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Ryan Ross, Destination: Heaven

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Ryan Ross. In heaven? Impossible.

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I sat comfortably in my red satin chair, I drew in a deep breath. Clear oxygen entered my silver lungs and I smiled.

I looked to my left and saw my mother, laughing, with my younger sister.

The stainless dark wood floors mirrored my face when I bent down to see if they were still flawless.

I had never been happier.

I moved out of my chair and went to the front door. The oak shone in the light that wasn't from bulb nor from sun.

Again, I smiled.

I exited the home, and walked through eden.

Flowers and trees were blossomed everywhere, just as they were year-round, at least that's what Gabriel had told me.

My guardian, Michael, smiled at me as I passed him.

"You look beautiful." He stated. His white teeth sparkling in that same magnificent light.

"Thank you Michael." I answered him, blushing and continuing my walk.

I was going to ask for an assignment today.

Before long silver gates appeared ahead of me.
The gentle breeze, also not artificial, caught me by surprise as I opened the gate.

I would never get used to that.

The yard was gorgeously done, vines rose along the white walls of the trinity's home in all the right places.

My blue eyes were definately never going to get used to how simple his "home" was, even though I was going to remain there, happily, for the rest of eternity.

I entered his home and walked along the dark purple tile floors. Marble.

My heels echoed slightly and Gabriel game out to meet me.


I hugged him, still amazed that I had not lost any of my senses.

"You've been here for a month, and still have not gotten used to it? Yet you've become aquainted with almost all the people who now exist here?" He laughed, and like christmas bells the noise filled the room perfectly.

"I was not aware that this place was going to be so nice. So simple. So easy."

He nodded, his green eyes glistened.

"You wanted an assignment?"

"Michael seemed to enjoy protecting me, and my mother has told me how much she enjoyed being the protector of others. I wish to be a guardian."

"Already bored are we?"

My eyes widened, "Of course not!"

"Shh, you know I'm joking with you."


"Come, sit. We'll find you someone to guard. He knew you were going to want to do this of course, so I have been able to narrow the trillions of choices down to just a few people."


I decided to enter his dreams first. Warning, for lack of a better word, him of my being there.

He was dreaming of an alley, pollution visible in the air.

"Ryan" I called to him. The boy stirred.

"I have been chosen to guide you. To guard you."


At first, I must admit, I was angry.
But I then relized that this exclaimation was not directed towards me, but to a fowl creature that filled his dream.

The creature was dark, bloody, it's eyes were a bright purple.

Ryan screamed.


"Ryan Ross?"


The way of schooling had changed since my leaving. Of course I had only been in eden for a month, but that was not counted with the same hours as here. The hours in Eden were much longer. In fact, Gabriel had told me that here, many many years had passed since my leaving.

Girls dressed much more innaproprietly than I had ever seen. The boys had on baggy trousers that were made from an odd color of denim.

What a sinful place.

My boy was wearing very tight trousers. When I saw him come out of his home in them, I was afraid they might tear when he bent, or that they might cut off his leg's oxygen. But, I suppose they they were doing him no harm.

It was odd, being here again. In my same city, but in a different time.

Ryan still did npt know of my presence, I had been unable to reach him through his horrible nightmare.

After one very long month in Eden without getting used to the new surrounding, how did I ever expect myself to get used to this familiar place, when it had changed so much?


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