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Reno Arrives

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Nyah! It took him HOW long to come rescue his boss? Enjoy...

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"It's going to be more dangerous over night." Leon told them throwing grain sacks against the window. "Plaga or whatever you want to call them, they survive in the dark best. They don't like the sun as much and the two we popped in the head were probably hungry if they ventured out when they heard us."

"How do we best tackle them?" Tifa helped him.

"Brute force... they take enough damage and eventually they go down." Ada explained. "Sometime though if you shoot them in the head you get that problem where they detach the strange creature and leave the corpse behind. Either way just shoot. They aren't really people any more."

"I did sort of guess that." Tifa nodded. "We just have to survive until the helicopter arrives. Reno's a good pilot, if it's possible to get us in this weather rest assured he will." She didn't mention he'd likely be trying to get his jollies with either of the newcomers within ten minutes of meeting them. Tifa figured that little amusement was something worth looking forwards too.

"I never heard you praise the redhead before." Rufus laughed a little, it changed his stern face. He yawned and looked at their not-so-humble abode.

"Get some sleep President Shinra. It could be sometime." Ada told him softly as Leon and herself guarded from the windows. Tifa looked around the area, she spotted Dark Nation was not inside there with them. Just as she noticed she spotted Rufus looking too, he was close to dozing off. Tifa realised that the dog was his sole comfort and the other three were there but it wasn't going to console him if the beast died.

"Whistle for him Sir." Tifa said softly. "He won't go far without you." She listened as Rufus whistled for his hound and they waited. Leon wasn't sure why they worried about the beast it probably had more chance of surviving then they did. Ada looked out of the window, maybe he would happily appear and pee on someone or something but then she had a ghastly thought. He would be hungry and the only meat he'd seen all day was a trail of blood and the hideous remains of the corpse outside.

"I don't think he will want to come in." Ada said and looked to them. "There's dinner out there."

"Will it affect him?" Rufus sat upright. "They... do dogs get that crap?"

"It's been known." Leon said his gun dropping down to his side as he lent back against the wall. "He's not a normal hound though. It could be better or worse. I just... don't know." Rufus went to the door, he opened it softly and looked out and whistled again. It was against his better judgement but he needed to try and get him back.

Dark Nation hadn't gone after dinner as such he had gone to the bathhouse and was snooping around when something bigger than the Ganados he had first seen came across him. The beast was used to protecting his master and refused to go back until the threat was ended. Growling at the creature that stepped forward the once human host stepped forwards. Rufus went to the door as he saw a shadow moving towards them and Dark Nation backed out snarling. His tentacle whipped forwards and finally he dragged the thing to the ground. As the President went to run to him Tifa pulled him back. She saw three or more figures coming from the town.

"I have to go to him." Rufus struggled against her.

"No you can't." Tifa said holding tightly to him and knowing it wasn't going to stop the blond from running out for too long. "Please listen Rufus. There are more."

"I don't care! That animal has saved my life so many times I..." He tried to break free but Leon joined her and held his other side. "I can't let him get hurt! He's too old." Rufus had gone past caring about himself or his decorum he just wanted the faithful beast by his side.

Dark Nation ripped and gorged at the threat, blood smearing over the soft white snow of Modeoheim as Rufus yelled at him to get back with futility. Tifa and Leon held Rufus though both had to admit they were surprised by his strength. Ada sighed and slipped out the back unnoticed. They others could keep Rufus safe but judging by the noise he was making if there were more they would know their location soon enough.

She grabbed some of the alcohol and some tape binding them together, pouring some over the outside of the makeshift explosives before she doused a rag around it with more of the bourbon. Leaping out of a back window she moved along, Rufus' coat keeping her warm as her high-heeled feet made slow progress around the building.

"Rufus please!" Leon was considering head-butting the son-of-a-bitch as he tried to get out, snagging the waistcoat and trying to wrestle to his gun.

Tifa could see he was trying not to break down in tears. She briefly let her grip slide as she wondered if she could be happy that isolated all of her life. She grabbed his shirt again as he surged forwards. In the meantime Dark Nation was slavering and ripping at the body which collapsed in the snow and jerked and juddered before collapsing. Dark Nation turned to run back to the store but the plaga erupted and a sharp talon like a knife bit into him. Rufus let out a scream of terror as he watched his faithful guard and friend collapse against a wall being thrown into the stones, snow fell from the roof and covered him in a fine layer.

Leon spotted Ada just as she opened fire and took down the first thing. More Ganados shambled into sight from near the mountain tunnel and Leon yelled his warning to her. Why did Rufus have to put so much value on the blasted hound? He growled in annoyance throwing the president over the counter. Tifa ran out to help Ada her bracer pulled down her wrist she darted towards Dark Nation to pull him to the store and clear a better path for her new friend.

"Kill them!" Leon shouted as she threw the bottle, tape and rag that way and opened fire with her trusty machine-gun. Bullets rang out over the night sky like a drummer hasted. Standing her ground she didn't let up until the bottle finally caught fire and the creatures momentarily dazed by the light were moved down by the shower of shots. Leon ran out and loaded the shotgun as he took a firm stand next to her and shot out at a rhythm and power that did just as good on the things as the hail of machine-gun fire did.

"Rufus!" Tifa saw him run out their way, Dark Nation in her arms stopped her from getting hold of him. Rufus came out and from behind, them she heard him mutter a short spell as the gun he held glowed with materia and rang out over all the other noise. The fireball and bullet slammed into one and body parts showered across the rest of them, the night sky momentarily became a beacon to anyone around as the fire wiped the rest that were standing out and Rufus dropped his gun, he panted as the magic drained him and he stumbled back towards the store feeling dejected.

"I want one." Leon looked to Ada as he lifted the gun. "I want one if it can do that!" Ada was just about to say something to him when they heard a whirring above, the wind kicked up and the area suddenly got flooded with light.

"Welcome to Modeoheim yo!" Reno's voice came over the speakers on board. "Now collecting from Modeo-airport. Passengers are advised that they are not to bring on board wibbly monsters that might take out the pilot. Thank you for choosing Shinra airways." And with that he dropped the winches and waited as one by one the inhabitants were pulled to safety.
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