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Remembering Sona

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Whistler/Michael one shot.

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It was him.I almost couldn't believe my eyes.Michael Scofield was here,right in front of my eyes when the least i could think before he was most likely on his way to track Dr.Tancredi down,to find back the love of his life that was almost gone.
"James."He said,gentle and quiet as usual in his voice that i had always missed.He paced towards me slowly,arms stretching out to reach for me who awkwardly retreated back my gun into my pocket and letting myself fell right into his embrace.He held me back firmly,face pressed tightly to my shoulder as if never going to let go.
"I'm sorry.Thought it was one of them."I apologized ashamedly,closing my eyes to restrain myself from shedding a tear."I missed you,James."He whispered back,and i could tell he was holding back his emotions too.
After getting lost in the warm cuddle for a few minutes,we let go,morbid eyes staring into each other,scanning for the memories we had shared together in the days of Sona before.Things slowly to get clear now and i had just realized i didn't know how the hell Michael could be here.
"How do you know I'm here?"I asked.
"Well,i followed you and Gretchen.Simple,"He replied blandly.
"And you saw..."I was choked on my own words,could not even to finish them."Yeah.Thanks a lot. For saving LJ's life." Michael nodded,a smile curved on his lips.
"Well,its nothing..And it didn't mean that i could guarantee his life forever..i mean,they were still after you and your family."I hang my head down.
Michael took my hands and wrapped them around his fingers.
"Believe me.It means a lot to me."He leaned closer to me,trying to kiss me but i turned my face away,and walked back to the bed,sitting on the edge with my head down,staring at the cold floor beneath my feet.Michael looked pretty taken aback and a little hurt but he followed me,seated beside me and placed his hand on my lap.
"James,why?"He asked gently.
"You lied.You came back to me just to thank me for saving your nephew's life.You needed to get fucked and find out where Sara is,right?Then you'd eventually return to her and leave me here all alone,don't you?"I could not help blurting out,tears threatened to spill from my eyes.But I,James Whistler wasn't going to cry in front of Michael Scofield.Never.
"James.Oh James.My brother's son is my nephew.And there was nothing I won't do for him.And Sara,"He paused for a while,"I already found her.And.."He stopped."And?"I asked,couldn't bear to hear the next."She hates me,James.She did not want me anymore in her life.She said I was to take blame for everything she had been thru.Every single pain.Loss.Hurt i had caused her to feel.She made me swore I'd never come into her sight anymore.I guess she was right.I was responsible for all the shit.My fault for dragging her along in this dangerous game i'm playing."
"So what am i? Someone to take her place in your heart?Am i the second choice,Michael?"I was choked again,struggling to hold back the emotions i was drowned inside.
"James."He soothed me,stroking my back tenderly."You're not the second choice.You were the first instead.And you can't take her place coz you already got one.In fact,the biggest one.She's only a minor.Remember what i told you in Sona?"His voice was still soft and deep as usual,one of the things that i adoored about him.The calmness and beuty that he always had in his talks,that made me wanted to believe every single thing he told me,whether it was truth or lie.I couldnt help cracking a smile.
"is that true?" i asked jokingly."Cross my heart."Michael took mt hands and placed them on his chest,pressing them hard against the beat within."Okay then,"I grinned,leaning over to kiss him.He responded quickly,grazing my bottom lip to demand entry and i instantly opened my mouth,granting him full access and let him slipped his tongue inside.The kisses were all sloppy and getting heated up on both ends as my hands taking Michael's brown jacket off.I tried to undo his t shirt he was wearing but it was kinda hard as he refused to stop kissing me.
Finally the need for air to breathe forced us to break apart the kiss for a while,and Michael allowed me to pull the t shirt over his head,revealing the fathom blue-colored tattoed skin that i had witnessed few times before.they were still incredibly beatiful to me as ever.
He smirked as he pulled me closer,my arms wrapped around his neck as he began to kiss my ear.I let out a soft moan as he licked the skin around it,bititing it down gently.
I giggled as he went lower to explore the skin on my neck and throat,constantly kissing,sucking and biting all over the area,teeth rasped everywhere in such horny and wild way.I could tell he was smirking to himself when i moaned loudly as he sank his teeth on the sweet spot on my scruff he'd just found,sucking and grazing it every now and then.
His face came into the view as i felt his hands were moving across my jeans,undoing the belt and zipper frantically and then pulled it down to my legs along with my boxers to reveal my already hardened cock,setting it free to the cool air.I gasped and moaned again as he began to rub his hands against me,over and over the length,another smirk in his face,pleased to hear my voice.
His hand abruptly left me and i was about to growl in frustration when i realized he just had another idea.He bent down to kiss my bare chest and made his way with his mouth down to my bottom area.I let out another gasp as he started to lick the area around my manhood before engulfing my dick into his mouth.i laughed and moaned loudly as he began to suck deeper and harder,nearly jerked back as his teeth grazing along the sensitive skin.."Oh
GOD,Scofield,fuck.."I moaned the engineer's name loudly,he waw full of passion,wilderness and intense until it was too much to take it all in."Baby,i'm COMING,"i whimpered,before finally spilling out total shitload.
I made sure he swallowed every drop i'd gave him,not to spill even one and finally it was over when he let go,collapsing hard beside me,wiping his mouth in satisfaction.I stumbled against my back,choking and panting for air breathlessly as i turned to face Michael,a mysterious smile curved across his lips,and looking into his eyes,i knew that Dr.Tancredi no longer was on his mind."You are one hell good engineer"I complimented,and he nodded slightly before he kissed the top of my head lovingly."I know."He replied.
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