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Chapter Two

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Don't try this on an unsuspecting coffee shop owner kids, I don't want you all getting arrested.

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Check out this link to see the change raising con in action on YouTube:
This is the exact con used by Ella in the coffee shop. Taken from 'The Real Hustle does Las Vegas' -- The change raising con starts at 2:48 on the video and ends at 6:26.

This chapter is for falloutbaby89, who wanted an update.
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“Patrick I just don’t like that chorus okay? Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the song is great, I just don’t think that chorus fits the lyrics, please just re-do it,”

Pete stared at Patrick waiting for an answer as they sat in the coffee shop. It was a small coffee shop, not one of the money hungry global chains that every person in the world has been to at one time or another. It was a quirky, quiet little shop, where the owner hobbled around behind the tills with her walking stick, moaning each time a new customer would arrive.

Patrick sighed and willed himself to not grow frustrated at the man sitting opposite him. He had already become stressed at his bassist through this whole recording process, narrowly missing him earlier this week when he aimed an ashtray at his head, then later that day successfully hitting him in the shin with one of Joe’s guitar pedals. He sipped his coffee and looked at Pete who was still waiting for an answer.

“We’re not in the studio. Can we please just drop it for now?” Pete sighed, defeated.

“Fine. I’m just saying, I think the second riff should be on a double beat, I want-” Patrick glared at Pete, making him stop his sentence half way through. Patrick didn’t often become annoyed at many people, but when it came to music, Patrick was easily irritated. He knew Pete was getting yelled at enough already, considering he had a 5 month pregnant wife at home, but he wasn’t putting up with Pete degrading his thought processes constantly. They sat in silence for a few minutes, Pete considering the irony of the name of this record. ‘The madness of two’ seemed to fit well at this moment in time, and he knew that if he carried on his bitching, he would acquire a golf club up his ass any day now.

Drinking their coffee they stared into space, both thinking of ways to make their newest record seem better to the other. They were sat at the side of the till; making them giggle every time someone ordered a drink that needed a whole breath to pronounce. As a few more people ordered their drinks, they began to speak again, quickly forgetting their musical differences when conversation settled on films. At the till, someone familiar to Patrick stepped up to order, and he creased his eyebrows together as he recognised the voice.

“Excuse me; do you have change for a $10? I need ten $1 bills, if that’s okay?” The woman behind the till obliged, and opened the till before taking out ten dollars. Patrick raised his eyebrows at seeing Ella at the till, and was about to talk to her when he realised she was probably doing something illegal when she said her next sentence.

“Oh, I’m so sorry... I just found a load of quarters in my back pocket, could I have my ten back? Let me just get your dollars...” The woman behind the till rolled her eyes and passed the $10 back to Ella, and Ella handed the dollar bills back as she took the ten. Ella mentioned to count it before taking it, and put the ten dollar bill back into her pocket. The woman behind the till counted the dollars, and pulled a face as she counted.

“You’ve given nine $1’s and a $10, there’s $19 dollars here,” she mentioned, and Ella laughed and she looked over the counter.

“I’m sorry; I’ve never been good at maths. You know, if I give you a $1 bill to add to that, could you give me a $20? That would really help me out...” She reached back into her pocket and pulled a $1 bill out, and the woman behind the till nodded before grabbing the dollar and handing over a twenty. Ella smiled sweetly and thanked the woman, before turning from the till. Patrick took this moment to call her over, and Ella rolled her eyes and she saw him at the table. She reluctantly went to sit with them, and Pete looked confused for a moment before realising there was a new addition to the table.

“Pete this is Ella, Ella this is-” Ella finished his sentence.

“Pete Wentz, I know, I’m not completely retarded.” She leaned back into the chair and suddenly looked very bored with the situation she was in. She didn’t really want to wait here too long in case that woman realised she’d just lost $10. Patrick creased his eyebrows together before answering.

“So you did know who I was when you stole from me, then?” Ella laughed slightly before nodding.

“Obviously, you have any idea what I’d get for Patrick Stump’s wallet on eBay?” Patrick smirked, and Pete gawped at Ella.

“You stole his wallet? Dude, Patrick never leaves that thing out of his sight,” He looked more amazed than anything, and Ella nodded.

“It was in his inside pocket –” She turned to Patrick. “Not a wise place to put something of value, it seems secure but trust me, it’s not.” He frowned and pulled his wallet out of his pocket, frowning at it before looking back at Ella for an answer. She laughed and pointed to his jeans.

