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Battle of Hogwarts

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AU post OotP, possible HBP elements but not HBP compliant. Independant Harry summer after 5th year. No Pairing

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There is Only Power
By Loralee
Chapter 12
Battle of Hogwarts


The sky was beginning to lighten in the east as Voldemort's forces portkeyed in just beyond the gates to the grounds.

"Harry, they're here, just beyond the gates. No sign of intrusion elsewhere." Said one twin looking at a laptop screen. The twins had planted several of their cameras around the edge of the outer wards. Marauder Magical Munitions had great plans to revolutionize the magic world with the mix of magic and muggle technology they had come up with.

Harry nodded and announced to the room, "Voldemort and his forces are just outside the gates. It looks as if he intends to just walk up to the front door." He grinned evilly. "I think he's in for quite a surprise."

"They're moving Harry." Said the other twin. "Have confirmation forty DE's, twelve trolls, two giants, dementors are massing to cross the ward edge now. Cannot confirm number of vampires."

Harry waved a hand and the assembled troops moved out the doors.

McGonagall and the head's of houses with Sinistra acting for Snape began to call the students to the Great Hall where they would be the most protected.

The dementors would not be able to cross the outer wards as the ancient blood wards would have a very disastrous effect on them.

As the forces of light existed the main doors of Hogwarts they could see the wards flaring as the dementors tried to cross, each dementor becoming a flaming cloak fluttering to the ground. The ones who gave up would still eventually have to be dealt with but with out the guiding force of Voldemort, Harry hoped they would return to Azkaban.

The two cadres of goblins ran into the darkness to take up flanking positions to either side of the advancing forces. They were armed with cross bows and hoped to fire several volleys of cross fire before switching to their main weapon of choice for a more hands on approach.

As the first of the death eaters hit the traps just inside the gates Harry's troops formed a skirmish line before the castle. He wanted Voldemort to come to him across the trapped ground between the flanking goblins. They more of the enemy that they could take down at a distance the more of his people might live to see the dawn.

The giants were advancing rapidly as were the barely visible vampires. The goblin cadres let fly with several volleys of cross bow bolts, taking out over half the advancing vampires and enraging the giants.

Moody nudged Dumbledore and the two of them concentrated on one giant while on the other end of the line Neville and Auror Shacklebolt took out the other.

The trolls had split to the sides going after the goblins and shrieks, battle cries and screams sounded in the darkness.

Neville Longbottom was feeling pretty good for being scared out of his wits. The Battle of Hogwarts had begun. He could hear the goblins and trolls fighting off to his right.

Then he saw one of the attacking giants coming his way. With a look at Kingsley Shacklebolt his assigned partner they launched an attack on the giant. Conjunctivitis curse on the eyes and then directed overpowered cutting hexes at the neck.

Neville was a very strong wizard and together they brought down the giant.

The death eaters charged toward them screaming unforgivables. Neville's training had covered this. He dodged and engorged several pebbles to use as shields. His transfiguration skills weren't as good as he'd like but engorio and banishing he could do well.

Then one of the screaming death eaters threw off their mask and screamed.

"Oh little baby Longbottom, come and play."

Neville sucked in his breath took one step forward and cast multiple Reductos, Bella dodged and opened her mouth to taunt him once more and moved into the next Reducto curse.

Neville smirked, "Constant Vigilance, Bella." As he hit her with several binding charms and a boils hex.

He heard his partner Kingsley cursing someone and turned only to have his attention snagged by seeing Harry Potter facing off with Voldemort.

Voldemort followed just behind his death eaters watching his forces be decimated by what he believed at first to be school children.

He screamed at his death eaters, "Kill them, Kill them all!"

The advancing death eaters began to fire killing curses and the Aurors and students began to dodge and duck, and to send back Reducto's and cutting hexes.

Harry's friends had all witnessed Harry's memory of Dumbledore's battle with Voldemort in the ministry over the summer and had practices their transfiguration skills. Each of them had a bag of pebbles and specific spell they liked to block those unforgivables.

The Death Eaters who were unused to their prey fighting back were confused and panicked when their unforgivables were blocked. This was to be their undoing. As they faltered in the their advance.

Harry spoke in a loud voice, "What's wrong Tom. Afraid to face me?"

Voldemort who had begun to back toward the gates as his followers fell, stopped and screamed, "Don't call me that Potter. I am Lord Voldemort the greatest Dark Lord of all time and I will defeat you."

Then he launched the killing curse toward Harry who calmly sidestepped it and launched back a Reducto from the sword of Gryffindor.

"Come now you can do better than that Tom."

"Avada Kedavra, Crucio, Crucio, Avada Kedavra," cried Voldemort.

Harry dodged and danced his way past those spells. Firing off reducto's and cutting hexes that splashed against Voldemort's shields.

In the mean time Snape and Lupin engaged the two death eaters that had remained with Voldemort, when they tried to circle around.

