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I’m Not Your Little Girl Anymore

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Kevin has two conversations about Casey and Nick's relationship, and he begins to wonder if he's wrong.

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Casey was up and reading the magazine article about her and Nick when her phone rang. She hoped it might be Nick, but also knew it could be her father. She picked it up, hoping it was Nick, but her father’s voice greeted her instead.

“Casey, I’m on my way over, so don’t go anywhere. I need to talk with you.” He hung up after that, and arrived a few minutes later.

“Hi Dad,” Casey said as she let him in the apartment.

“Casey, have you seen the stories about you and Nick last night?” He handed her some magazines, one of which she’d already read. She nodded to him that she had seen the story and let him continue. “Why did you go out with Nick last night? You know how I feel about that, and I thought we had an understanding. These pictures are exactly the reason I wanted you to stay away from him. I knew you’d only get hurt because of the limelight we all live in.” Casey stopped him and interjected her opinion.

“Dad, I know you’re upset about what happened, but it wasn’t Nick’s fault. We went to a restaurant, had dinner, and then walked along the beach. The paparazzi surprised him just as much as they surprised me. I know you’re upset about the pictures and stories, but I think you’re more upset about my being with Nick in the first place.”

“You’re right; I am bothered more by the fact that you disobeyed me and went out with Nick. I’ve told you that he’d only get you into trouble, and look what happened, pictures of you two kissing on the beach in almost every magazine the next morning.”

“I’m sorry you’re so upset about it, but Nick and I are dating, and we aren’t going to stop just because of a few pictures.”

“You’re dating him, officially? Didn’t you learn anything from last night? Casey, you’re not thinking straight. Nick’s five years older than you, and he has a bad history with women. I refuse to let you be hurt by him and be left alone in the end.” Casey interrupted again, knowing she’d have to in order to say what she wanted.

“I’m an adult now, Dad, not the little girl who would do everything she was told. I’m old enough to make my own decisions. Look,” she said, lowering her voice and forcing herself to remain calm, “when you married Kristin, I had a hard time with it. But I didn’t say anything, because all I wanted was for you to be happy. I put aside my own feelings and put yours first. All I’m asking now is for you to do the same. Let me make my own choices and learn for myself whether or not they’re the right ones.” Kevin said nothing, though she could see he wasn’t convinced. “I’m not going to make the same mistake you and Mom did. You both made sure to teach me that, so you don’t have to worry about me sleeping with Nick.”

Kevin could tell he wasn’t going to convince her. He didn’t agree with her, but with nothing more to say or do, he left her apartment. He needed to get his mind off of his daughter’s relationship so he could calm down and think straight. Picking up his phone, he called up Brian and arranged to meet him for a game of one-on-one.

“What’s on your mind?” Brian asked when the two met.

“It’s Casey and Nick. They went on a date last night and the paparazzi got tons of pictures of them and printed up stories in all the magazines this morning. Neither of them will listen to me and insist on continuing their relationship. I thought talking to you might help.” They began playing the game, but as they played, Brian continued the conversation.

“So you think they shouldn’t date because of the paparazzi?”

“Not just the paparazzi. Brian, you of all people know Nick’s history with women. I’ve seen the way his relationships end, and I don’t want Casey getting hurt.”

“Have you ever thought it might be different this time?” Kevin stopped and stared at Brian. “Hear me out. I’ve watched the two of them grow closer over the tour. Nick acts different around her, different than when he was in his other relationships. Now part of that was probably due to her being your daughter, but I think it’s more than that. I don’t know Casey as well, but I know she doesn’t jump into things lightly.”

“You think I should let them stay together.”

“I do, and I think if you take a step back and try to see things from their point of view, you’ll agree with me.”

They played the rest of their game, discussing other things, but Kevin couldn’t keep his mind from straying back to the drama surrounding his daughter. It seemed like everyone but him thought the relationship was a good idea. Was he the only one who saw how much she could be hurt by it? Or was it possible that he was wrong? Surely he knew what was best for Casey, but what she’d said about his marriage to Kristin struck a chord. He didn’t want to lose his relationship with Casey because he insisted on separating her from Nick. Maybe Brian was right; maybe he should leave things alone and see how it all works out.

By the end of their game, Kevin felt better. He still didn’t like the idea of Nick and Casey dating, but he decided to wait and watch. If he saw things going in the wrong direction though, he had no problem stepping in, regardless of how Casey felt about it.
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