Front jean pocket. No grifter would go for it there, unless it’s too big and sticking out...” Patrick nodded and smiled after putting it safely in his front pocket. He then questioned her about her little act at the till not moments ago. She laughed, and pulled the twenty and the ten out, placing them on the table.

“I walked in here with $20, ended up with $30. Simple as that.” He frowned, not knowing how she did it. He’d listened to the conversation, everything seemed above board. He voiced this, and Ella nodded.

“That’s why it works, it’s confusing.”

“So how did you get it?” Pete spoke up, evidently intrigued by this little con. Ella explained step by step, and when she had finished Pete’s eyes were glassy.

“That’s,” he tilted his head, like a child. “Genius.” Ella laughed, and bowed in her chair slightly.

“Why thank you. It’s an old trick, still works, though.”

“I still don’t get it.” Patrick’s voice came from behind his very confused eyes, and both Ella and Pete looked at him before bursting out laughing. Patrick blushed, and Ella patted his head in a patronising way.

“That’s alright, you don’t have to.” He glared, and finished his coffee. Pete smirked at his sudden change of mood.

“Patrick I’m sure you’ll be in the middle of recording later and you’ll suddenly realise. You’ll get it eventually.” Patrick smiled.

“Probably. Hey Ella,” Ella looked up, and acknowledged him as she picked her nails.

“Yeah?” She asked, and he looked at Pete before glancing back at her.

“I think Elisa started to like you, she’s mentioned you a few times the past few days.” Ella laughed, and shook her head.

“I don’t think so; she hated me the other day.”

“She doesn’t hate you.”

“Well she doesn’t like me. I stole your wallet and she beat me up, remember?” Pete choked on his drink slightly.

“Elisa, beat someone up? I don’t think so.” He laughed and Patrick glared slightly. He shrugged and continued.

“What I mean is, she’s nice, she wouldn’t hurt you,” Patrick softened his gaze slightly and nodded back to Ella.

“He’s right; she just didn’t want you getting away. That reminds me, how are your hands?” He glanced down and saw that they were scabbing over, and frowned, remembering when he dropped her off at home.

“How’s life at your house? It can’t be great being yelled at constantly,”

“Its fine, I don’t really care.” She avoided the question and both men noticed this. They changed the subject after a while, and managed to persuade her to watch them record. Patrick wanted to keep her out of that house; it wasn’t the most enjoyable environment he’d ever seen. As they walked towards the Pass, Pete pulled Patrick a few steps behind Ella and whispered to him.

“So what’s with her? She fostered or something?” He asked, and Patrick nodded.

“I think so, she lives in a house with a load of other kids, and the ‘mother’ is a bitch, doesn’t look after them at all, I’m guessing that’s why she has to steal,” Ella had started to walk slower, and she heard the last part of this sentence and turned.

“I’m not a thief.” She growled, and both Pete and Patrick looked taken aback at this sudden movement.

“I didn’t mean-” Ella interrupted Patrick’s apologies and smiled, knowing he didn’t know the difference.

“A thief steals. I don’t steal. I con. Admittedly taking your wallet was stealing but I was desperate at that point, I needed bus fare,” She smirked and turned, letting the both of them walk alongside her. “Stealing is easy. The con is an art form. Take that short change earlier in the coffee shop - that was art, not stealing.” Patrick didn’t look convinced, whereas Pete seemed in awe of this teenager.

“You could totally piss off people we don’t like, reckon you could take our manager for a few bucks? He needs taking down a notch or two-” Patrick widened his eyes and glared at Pete.

“No! Ella, even if you think conning is an ‘art form’, which, personally, I think is a lie, it’s still against the law, so I’m not letting you do any of that while I’m around. And Pete-” Patrick glared at Pete again, telling the man that he meant what he was saying. “Don’t start encouraging her, she’ll start conning us if we’re not careful-” Ella looked shocked at this and slapped Patrick in the arm.

“Excuse me; I’m not a horrible person. You don’t hustle people you know, that’s just wrong. Please, give me some credit.” She rolled her eyes and her eyes gleamed as they arrived at the studio where the boys were recording their new album.

“Whoa, every Fall Out Boy fans dream...” Patrick crunched his eyebrows together and snapped his head to where Ella was ogling the studio.

“Wait, you’re a fan?” He asked, and she laughed.

“What, you think because I didn’t scream ‘OH MY GOD PETE I LOVE YOU’ that I’m not a fan? Please, again, give me credit.” Both men laughed, and as they stepped inside they were blown backwards at the force that two people ran by. Ella recognised them as Charlie and Dirty, and shook her head before walking down the corridor.

“I’m not even going to ask...”

