked Hermione into ward research. Specifically whether the little cars with cameras could bypass wards undetected and still continue to function. How much magic did it take to break down muggle electronics, could they be shielded without setting off the wards or could they be powered by magic and things like that.

When Hermione said they should look at a laptop to monitor the camera's Harry remembered the magical cell phone Ragnok had provided for him and the twins, Dudley and Hermione had spent hours working the theory and how to apply it to other technology.

Harry had suggested the funding of new company for the twins to work on. Marauder Magical Munitions. Weapons to be used against Voldemort. Fred had joked that all they had to do was turn over the W's for the new logo.

Amelia Bones had arranged for Harry and Hermione to have training with an Auror every afternoon. She had then at Harry's suggestion invited Neville, Luna, Ron and Ginny to take part. The second day of training Harry had presented each of them with a copy of Occlumency and Legimancy: Fortifying your Mind with a request to read.

Snape had reluctantly agreed that Harry could invite them to the house for the last two weeks of summer. They had realized that they would not be able to keep the fact that Snape was alive from the Headmaster indefinitely, but the longer that they could keep it from Voldemort the better.

Harry stood in front of Hammertoes the MasterArmorer for the final fitting of his training armor and measuring for battle armor.

"Why do I need two kinds of armor?" asked Harry.

"Training armor is only for training. It's weighted to increase endurance but does not have the defensive qualities of battle armor. It doesn't look as nice either. Your battle armor will have enchantments as well being crafted from metal. If you are going into battle you need the extra protection. Wizards do not fight wisely, they don't wear armor they rely on magic shields and exhaust themselves long before the battle is won."

Harry thought about this for a short time while Hammertoes took more measurements.

"Hammertoes I think you are right. Is it offensive if I ask to purchase more armor? My friends will want to stand with me in battle and I'd like them to be well protected. Could you make them armor as well?"

Hammertoes thought a moment and said, "I would need to take on more apprentices and materials. I do not have the time or the inclination to interact with more humans. I would do this only for you and only if you will accept standard armor for your troops."

Harry smiled happily and nodded, "yes I'll accept that."

"Do you wish helms also? I have a new style I've been experimenting with." Said Hammertoes. He led Harry over to a rack of headgear and picked one up. This helm can be worn open faced or fitted with a visor. However traditionally a visor can restrict vision so I took a cue from the muggle world, these can be fitted with a mirrored wrap around visor that doesn't restrict vision.

Harry smiled as he held the visored helm, it would solve several problems.

Harry felt like he was learning lots, training with a goblin youth cadre. Battle-master Ed was a great teacher. Harry was having fun being the tallest in a group for once. The goblins were much stronger however even though they looked rather spindly. Battle-master Ed thought Harry should learn the goblin language so did not allow English to be spoken during training. Harry was slowly picking simple commands. He'd read the booklet designed for Gringotts employees on interacting with goblins. Unfortunately he learned that goblin youths could have just as vicious sense of humor as human youths.

Harry had gone to Ragnok's quarters for a talk at the end of the week and tried to greet Ragnok's mate Megwrith in gobbledegook as his cadre mates had suggested only to be greeted with knuckles to the skull for his foul language and chuckles from Ragnok.

Goblin language lessons continued with Megwrith after that at a considerably faster rate.

Mrs. Weasley had responded to his letter with a tin of biscuits and a long letter assuring him of her love and support and telling him in no uncertain terms that if he tried to push her children away she'd let them hex him.

Harry had received and note from Dumbledore in his school letter. He thought mostly because he had placed an owl exclusion on post from Dumbledore.

In the note Dumbledore had tried to apologize and explain his actions, once again trying to convince Harry to meet with him claiming that there were things that need to be discussed. Harry was still very angry with him and in no mood to accept threw the letter away.

During this time Harry also received post from Remus Lupin. Harry was hoping that Remus would take his side against Dumbledore and offered to meet with him as Gringotts after his battle training.

Remus was happy to see Harry.

"You look good Harry. Much better than the last time I saw you. I'm sorry that I wasn't there the night your house was attacked. I've heard that your cousin is all right?" At Harry's nod he went on, "I would have come to the funeral Harry but I had a bad transformation without wolfsbane. Albus thinks that Voldemort killed Snape. He's looking for a new potions teacher."

Remus misinterpreted Harry's shocked look.

"Yeah I can hardly believe it myself. We didn't get along Harry but I'm sorry that he's gone. I can't imagine how bad it might have been, he had to have been discovered as a spy."

"Remus did Dumbledore say he was dead or did he ask you to find out if thought he was dead." Harry demanded.

"What are you talking about? Snape never showed back up at the school. He must be dead. He'd never stay away so long otherwise. Albus doesn't know that I'm meeting you today. I know you're not getting along. I was treated to hearing Molly go off on him. Apparently he told Molly that you would not be attending the funeral of your relatives. So they stayed home and then she received your letter and found out that you were there. To top it off Hermione wrote to Ron about what Dumbledore said in front of her parents. Arthur and Molly are almost ready to leave the order I wouldn't be far behind them.

Harry will you tell me what you want me to do? Dumbledore is still going on about how you'd be safer under his care but I think he's wrong, he seems so focused on you that nothing else is getting done."

"Remus, I'd like you to stay with the order. I'll speak to Dumbledore when I go back to school. Once I'm back to Hogwarts he should feel better. Do you need money to get the Wolfsbane potion?"

"No Harry, I don't need your money I can get by I have a place that I can be locked up securely." Replied Remus with a smile.

After an hour Harry and Remus parted ways with promises to keep in touch. Harry vowed to himself to make sure that Remus got his potion. He'd talk to Snape that evening after dinner.
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