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Another me

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Gerard is in jail for some thing he didn't do. It was a friend, he took the blame, but the twist is that his friend is a part of him.

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Another m e
It was cold and damp and the sound of constant dripping from the sink reminded me of how lonely I truly was. Being alone never really bothered me before; I was use to it. Suddenly the lights went out and a sexless, mechanic voice announced that it was bed time. I use to be innocent, but now I’m a nobody. Nothing more than an empty shell and just as useless.

I was not exactly normal as some people liked to say, I wasn’t just one person either. You see, there were always two of us. It’s hard for me to explain, but I’ll do my best; I am sort of like a Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde imitation. During the day I was not that popular and a had no one to care for me. I had thin black hair, hazel brown eyes and was 5 foot 9, and fairly pale skin as well, but at night I was a killer. Sharp teeth, brown eyes, multi-colored hair and a Halloween clown costume, to draw my victims to me. It’s not like I chose to do the things I did, it was never me who did it. It was Him. He had a name once but now He is too evil to be named. Eleven murders and one attempted murder later, this is where He got me. Prison. Three life sentences with no parole. If you want to know what happened I’ll tell you, but I warn you that your mind will be forever scarred.

My story begins in Plain field, Wisconsin when I was nine years old. I never really had any friends so I invented my own friend and called him Mikey. Mikey was a clown and he’d always make me laugh when I was sad or lonely. But everyone grows up and soon enough I started high school, making friends and starting my life, so I started to depend less and less for the attention I use to crave from Mikey. To the point where I forgot about him. That’s when the blackouts started. At first I thought that they were dreams, I’d wake up and get these weird flash backs, where I’d see myself sadistically murdering people. Really sick stuff that had me gagging when I remembered the “dreams”. I started taking pills after a particularly disturbing “dream”, in that dream I was actually ate somebody and enjoyed every succulent, bloody piece. The dreams never went away.

Then I started seeing the news reports, multiple bodies found brutally mutilated. With no skin, ribs missing and cut skull caps that reminded me of my “dreams”. I needed help but had no one to turn to, so I called up my once good friend Mikey. I soon noticed that he wasn’t the same anymore, for some odd reason he had warped into a sickly mutated, evil version of a clown. He told me that it was my fault that people were dying and that those few bodies were just the beginning if I continued to neglect him.

I went home with a bottle of moon shine and some pills, desperately wanting my body to be numb so I could forget the creature that I’ve created, but also the fact that every time I closed my eyes people would die. The next morning I woke up in an apartment I’ve never seen before, soaked in blood with the taste of raw flesh still fresh in my mouth. After what felt like hours of throwing up I was able to stand and see what I/We have done.

The remains of what looked like a young girl was strung up on the ceiling fan with what looked like her own insides, another woman with no skin left on her body bound and broken on the floor and finally I was able to trek my way through the room, without stepping on blood and gore, to the bathroom where I found the body of a decapitated man impaled on the shower head.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. So I decided to turn myself in, but then heard the sound of muffled crying coming from the closet. I slowly made my way to the closet, after changing into some clothes I found in a dresser and washing the blood off my face, and found that Mikey had missed someone. Thankfully he was okay, physically. I knew that he was traumatized but, with some help, he might be able to live a normal life.

I had to get out of there but I couldn’t take him. I couldn't leave him either because Mikey might come back for him. So either which way, he was helpless. I had to think of something and fast. The room was already filled with flies and it was only a matter of time before someone came to investigate the smell. I decided to take him to the hospital, where hopefully someone would notice that something was wrong with him.

After a while of trying to persuade him to come out, he finally let me blind fold him and lead him out of the apartment. Once in the taxi I told him where I was taking him and why.
In return he told me his name was Frank Iero and that he was watching the girl, whose name was Laura, when the parents came home. Soon after a clown broke down the door and started killing everyone It saw. Frank grabbed Laura into the closet with him, but when Laura’s mom screamed she ran out to try and help, while Frank stayed in the closet crying silently to himself as his friends were being brutally murdered. He swore to find who it was. I didn't tell him that it was me, but I did tell him that He would be punished.

After a week of not being home, I came to the conclusion that if something was wrong with my home I should face it now and deal with whatever feelings came later. That was before a saw how horrible it really was. I’ll tell you just a few things I found there; human skulls mounted upon the corner posts of my bed, skull caps with pieces of flesh partially eaten inside it, skin fashioned to a lamp shade and a vast collection of dead baby dolls. Once I saw this I threw up to the sound of maniacal laughter inside my mind.

I knew it was Mikey who did it and I could not let Him continue doing this. I took it upon myself to stop Him by turning myself in as the killer, but just as I opened the door, somebody fell through and into “our” house. It was Frank and he saw every sadistic pleasure that Mikey had done in my house. After a lot of calming down I was able to tell Frank everything about Mikey and I. Yes, he was mortified but for some odd reason he understood what I was going through.

Frank came with me as I turned myself in, and until this day remains the only person who comes to see me. The only one who cares enough to try and make my life easier than I deserve.

Mikey barely comes out to play anymore and I sort of miss him, just he can’t know that or more people would die. Shit! We share the same thoughts.


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