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Blood and Pain

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John use to be my friend and now he's just an asshole, always picking on me and Lero, I want him dead...

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Chapter 1 - Blood and Pain

"Hey fag!" John yelled to me from behind. I just ignored him and kept on walking. "Hey, you
little shit, we're talking to you!!!" Then him and his little clique followed me from behind
and hitting my heal of my foot with the tips of their shoes; flat tire. I tried to ignore
them, but they were pissing me off. My hands were turning to fists. Then, John tripped me and
I landed on my face falling down to the pavement and my backpack crushing my back. They stood
over me, laughing. Then, John turned me over on my back. His face was just inches from mine.

"Scream you little bitch!" He demanded gripping my collar of my Iron Maiden band tee. He
pushed me back down and started to kick my stomach hard, then harder and harder. I just
groaned in pain and his friends laughing at me he punched my face over and over again.

"SCREAM!!!" He screamed at me. I looked up clutching my stomach, I could see doubles. I
blinked a few times then I saw them leaning over me, watching me in pain. I just laid there
rolling and groaning in pain. They were laughing and laughing. Then I saw a figure of black,
and it turned John around to face it, and punched him good. Real good. He landed on the floor
feet away from me. I could see he was bleeding from where the figure punched him, square in
the jaw.

His friends were startled, and then the figure did the same to each one. And as they all fell to the floor, it kicked them in the stomach several times. Then, moved on to the next.

The figure had a black hoodie which had covered it's eyes and shading it's face so I couldn't see. It also wore black long goth Tripp pants with red and silver chains hanging from the waist. And jet black Converse with which John and his friends got kicked by several times in the stomach. They all were frightened by the firgure so they got up and ran.

The figure walked toward me and I looked up at it. It removed it's hood and I saw it was in fact a girl. Her short black hair was drapped over her face. She actually got hit a couple times by John and his friends, but she never went down. She was very strong from looking at the minimum loss of blood she lost and caused the guys to loose more. I could see her left eyebrow bleeding and swollen. And the right of her lip was split and was bleeding as well. I was bleeding a lot and lost a lot of blood, then passed out.
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