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Trying to Apply Oneself

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Harry tries to figure out what to do with his life...

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Chapter 3: Trying to Apply Oneself

Over the next week, Harry studied and educated himself as his various electronics got delivered to his apartment. He was now educating himself on math, science, law, computers, and a few other subjects.

Harry needed to know how the law worked, especially since he was now in Muggle America as opposed to Wizarding England. As he went through books about laws every American citizen should know, he could see at least a dozen things which the English Ministry of Magic could use if it wanted to function well.

Math was essential, especially for finances and other things. Much to Harry's surprise, he actually enjoyed math to an extent, because it was, in a sense, solving puzzles and riddles. He tested the waters of geometry, algebra, and calculus, and found out that without having homework due for a course in the near future, he could study at his own pace and leisure.

Harry didn't know what to expect from science, but he perused through some basic branches of the field like life sciences, earth sciences, and chemistry anyway.

Computers were a subject for Harry to explore with great interest. Through trial and error, he managed to navigate the Internet and learn how to use important programs like word processors.

The remaining odds and ends were mainly things about art, music, history, and literature. Harry wondered for a while whether or not he had any true talents in these fields, but after some trial and error on his own, he didn't believe so.

However, Harry's activities weren't all mainly academic. He was also going to the gym to lift weights and run on treadmills, and on one occasion, he checked out a self-defense class, which interested him for some strange reason.

Other days, he would merely walk around downtown, simply enjoying the sunny days and getting some exercise outside the gym. It was on one of those days that Harry came across something which later in retrospect he was surprised didn't occur to him sooner.

Taking a different route one day, Harry saw a driving school he had never come across before. Suddenly realizing for the first time how crucial it would be to get a driver's license, he signed up for courses in the fall.

Like any other normal teenager who wanted to make some money, Harry looked around for a job. However, it seemed that all available positions for just about every job in town were taken for the summer. Resigned to this, he reasoned that he could always draw upon his own funds if he needed to. (He swore to be modest when it came to his own finances, and never be greedy; the money he withdrew from his Gringotts account back over in England was strictly in case of emergencies or the sort, because he wanted to try to make it on his own.)

Harry figured out by this point that hardly anyone ever sticks to this first job, so once again, he wondered what sort of job he would want as an adult. Once again, he drew a blank, really unsure what he wanted to do.

Harry's instincts and small hero complex gravitated towards a profession in saving people's lives, but that conflicted with his plans; he'd seen his share of death and had done his share of killing people to avoid being killed himself, and being a doctor or someone in the military meant more of that kind of thing. He always disliked politics, and apart from the fact that would mean dealing with people (he wasn't much of a social person), it meant that his picture would be taken constantly, and that was a very bad idea if he wanted to remain hidden from the wizarding world, especially since he decided on keeping his true name and appearance. Journalism and other forms of writing didn't seem to suit him either. Neither did art, drama or music.

In the end, Harry temporarily shelved those plans and ideas while he merely continued to go through the days of his new life, still trying out his new freedom.

As the end of July neared, Harry considered trying to do something for his birthday. That said, he went to a travel agency downtown and looked into places around the world where he could go.

(End of Chapter 3.)

A/N: This was more of a transitional chapter, I know, but don't worry, things will get better. I can assure you all that.

Next chapter is where Harry goes on vacation for his seventeenth birthday. -Quillian
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