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A simple end

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It is about a girl, who is tired and just ends it all.

Category: Drama - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2009-02-19 - Updated: 2009-02-19 - 423 words

She was so tired. The way she had been treated was despicable and she just needed to disappear. A grey horizon was all that greeted her gaze, this she thought, will be the rest of my life. Even the golden sand beneath her feet was tarnished. The usually joyous fairground music, ached with heavy melodramatic chords, almost willing her to end all that is.

Glancing around, she needed to be alone, a man in the distance walking a dog. He is to far away to see. She reached to the hem of her jumper and slowly lifted it above her head. Wincing as the fresh sea breeze brutally whisked around her now bare arms. Tears streamed down her face as the reality of what she was doing finally sunk in.

She removed her shirt, standing there in only her bra, she felt exposed. Removing her boots, yet again she checked, not wanting anyone or anything to ruin this for her. With some assurance she continued, removing her socks, she stood up and let the sand invade the space between her toes. Prancing along the shore line, almost childish laughter escaped her lips, she was manic. Taking off her skirt, she stood, wearing nothing but her undergarments.

Stepping gracefully, she looked behind her, watching her foot print disappear. That was her, so simple, so easily removed. She took a few steps further till the water lapped around her waist. She sat down, her nose only just above the water. Closing her eyes she took her last breath of air and a lay upon a smooth bed of sand.

What could she do now? If she failed at this she was, after all, failing at failing. Letting small bubble of air leave her mouth, she imagined their journey to the surface. When no more air was left in her mouth, she took a copious amount of water into her mouth and proceeded to breathe as if it were air.

A soaring pain shot through her chest, she knew she was doing the right thing. If she wasn't it's too late now. Her body yearning to surface, she used all her strength to stay close to the sea floor. A calmness took over and she knew it would be wonderful. It would be wonderful forever.

Closing her eyes she waited for death to take hold. The pain a mere after thought, her new life awaits. Death it seems is not gruesome, she thought, it is magical. There was no bright light. No flash backs. Just love.
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