Voldemort grinned evilly. "You can't beat me Potter even with that sword you're wielding." As he fired off an Avada, not at Harry, but at one of the men in the black armor, the man dodged and fell his helmet flying off.

Voldemort screamed in rage as he recognized Severus Snape and in that moment of distraction Harry struck.

Phfft, phfft, phftt. The paint ball gun spat three times. The acid filled pellets hit home and Voldemort began to scream.

As the dark lord dropped his wand and began to claw as his face, Harry lunged forward and skewered him with Gryffindor's sword, which began to glow as Harry began to chant.

"I claim justice on Tom Marvolo Riddle also known as Voldemort. I cast out this evil from the world. By the right of light I cast out this evil. By the right of magic I cast out this evil. By the right of justice I cast out this evil. In the name of Hogwarts and the innocent I cast out this evil and accept the judgment of magic."

Light and magic washed over both of them and they rose into the air. The wards flared, the blood red sun peeked over the horizon tinting the scene red as Harry and Voldemort swirled together. The air and magic around them grew denser and sparkled with power and with an explosion of light and sound Harry collapsed to the ground and Voldemort dissolved into dust and vapor.

The remaining death eaters turned to run and were bound and captured and the goblins finished off the remaining trolls.

Harry woke to loud discussions in the infirmary.

"You aren't supposed to be here Dumbledore. You are not coming in here while Harry is sleeping. You are not getting near Professor Snape either. When Harry wakes up I'll let him know that you want to talk to him but it's up to him whether he sees you or not." Said Neville Longbottom from the doorway.

"I was feeling perfectly fine, woman until you started poking and prodding. I have my own potions for oww! Damnation woman." Snarled Snape from somewhere off to his right.

"Honestly Ron you came through that whole mess without a scratch and then you have to show off and drop a trolls club on your own foot. Here drink this. It's Skele-Gro of course, oh do grow up Ron, honestly you whine like a three year old." Said Hermione off to the left.

"I warned you, Grignack not to advance to fast. This is the reason why I am a Battlemaster and you are a trainee. Perhaps you've earned a new name?" Said Battlemaster Ed

"But Honored Elder, I do not think that Arrow in the Ass is a good name at all. That pile of dross wasn't watching where he was aiming." Whined the goblin youth.

"Don't rightly know lass, didn't even feel it when it happened. Stopped for a breather and looked down and discovered that I was missing three fingers on my left hand. Potter'll never let me live it down." Said Mad Eye.

Harry wasn't sure he wanted to open his eyes to the chaos around him. Instead he thought about the confrontation with Voldemort. He knew he would have to explain what he'd done sooner or later and at that moment, later was sounding pretty good.

His eyes shot open and he sat up when he realized that he was not hearing a very important voice amid the chaos.

Harry looked around wildly until he found Ragnok sitting quietly beside his bed and Remus standing nearby watching Madam Pomfrey poke at Severus' leg.

He lay back with a sigh.

"Ah, Swift Bolt my chosen, you are awake. Are you well?" ask Ragnok.

"I am well, honored elder, are you well also?" asked Harry.

"Yes Swift, I am well. We were victorious in battle and you have achieved a great victory."

"Ah Mr. Potter back with us I see." Said Madam Pomfrey. "Let me look at you."

He grinned up at her, "I'm fine ma'am."

"I'll be the judge of that."

When she was though poking and prodding him and he had distracted her long enough to see Snape sneak from the room with Remus Lupin he turned to Neville.

"All right there Neville?" he asked.

"I'm good Harry, we got Lestrange." Neville said, "I thought you'd want to know."

Harry nodded and grinned at Neville.

"Oh Dumbledore wants to see you, uh, Madam Bones too."

Harry pulled the covers over his head, Neville laughed.

Sometime later after Madam Pomfrey declared him fine. He was speaking to Amelia Bones and Professor McGonagall in the headmistress office having avoided Dumbledore.
When the outer wards pinged.

McGonagall sat up straight with a strange look on her face.

"What in Merlin's name is that?" she exclaimed.

Harry smirked, "That was someone with the dark mark crossing the outer wards. If we hurry we can see them bounce off the inner wards at the main door. As I said no one wearing the mark can enter the school." He rose and walking quickly from the room.

McGonagall and Bones looked at each other and then ran from the room to catch up to Harry.

The three of them did indeed make it to the entrance hall before the party of people coming up from the gates.

Unfortunately they had, by running in the halls, attracted quite a bit of attention.

So it was a large gathering who were entertained by Cornelius Fudge, soon to be ex-Minister of Magic and his aide, the toad like Delores Umbridge, bouncing off the ward in the doorway to collapse with a bright green glowing dark mark hovering over them.

A/N Here is a definition for you, dross: The scum that forms on the surface of molten metal as a result of oxidation.
I thought this a particularly appropriate insult for a goblin
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