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Her Smell, Her Taste

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Just the scent of her sent his senses into a frenzy. He longed for so badly... A substitute would have to do.

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He was alone with Kairi. He begged her to leave. She refused, claiming she wasn't afraid of him. She wouldn't be. She didn't even fear him when he turned into a Heartless, in fact, she embraced him, protect him. He didn't want to tell her why she wanted her out of the house, but it was coming down to it.

"Kairi... I don't want to attack you."

Reluctantly, she left. It was much easier when Riku was there; he nutralized the tantalizing scent of the girl he loved.

Riku left without a word. He didn't blame him. He was terrifying. He was evil. He no longer had the right to be on the side of Light.

And yet, he refused to drink the nectar of life. As night fell, he watched the clock until a time wear no person would be awake came around and he slipped out of his window, into the night, searching for some lower life form.

The lust for Kairi was still resilient.

What had he done? Riku cursed himself as he walked back to town after a long day on the island, thinking. He probably just ruined his relationship with Sora. He no longer had a best friend. Kairi would hate him, too, for leaving Sora in his time of need. Fuck.

Riku lost track of time and fell asleep in the cave where he and Sora used to hang out as kids. He looked at the drawing on the walls as he tried to convince himself Sora was bad. He failed in every sense of the word.

Sora was Sora. There was no one else. Yes, he changed physically and Riku knew when Sora became depressed, he also became cynical.

Walking through the dark suburbs of Destiny Island, he looked at city hall, where a clock stood. It was hard to make out, but it read a very late time. His parents would kill him if they knew he came back home at this time. They might have locked him out. He didn't want to think about it. Maybe he'd spend the night at Sora's--

Riku shook his head, knowing that would be a bad idea. Sora was still... young... in his new life. Would he be able to hold himself back with a pounding heart nearby? Well, Sora's parents were still normal. He did well in his own home. Maybe Riku would sleep on the couch.

As he passed the said boy's house, he heard a cat meowing. That cat was still alive? Even after two years of being away, a cat spent the late hours of the night, yowling at the moon. Riku remembered not being able to sleep at sleepovers with Sora. He always wanted to take his wooden sword to it.

Suddenly, there was quick screech and silence. Did someone throw a shoe at it? Riku, despite his hate for the feline, decided to investigate it's cause for silence.

As Riku rounded a corner to the space between to closely build houses, the scent of blood reached his sensitive nostrils. He winced as he looked around.

A figure was hunched in the dark. Riku couldn't see who it was and what they were doing. Curiosity filled him as he stepped closer.


The figure stopped moving and looked towards him. A silhouette was prominent in the dark. Riku knew that hair anywhere.

"Sora? That you?" he walked up to the figure, and the darkness cleared as he froze. Yes, it was Sora.

The spiky-haired brunette's dark eyes were wide, caught. His mouth was coated in blood as his a pink tongue darted out to lick those stained lips.


Each figure cringed away from the other. Realizing each others fear, they relaxed.

"What are you doing, Sora?"

"Eating... well, I guess it's actually called 'feeding.'"

Oh, God. Morbid curiosity overcame the silver-haired boy. "Do you do this every night?"

Sora shook his head and got to his feet, letting the dead cat drop limply to the ground. "This is my first time. And I feel a lot better then before." Wiping his mouth and chin with the back of his hand, Sora looked at that ground. "Are you creeped out yet?"

"I think I passed 'creeped out' when I felt you had no heartbeat. Now, it's just sick interest."

"I'm creeped out... because blood is the only thing I don't feel sick eating."

"Can I ask you a creepy question?"

"Shoot." Sora said as he pulled off his drenched shirt and wiped the rest of the blood from his face.

"Okay, so you had animal blood and you felt better. What do you think will happen when you try human blood?"

Silence between them. Sora's expression became painful and he covered his face with his hands. Crouching low to the ground, Sora groaned. Riku took a few steps closer to the boy. He inquired the boy's name and he was rewarded with another, louder groan.

"It was Kairi," Sora whined. Wait? Kairi? Did Sora do something to Kairi? Riku felt panic rising. "She... she smelled really, really good. So, I told her to leave. I think I scared her a little, but it was for the best. If she stayed any longer, I don't think she'd be here..."

Thank God! Sora didn't do anything to her. Looking at the boy, he was distraught. Gulping, Riku stood before Sora and placed a hand on his spiky head hesitantly. He was trembling under Riku's touch.

"I wanted to kill her, Riku! I wanted to feed on her, drink every last drop of blood she has! She smelled so delicious... I-I..." What sounded like a sob escaped Sora. "I mean, I had to hold myself back with my parents before, but with Kairi, it was like putting a feast in front of a starving man and telling him he couldn't eat! I don't want to be like this! I don't want to have to rely on blood as my source of nutrition. I want to go back to how I was. I don't want to kill."

Riku knelt before Sora and placed his hands on his shoulders. He wanted to to force Sora to look at him, but remember how his hands were unmovable, Riku settled for a gentle order. Sora looked up at him. His face was in the position to cry, but there were no tears nor puffy eyes or runny noses. He was breathing in a way that it came out sobbing.

"I want to help you. You've helped me, saved me from the darkness, and now I want to save you from you."

With his promise, Riku gave his friend a smile.

"Impossible." Was Sora's quiet reply.
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