As they got into the studio, Ella saw Joe in the corner on a laptop, and a few people running around fixing wires and computers to different speakers and monitors, and a load of switch boards and tables with knobs and buttons on that Ella couldn’t even begin to understand. In another corner was another person Ella had expected to see at some point, a very pregnant Ashlee Simpson. Pete made a bee-line for her, and Patrick leaned over to Ella.

“Don’t expect to see much of him now, Ash doesn’t come to the studio that often so when she does, Pete makes the most of it,” Ella nodded, and smiled at how happy they seemed. After dazing out for a moment, she realised Pete was ushering her over, and she walked over to where the two were sitting.

She smiled at Ashlee, and Ashlee waved politely before shoving a fistful of cheetos into her mouth. Pete pointed at Ella and giggled like a child.

“Ella is a mini-hustler, she stole Patrick’s wallet,” Ella rolled her eyes and slapped Pete around the head.

“You know you could keep tight lipped, you’re gonna’ get me arrested at some point,” He laughed, and Ashlee escaped from the coughing fit she has acquired at hearing the words ‘hustler’ and ‘stole Patrick’s wallet’. She tilted her head at Ella and looked questioningly at Pete.

“So, she stole Patrick’s wallet and you became friends? How do those two events link up?” Ella answered for him, as Pete was now imitating Ashlee and shovelling cheetos into his face.

“Long story short, Patrick’s a softie and Pete likes the idea that I can get money out of people.” Ashlee laughed, and reached her hand over to shake Ella’s.

“Well it’s nice to meet you anyway, I don’t get to speak to many girls - they all seem to hate me now, considering who I’m married to.” She laughed again, and Ella sat on the stool next to them when Pete pulled her down.

“Ella, please tell me you can think on your feet and think of a little con to get Joe, get a few dollars out of him. I just wanna’ see the look on his face – and you’ve gotta’ be quick because he’s coming over now.” Ella placed an evil grin on her face and turned her head to see Joe right behind her, carrying his laptop under his arm.

“Ella, right? Patrick and Lisa told me about you,” He smiled and patted her shoulder, making her lunge forward at the force he slapped with. He sat at the small table they were at and put his laptop on the floor underneath the chairs.

“Yeah, nice to meet you Joe,” Ella replied, whilst rubbing her shoulder. She looked at Pete and he winked, and she turned to Joe.

“Joe, do you like bets?” Joe looked taken aback at the sudden question, but shrugged anyway.

“Sure, I normally win,” He smirked proudly, and Ella smiled.

“Well, I’ll make a bet with you.” He turned to her and raised his eyebrows.

“Okay, what on?”

“Well, I bet, I can drink three pints of water, before you can drink three shots of water.” Joe laughed loudly at this, and Pete raised his eyebrows.

“There’s no way you could ever do that,” He laughed again, and Ella smiled.

“$50 says I can.” Joe shrugged and reached into his pocket, and pulled out $50. He ran out of the room and returned a few minutes later with three pint glasses, three shot glasses, and a jug of water.

“I stole the glasses from Dirty, you can always count on him for alcohol related tools,” Joe poured water into all the glasses, including the shot glasses. After filling them up, Ella smiled again.

“Okay. There’s only one rule to this game. I can’t touch your glasses, you can’t touch mine.” Joe shrugged and agreed. Ella smiled sweetly and looked at Joe.

“And because you’ve only got shots and I’ve got pints, would it be fair to give me a head start? You can start drinking when I’ve finished the first pint? I need to get my throat to contract quickly so I can do the other two quickly,” She smiled again and Joe squinted his eyes, obviously not trusting her.

“Fine... why do I get the feeling you’re up to something though? Patrick mentioned you were a little hustler,” Ella faked an innocent face and widened her eyes before smiling again.

“Shall we?” She asked, and Joe nodded. She started drinking her first pint, Joe waiting patiently for her head start to end. It took her about twenty seconds to drink, at which point Joe looked confident. She put the glass down and Joe immediately downed his first shot, at which point Ella picked up her second pint. She sipped slowly, smiling slightly to herself.

When Joe picked up his second shot glass and downed it, she overturned her empty glass over his third shot glass. Joe frowned at this and went to pick it up, but Ella shook her finger and told him off.

“Remember, I said the only rule was you couldn’t touch my glasses and I couldn’t touch yours. So no touching my glass now,” Her wide smile reached the edges of her face, and she sipped her water while pocketing the $50. Joe looked gobsmacked, while Ashlee and Pete sat and laughed at the priceless look on his face.

Once the two had calmed down, the silence was broken as Patrick’s head shot up from behind a speaker.

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